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The War Against Sex
The Condemnation of Sexuality

When I began this company, I did so with the intention of promoting the enhancement of people's relationship with themselves and others. From the thousands of loving and thoughtful emails we receive from significant others and individuals all over the world expressing their appreciation for our educational information and products it is quite apparent that there are many people out there that believe in what we are doing and want more of it in our society.

I believe that the majority of people, like myself, feel that sexuality is a positive part of who we are and believe that it is something that is empowering and brings us not only pleasure but a stronger connection to ourselves and our partner(s).

Lisa Lawless
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist & Sexuality Expert

CEO & Founder of
Holistic Wisdom, Inc. & NAASAS

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In preparing this article I did some research on those opinions that oppose my own regarding sexuality as I often try to look at both sides of issues fairly. I found many opinions addressing the complex issues of sexuality; some were specific, some vague, and some were more than ready to condemn many aspects of it.

Some points I agreed with such as the need to eliminate adult companies that promote destructive and harmful aspects of sexuality such as child pornography and rape, while other points I disagreed with such as the idea that masturbation, homosexuality, sex toys and porn are wrong and should be repressed or against the law.

While I have always known that many people are intimated by sexual topics as well as downright angry about them, I was shocked at statements from ultra conservative groups that I found to be absolutely uneducated and ridiculous. I would like to share with you what I found so that you can draw your own conclusions as well as hear what the other side of the spectrum has to say about adult education and entertainment.

Just so we are clear on what I am referring to when I discuss the term "porn," I am referring to what Webster's dictionary defines as porn-

Writings, pictures, films, etc., designed to stimulate sexual excitement.

I am not talking about child porn or other such deviant and unhealthy forms of sexuality.

I have taken actual comments from ultra conservative groups (shown below) to show you what I personally and strongly disagree with-

  • Those who watch porn are more likely to be violent.

  • Those who view adult content are more likely to be a pedophile and abuse children sexually.

  • Those who watch porn have bad marriages and need to get help.

  • Those that look at any type of sexual imagery are at a high risk for addiction to porn.

  • Pornography will always ruin homes, relationships, careers and lives.

  • Escalation needs- Over time, the porn addicted consumer requires more graphic, deviant material in order to reach the desired “high."

  • Women in the sex industry itself are victims of pornography. The degradation and humiliation is incredible.

  • Women are victims of pornography no matter what form it takes.

  • Regarding porn on the Internet- Gone are the furtive visits to seedy theaters and the fear of being outted as some perverted purchaser of porn.

  • Pornography contributes to antisocial behavior and crime, especially sex crimes; it contaminates public health, destroys marriages and families, defiles religious communities, hinders education and depletes educational resources, increases abortions and taxes, weakens the economy. In neighborhoods afflicted with sex businesses, it destroys the value of houses and drives out legitimate businesses.

What They Also Say-

There were many points made throughout these types of sites and here are just a few more that truly saddened me to see that some people in today's society still think this way- They say that women who are sexually empowered by showing sexual desire and confidence are whores, tramps and are only victims to men's sexual urges. Reading between the lines this translates to mean that women do not have their own sexual desires and if they do they are disgusting.

They say that masturbation, the way one can feel pleasure and embrace the beauty of our sexuality is a weakness and should be repressed so that we can be "free" of our desires by repressing them. Reading between the lines this translates to mean that anyone who acknowledges their desires (allowing oneself to be the sexual being we were all born to be) are violating our very moral fiber.

They say that being aroused from viewing nudity and sexual behavior is not only wrong because it should be hidden, but it only leads to compulsive and addictive behavior. Reading between the lines it also infers that we cannot handle seeing other human beings in our natural state (nude) and that we cannot live a sexually balanced life when we view erotic images.

They say that sexuality is wrong and should only be used for procreation as it is the best way to live a healthy life. Thus, inferring that we should not take pleasure in our own bodies or use sex toys and that we should condemn those who do.

They say that premarital sex, pornography and homosexuality are wrong, lumping them all together as harmful. They assume that premarital sex cannot in any way be healthy; that pornography can never educate, bring couples closer together or arouse one in a healthy way. They pretend to have the authority of "God" in letting the public know that homosexuality between consenting adults is wrong and unnatural.

Who Wrote That?

I found these opinions and quotes on web sites such as, and (Concerned Women For America). There are unfortunately many more sites that would love to enforce such views of sexuality on you and govern your bedroom activities.

You may be surprised what laws you may find apply to you in your own city, county and state. Possession as well as the sale of a sex toys in some cities and states is illegal. Oral sex and anal sex in various areas in the U.S. as well as other countries is illegal. The fact that these laws are still in place whether they were passed in the early 1900's or recently is appalling to me. The thing that concerns me the most is that these laws are often subjective and therefore what is considered obscene or inappropriate is often vaguely outlined within the laws allowing them to be enforced whenever someone chooses.

If someone has it out for you they can make your life hell by simply reporting you for something as ridiculous as giving your hubby some oral pleasures! Your personal life becomes a circus and while you may not have to serve any time or pay fines, the media will enjoy the story and you will have fun paying off the legal fees for a defense lawyer.

Think this kind of thing does not happen? Think again. The following story is true-

Joanne's Story

Read Joanne's Letter About Her Story


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