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Spiritual Sex Videos
Kama Sutra & Tantra

Below you will find descriptions of popular instructional sex videos. To view more about or to purchase such videos please click on the Sexual DVDs link to the right.

Adult Books
Sex Education DVDs

The Modern Kama Sutra- #1
Sensual Secrets To Amazing Sex

Studio's Description: Discover the wonderful teachings of the ancient Kama Sutra. Learn about opening your senses, preparing your enviornment, the importance of nature and water, and bringing spirituality into your lovemaking. Join four attractive, real-life couples as they experiment with erotic massage, spontaneous lovemaking, food and sex, and other explicitly erotic encounters. Discover the gateway to great sex.

The Modern Kama Sutra # 2
Pleasuring Her First

Studio's Description: Discover how important it is for the man to pleasure the woman first. Learn how to move the sensuality to a more erotic style. See how to be a passionate kisser, how to engage in manual lovemaking and oral pleasures on her and then how to reciprocate ecstatic pleasures for him. Focusing on her being aroused and ready for lovemaking is a sure path to great sex. Learn the secrets of simultaneous oral pleasure.

The Modern Kama Sutra- # 3
Sexual Positions

Studio's Description: Discover the amazing array of sexual unions or sexual positions, using the inspiration of the ancient and our modern Kama Sutra. Try standing, or kneeling, lying or sitting positions to bring out the passion in your sexual encounters. Watch four attractive real life couples as they explicitly experiment with different positions, different locations, and different times of the day. Learn how to give and receive during lovemaking.

The Ancient Secrets of The Kama Sutra
The Classic Art of Lovemaking

Studio's Description: Experience new and lasting fulfillment with this classically romantic program as it reveals all the elements of lovemaking, including ambiance, seduction, arousal, massage, kissing and oral love, extended orgasm and an incredible variety of sexual positions to stimulate a couple. The Kama Sutra teaches a man how to give the greatest pleasure to his young bride or his lifelong partner in love. So open your mind and your heart and take an encompassing and sensitive exploration of the ancient secrets of sexual love and ecstasy for couples.

Mindful Masturbation For Men

Studio's Description: Develop your self-pleasuring skills to extraordinary levels. Bruce P. Grether has spent nine years developing what he calls Mindful Masturbation. With this film, Bruce explains and demonstrates many ways to refine your self-pleasuring skills to produce high erotic states. By participating with him as well as observing, you may learn to generate more rewarding pleasure than you have ever experienced before. You can pursue Mindful Masturbation simply for the extraordinary sensations, or as a profound from of self-awareness and personal growth. This process is capable of changing your life!

Tantric Massage DVD

A physical and spiritual massage! A massage guide for lovers or those looking to give a soothing, embracing massage. This DVD will show you the grace and flow of the Tantric massage. Narrated by Dr. Ava Cadell, and demonstrated by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph. D., a certified sexologist and a certified masseur.

The Tantric Guide To Sexual Potency And Extended Orgasm DVD

A different approach to intimacy and explicit lovemaking is what the four couples in this DVD inspire. The couples lead you through Tantric sexual positions and warm-up techniques, demonstrating how a man can prolong the sexual experience and reach greater heights of satisfaction than ever imagined.

Kama Sutra Sexual Positions
A Tantric Vision of Love

Based on the book by the same title, Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions, is an instructional, sensual, artistic, and exotic video. An erotic and informative video which reviews the best sexual positions from Kama Sutra, Ananga-Ranga, The Perfumed Garden, and Ishimpo reveal the beauty and the passion of the Ancient Lover. A sensuous couple demonstrates the positions while accompanied by an East Indian and African dancers and musicians. A beautiful video.

Kama Sutra Sexual Positions

Taoist Sexuality DVD

Five couples channel their erotic energies and return to the core forms of nature to demonstrate the ancient eastern philosophy of sexual taoism.

Tantric Sex Video

Tantric Journey To Female Orgasm DVD

Women's erotic pioneer Deborah Sundahl reveals the often soulful process of opening up to sacred sex. The pathway lies through understanding the g-spot and female ejaculation. If you have already gotten the best female ejaculation video The Art of Female Ejaculation then you will want to see Dr. Gary Schubach explains female ejaculation and shows us what the g-spot is and where it is located. Learn what these female waters are, where they come from, and how to get yours flowing! Reawaken the exquisite sensitivity of the g-spot with a trained g-spot masseuse. Learn how a g-spot massage can turn a damaged libido into a fountain of wet, juicy love again. Master Tantric sexual healer Victor Gold and Tantric teacher Jwala will rivet you with a real life demonstration of this powerful, revitalizing session. Deborah Sundahl is author of the book, Female Ejaculation and the G-spot. Her other videos are: Tantric Journey to Female Orgasm and Female Ejaculation and the G-spot.

Tantric Better Sex Video

Kama Sutra 2000 DVD

An Atlas To The World Of Superior Sex. Two full hours, featuring 30 explicit vignettes demonstrating various sexual positions and techniques. This DVD is a valuable tool for lovers who care to create greater pleasures, and take their love life into new dimensions!

Kama Sutra Better Sex Video

The Better Sex Guide to the Kama Sutra DVD

Written by Vatsyana in approx. 350 AD, the Kama Sutra (Priciple’s of Love), connects all aspects of sexual life. These ancient and timeless teachings of the East are revealed in Sinclair's unique approach. Expert advice from noted Indian Sexologist and Kama Sutra authority, Prof. Prakash Kothari, MD, PhD, leads the exploration of this ancient wisdom. Sharing a highly developed expression of their erotic desires, real couples demonstrate positions outlined in the text and live the principles, "what’s good for the body is good for sex". Included with this new DVD set is a CD (35 minutes) of the original music score from the video.

