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Sybian Sex Toy
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As seen in the movie "I Love You Man." Rob Huebel (Tevin Downey) tells Paul Rudd (Peter Klaven) about an online video of a grandmother riding a Sybian machine who is what he refers to as a squirter.

After doing an article on vibrators we received an email from one of our subscribers asking why we had not mentioned the Sybian as a suggested toy. This was a good question considering that the Sybian is one of the most well know sex toy machines. The reason we do not carry them is because we feel that you can get an equivalent product for a lot less money.

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What Does the Sybian Do?

1) It Vibrates-

From gentle to intense, the Sybian is basically a really large and powerful vibrating sex toy that has different attachments.

2) The Attachments

The Sybian vibrates had enough where it goes back and forth.

Product Description-


22 pounds with convenient finger grips to carry and move easily.


Is 13.25" Wide, 12.5" Long, 8.5" to top of padded cover and 10" to top overall.


Gearmotor that drives the rotation and may be controlled from 0 to 150 RPM. Motor has the same quality, but a 1/17th HP motor that drives the vibration and this may be controlled from 0 to 6500 RPM.

  • Has both the On/Off switches and the speed control knobs on the end of a 3' cable for your convenience.
  • Rotation and vibration are independently controlled.
  • Has a detachable 8' power cord that plugs into a fused inlet for your convenience and protection.
  • Is available in either a 120V or 240V version.
  • Uses internal parts of highest quality available that, in general, should never need repair or maintenance. A lifetime of pleasure without problems.
  • Has a housing that will withstand over 1000# of weight or pressure.
  • Has a high quality naugahyde cover that can be washed and kept clean with any good cleaning agent.
  • Uses detachable rubber parts that can be thrown into the sink and washed thoroughly after each use.


What people generally want to know about the Sybian-

Which attachments are best to get with it?

It really depends on your personal preference, Abco makes a variety of attachments designed to stimulate different areas of pleasure.

For Women

Small Insert
Dimensions- 1 1/8" D & 3" L

Medium Insert
Dimensions- 1 1/4" D & 3 3/4" L

Dimensions- 1/2" D & 3" L


Dimensions- 2 1/2" L and has a ball shape on top (1 3/4" D) to stimulate the G-Spot.

Medium RealLike
Dimensions- 1 1/4" D & 3 3/4" L

Large RealLike
Dimensions- 1 3/4" D & 4 1/4" L

XLarge RealLike

Dimensions- 1 7/8" D & 5 1/4" L
Double Insertion

Plastic Stem (Firm Stimulation)

Spring Stem (Gentle Stimulation)


Which attachments are the most realistic?

The Large RealLike is based on the 'average' male penis. It even has all the bumps and ridges of the real thing.

Does it stimulate my Gspot?

Oh yeah!! It rubs and vibrates that Gspot to incredible orgasms. Yes, as well as being capable of clitoral stimulation.

What about the orgasms, are they somehow different?

Some women experience more intense orgasms than they ever had before. Others experience orgasms for the first time while using Sybian. Women who had been singularly orgasmic can become multiply orgasmic. Partners might notice a partner has an increased response during sexual activity.


For Men

A stroking device (for manual or automated use)

Head Massager
Used to stimulate specific penis areas (may be used for manual stroking or automated eroticism)

An enlarging or enhancement device (for automated use)

Nipple Massager
A suctioning device for stimulating the nipples or breasts
(for automated use, frequently ordered x 2)


For Men & Women

Is it very noisy?

Sybian motors are very noisy if they are placed on a hard surface. To reduce noise you would have to put on a bed or carpeting.

How expensive is it?

It's one of the more expensive sex toys... prices range from $800 - $1,400 U.S. dollars.


The Sybian On Howard Stern

You can see Carmen Electra on the Howard Stern show get on the Sybian. She uses the vibrator version (non dildo) attachment when he does this. The video is at the bottom of this page.

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