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Chrome Dildos

Chrome Alloy G-spot Dildos

These beautiful chrome alloy g-spot shaft dildos come with your choice of 4 jewel colors (red, pink, blue, purple) cubic zirconia gem stones or a plain (non-jeweled) version is available as well. They are great as they are safe, easily warmed to body temperature, pleasureful, beautiful and an all around perfect sex toy!

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Steel & Chrome Alloy Sex Toys
A New Sexual Pleasure

Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D., C.E.O.
Holistic Wisdom Founder

I am so excited about our new chrome alloy sex toys! They are simply incredible! I love that you can easily heat or cool them, they are in a variety of shapes, sizes and some models even vibrate! I highly recommend them, particularly the baton version for g-spot or prostate stimulation. The vibrating versions are simply delicious when it comes to clitoral stimulation as well as nipple play.

Why Our Chrome Toys Are The Best

Dishwasher safe and very strong durability make for a quality product. You can make these toys nice and warm to mimic a lover, or cold to create some interesting stimulation on various body parts. You can even keep hot water or ice near the bed to alternate.

Chrome alloy has no pores and absorbs nothing so when sanitized it is unable to transmit disease, or smell. It does not stain and is not only a durable toy that will last a life time but is also pretty to look at!

What Is So Special About Chrome alloy?

Chrome alloy is hypoallergenic, heat- and chemical-resistant, strong, and perfect to make high quality sex toys with!


~ A slippery surface allows for easy penetration
    vaginally, anally or orally.

~ Because it has no pores to absorb lubricant it
    minimizes the need for it.

~ It's ability to be sterilized between uses and
   partners makes it unique.

~ It's odor resistant.

~ It's hypoallergenic.

~ Visually stimulating.

~ With many unique designs.




You can use non-abrasive antibacterial hand or dish soap, rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl), bleach, or even boiling water. The easiest is just to put it in the dishwasher although if you have kids or company remember you put it in there or you could have some fast "'splanin' to do!" Rinse well with warm water after any kind of cleaning.

Due to the non-porous, chemical and odor resistant properties of chrome alloy, almost any cleaner may be used. Remember to stay away from abrasives so as not to scratch it.


In Closing

Chrome alloy is a superior material for sex toys. Each toy is literally a work of art and makes a wonderful gift for yourself or your lover. They are fairly expensive, as they range in price from about $190 to $250 dollars. The key as I mentioned before is that they a chrome alloy, you can find others that are at a lower cost, but none will come close to the quality of chrome.



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