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Unexpected Break
Erotic Story By Rain Storm

The day had turned out to be a cooler one than the previous thanks to the rain showers. That meant there were extra chores in the barn that didn’t get done the day before so they had to be done today.

Jack went on his way not expecting anything out of the ordinary, thinking it sure would be nice to have a change of pace just once. He only had a couple horses, a milking cow, and chickens. Maybe one day he’d purchase more, but right now this was about all he could find time for since he already had another job downtown.

The farm was the beginning of a dream he always had wanted, and he was well on his way into it, but not quite enough to jump in full force. As he moved toward the back of the barn, something caught his eye in the upper hayloft, but he didn’t pay much attention. The neighbors cats liked to stroll through every now and again, so he just assumed it was that. He sure didn’t mind their cats in here, they kept the mice at bay and out of his house.

Erotic Story

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After feeding the first of his animals Jack needed a drink, so he headed to the hand pump and pail outside. This time he knew he had seen something out of the corner of his eye, and it was no cat!

Trying to move inconspicuously and act as if he had not been startled, he fiddled around with some items on a shelf as he heading to the pump. He started humming to himself as he went. Reaching for the pail and dipper, he filled it just over half full. The rain was still coming down at times, but not enough to blur his vision.

Without hesitating, he stopped, instantly turned and tossed the pail of water at the shape behind him. When he opened his eyes, he looked into another pair of bright blue eyes that were in as much of a shock as he was, only hers came from the startling splash of water.

“What are you doing here and what do you want?" Jack demanded. Strangers were rare in these parts. She looked familiar, but he was not sure he recognized her. People went in through his job at the gas station all the time, but he never took no notice in them.

Taking notice of folks just provoked unnecessary conversation, so his boss told him, and that held up customers. “You work at Skaters Garage, don’t you Mr.?" She said almost in a sultry voice. “I don’t mean to intrude, but I just had to meet you."

Still looking directly into her eyes again he noticed how beautiful and blue they were. He replied, “I would hope that before I give you lots of information about who and what I am, I’d learn what your doing here ma’ am."

She wrinkled her nose as if she were disappointed, but he was right. She should give him an explanation as to why she was standing on his property. “My name is Anna". “Last night I pulled into your Garage with a flat tire, some guy there said he could fix me up, but he also said it would be today before my car is ready, so I went and got myself a Motel room and waited.

I saw you while I was there, couldn’t believe my eyes. So, I followed you home and slept in your barn last night. I wanted to meet ya. That’s all. Don’t know why, but you caught my attention." For some reason he believed her, there was truth in her voice.

“Well, you didn’t have to sneak, and you sure didn’t have to sleep in my barn. Seeming as you paid for a Motel room and still slept here, you must have really been a wanting to say hello, so I won’t press charges, this time." A smile melted across her face, and for the first time Jack noticed that this woman was overall as beautiful as her eyes.

Don’t let her get to you Jack thought, women are nothing but trouble. Or all the women I find seem to be. Then again…I didn’t find this one, she found me. What am I thinking, knock it off!! Jack told himself.

Jack hadn’t been with a woman for quite some time and felt himself beginning to feel flattered and slightly aroused. Pushing his desires aside, Jack said “Listen, I have to get my chores done. Due to the rain I am a day behind."

She smiled again, this time more seriously, “I can help. Besides, I need something to do for a couple hours." This he couldn’t argue with. “Alright, I need to fill these buckets up with water for starters, wanna try?" He asked. She headed to pick up the two buckets and as she bent over Jack saw a cleavage that was calling his name, not to mention as she turned the nicest ass ever.

Dropping his tools he reached for her hand and pulled her close to him…his kiss was tender at first-to make sure she was willing-wink. As he thought, she was…for proof she shoved her tongue hard back into his mouth. Their lips locked together and tongues danced. Jack’s hands slid down her back and cupped her ass. The cut-off jean shorts had also turned him on and now there was no holding back.

Letting her lips unlock from his, she made her way down the front of his bare hairy chest kissing each and every inch…taking her hands she unbuttoned his pants. His jeans fit him quite snug but came down quick with the right pull. She buried her face into his skin, soft balls bulged out from under an already stiff cock. She kissed the head of his cock and slightly flicked it with her tongue. With a gasp from his mouth he felt his cock slide into her warm mouth, about half way….God this felt good.

She kept sliding it in and slowly pulling it out with her lips wrapped around it tight, every movement just made him stiffer. Now taking her left hand and grabbing the base of his cock she pressed his thumb into the base of his shaft and rubbed every now and again for extra pleasure.

Jack was now moaning and had to grab the fence at his side for balance. Her hot mouth took his cock all the way in, deep enough to touch the back of her throat. As she pulled it out she tightened her lips around it as it came out, and again slid it back in.

She loved sucking cock, and he knew by her movements that she was enjoying this as much as he was. A short time later he was forcing himself to hold back. No use. She was just too good and he was way to turned on. He shot a load down deep into her throat…Not even missing a drop she licked his cock clean.

Looking up smiling she asked if he were OK. All Jack could do was nod yes and grin for a reply. With weak knees he fell against the fence and felt a quiver run over his body…oh how nice. He lay there for a few moments with her until he felt his energy return.

Remembering his work in the barn, he started pumping water and splashed his face, and offered Anna to do the same. When they reached the barn he gave her a container and pointed out the chicken feed and she knew the rest. After this was done she came back in to find him just finishing up tying a rope up in the loft. She climbed up for a closer look. “How’s it going?" She asked with a big smile. “Good, and you?" “Doing great, I am just back to see if there is anything else I can do for you." With a look that said it all he asked her to come sit by him.

They talked for a few moments and slowly his hands were making it into her half buttoned shirt. Totally turned on…she made her move and gave his hard cock a squeeze. They continued to undress each other while kissing, touching licking and loving in between.

Jack was so stiff again that he couldn’t wait any longer, with the thoughts of her sucking his cock earlier, it was swollen to the max! He motioned for her to get on her hands and knees and shoved his fingers up inside her, making sure she was nice and wet…which seemed to be no problem for her going by how wet she was!

Jack run the head of his cock up between her hot pussy for several strokes, not wanting to slide it in just yet. He wanted to fuck so bad now he had a hard time controlling himself. After managing to get his cock as wet, he slightly inserted it into her ass…slow at first and pushing in and out to keep it painless. As he fucked her from behind, Anna was loud with grunts of pleasure and an occasional “YES! Fuck me harder, harder…" and it trailed off into more moans.

After a while he rolled her back over and shoved his cock inside her pussy and fucked even harder…within minuets, simultaneously they cum so hard the animals stirred below. It was incredible.

They were pretty worn out by now…so they just lay in the hay enjoying being held in each others arms. Jack asked if she’d like a shower before she went for her car…and she gladly accepted. She grabbed her pack from behind the post where she left it upon arrival and followed him inside. “How about after we go get your car, you stay the night?" Not even giving it a second thought, Anna happily agreed to this also.


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