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Penis Enlargment
The Truth About Pills, Pumps & Jelqing

We have social messages that emphasize penis size all the time. It deserves more than a pat answer like "it isn't the size… it's the motion of the ocean." There is more to it than that; specifically learning sexual techniques, anatomy and communication. One of the things that also may be going on is a social conditioning that when it comes to penis size bigger is always thought to be better and that is absolutely not true. Many men with larger penises actually cause pain to their partner and it causes them to not only have less sexual encounters but also less intense sex as they have to move more slowly and carefully so as not to cause pain and tearing.

Also, it is interesting to note that among sex toy retailers like us, the number one reason a person who buys a dildo feels they made the wrong choice in selecting the right product is that they ordered a dildo that was too big for them and in this case their eyes were bigger than their vagina / anus.

Lisa Lawless
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist & Sexuality Expert

CEO & Founder of
Holistic Wisdom, Inc. & NAASAS

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We can tell you that penis pills do not work and may not be safe. We have had so many men who want to buy them from us and could make a lot of money selling them. Bottom line- we are about empowering our customers and refuse to sell something that will not provide results and can cause health problems.

In addition, penis pumps are not intended for penis enlargement and are meant for men with Erectile Dysfunction. While, they will temporarily increase size they should not be used for long term size increases and anyone telling you that you can do that is going to advocate unsafe techniques.

Men & Penis Size

Men are not egocentric for being concerned with their penis size. Generally, men who are concerned about it are concerned for two reasons-

  • They want to be thought of as a virile lover who offers their lover something  really pleasurable through their penis. They want to be adored and have their penis appreciated.

  • They want to please their partner sexually.

However, it is not that men should increase penis size, but realize that it is more about understanding what will sexually satisfy a woman and using sexual positions, sexual techniques and even sexual products to help them do this.

Penis Size & Making A Woman Orgasm

Women do not need a large penis in order to orgasm and what men may find interesting is that most women who order a dildo from us are concerned that it may be too big for them and want something average in size. So, the truth is that having a large penis should not be your main focus when it comes to being a great lover, rather it should be learning how to satisfy a woman sexually.

It is good to know how to give a woman not just a clitoral orgasm, but also the deeper, more fulfilling orgasms- g-spot orgasms. These are achieved by specific techniques based on better understanding physical layout of the vagina. To learn more about sexual techniques see our sexual health articles section.

Penis Enlargement Techniques

Whether you have above or below the average penis size of 6 inches, ask yourself if it really matters to you or would you prefer to simply be a good lover. We can tell you that most women prefer the latter.

There are a lot of gimmicky programs out there that are a waste of time and money so it is important that if you use one, you should do some serious research first especially with penis enlargement pills as they are often harmful to your health and produce little to no results. Small companies that make penis enlargement pills are removed from the market all the time and even larger companies get sued and banned such as the case here: Enzyte Penis Enhancement Pill Maker Sued.

One of the most commonly asked about manual techniques is stretching exercises called the Arabic Jelq. Those who promote jelqing claim that it's an "ancient Arab" technique. There are many variations on the technique, but the basic routine involves stroking the penis with a milking motion: Starting from the base, you slide your hand up the shaft, pulling and squeezing. Then you repeat the motion.

Because the cells in the penis are alive, and have a regenerative capability, they respond to more blood being filling them by enlarging themselves, hence, making your penis larger (whether you are soft or hard). Smooth muscle of the penis can not be exercised like the biceps and doesn't respond the same way. One must be careful not to cause damage as it may weaken tissue within the penis by pulling too hard of pushing blood up into an erect penis with force.

Does Jelqing work? Yes, it can but it can also cause damage and it is not something we recommend men do, rather we simply provide the information about it to you so that you may decide if it something that you wish to look into further. Because there are such mixed reviews about benefits vs. potential damage we advise that anyone considering it consult their physician (a good choice might be a urologist) and adhere to the warnings of Jelq methods in not pulling to hard or pushing the limits of health. There is only one product we recommend for safe penis enlargement called the MaleEdge.

Again, penis pumps are best used by men who have erectile dysfunction, not those that are looking for penis enlargement. Penis pumps only give a temporary and slight increase in size. Anyone telling you that they will permanently make you larger is promoting techniques that will cause long term damage and is looking to make money of your insecurities. The end result can be a long, stretched out penis that cannot get erect properly. That is why we recommend penis extenders (sleeves) if you want to increase physical size without causing harm to yourself and learning useful sexual positions to increase deeper thrusting.


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