Customer Review:
I love this DVD!! It is beautiful, has great music that comes with it as a bonus and really gives you Kama Sutra information byond just sexual positions. If you are looking for real Kama Sutra information from noted experts this is the one! It's also a nice weekend surprise to try something new with your partner- we both really enjoyed it.


Kama Sutra- The Art of Lovemaking DVD
Intimacy To Ecstasy

Give yourself and your partner the gift of passion! Designed to enlighten the soul and tantalize the body, the ancient texts of The Tao and The Perfumed Garden are your guides for the exploration of ultimate sexual expression. Share the joy and experience the journey of Intimacy to Ecstasy. From a simple caress or a loving gaze, to the most intimate symphony of passion, these ancient teachings demonstrate how to achieve the highest levels of intimacy and experience your partner with new found excitement and anticipation. Each encounter is explicitly and artfully demonstrated along with an explanation of the benefits and pleasures available from both men and women. This DVD has Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and interactive full motion menus.

Kama Sutra- The Art of Lovemaking DVD
Positions of the Perfumed Garden

The sensual art of lovemaking… Positions of the Perfumed Garden portray the most incredible and fulfilling lovemaking as a flowing sequence of extremely intimate positions. With this wisdom, you will learn to move effortlessly from one embrace to the next, with varying tempos, like those of a beautifully choreographed dance. Written by a 16th century Arab nobleman, whose knowledge of anatomy and sexual response rivals modern-day research, the Perfumed Garden is extremely imaginative and exotic. This DVD depicts these extraordinary positions with explicit charity. Each movement is demonstrated along with explanations of the benefits and pleasures available to each partner. This DVD has Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and interactive full motion menus.

Kama Sutra- The Art of Lovemaking DVD
Positions of the Tao

Rekindle the passions within… and fan the flames! Enter through a secret door with the Positions of the Tao, where you will discover that orgasm is but a small part of the total sexual experience… one that is far more pleasurable than you ever dreamed possible. Learning to achieve the highest level of intimacy will be your key. The ancient Chinese texts of The Tao and the Kama Sutra will be your guides in the union of mind and body with your partner. This DVD introduces an extraordinary and unique assortment of sexual positions, explicitly presented in an artistic format. Experience how the exquisite sensations of intimacy can be intensified, with nearly indescribable results. This DVD has Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and interactive full motion menus.

Kama Sutra- The Art of Lovemaking DVD
Touch & The Intimate Kiss

Re-ignite the passion in ways you never thought possible! Within the wisdom of Touch and the Intimate Kiss, you will discover that the lightest caress has the power to overwhelm the senses, creating the perfect atmosphere for the most intimate expressions of love. Connect with your partner through these incredible sensations, discover new feelings of intimacy, and begin the transition to the highest states of ecstasy. Join us on a journey to unimagined pleasures, and let us show you how to perform “the ultimate kiss." Indulge in these ancient philosophies taken directly from the texts of Asian cultures and experience how the exquisite sensations of Touch and the Intimate Kiss can be intensified, with nearly indescribable results. This DVD has Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and interactive full motion menus.

The Tantric Guide to Better Sex DVD

Beyond intercourse, beyond intimacy lies the world of Tantric sex. Ancient philosophers believed sexual energy was one of the greatest forces of humankind. In just 60 minutes the viewer will learn to harness this sexual energy to increase their lovemaking potential. Attractive couples demonstrate the techniques that take orgasm out of the genitals and into the five senses for a long-lasting, full-body experience. Breathing, massage, and romantic ambiance enhance pleasure. Movement, erotic positions, and relaxation expand sexual awareness. The viewer will learn to prolong his or her orgasm, finally merging with their partner in a state of sexual ecstasy.

Customer Review-
The movie was overall very arousing and the actors were honest and believable. If you are new to erotic massage, I recommend this video. It was well done and not offensive and is a good basic video for non-advanced tantric sex.

Zen Pussy:
A Meditation on Eleven Vulvas DVD

Every vulva is an entire erotic universe waiting to be explored. This unique DVD from Annie Sprinkle and Joseph Kramer artfully presents extreme close-ups of eleven of their erotically-gifted friends. Contemplating vulva can stimulate creativity, access ancient wisdom, dispel shame, bring about enlightenment, and arouse plenty of good old-fashioned erotic pleasure. Look into each mons mandala as you would a crystal ball or flames in the fire place. Welcome visions, reflections, memories and questions. Zen Pussy has been featured in over twenty international film festivals.

Fire In The Valley:
Female Genital Massage DVD

Fire in the Valley offers you the most complete training available in vulva massage. You will learn thirty pleasurable massage strokes, erotic communication skills, ecstatic breath work, and sexual healing techniques. This course teaches you a profound way to both give and receive love. The DVD includes two bonus clips. Experience an erotic massage healing ritual with Jwala and Victor. Annie Sprinkle demonstrates “medibation," her combination of masturbation and meditation. DVD: with 60 minutes additional audio teaching.

Fire On The Mountain:
Male Genital Massage DVD
This DVD focuses on gay males.

Learn the joys of giving and receiving a genital massage that often leads to a spiritual and transformative full-bodied orgasm. Good Vibrations says: "This extraordinary DVD is the ultimate hand job lesson, providing live-action instruction on how to pleasure a man's penis. Two male lovers demonstrate 25 different strokes on each other. Male and female viewers alike will be inspired to try them all." "What I learned from this DVD revolutionized the way I view sex." Annie Sprinkle, pleasure activist and sex teacher. DVD: plus 60 pages of text.



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