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Female Ejaculation Stories
Real Stories From Our Clients

As you may imagine, we get an abundance of emails from visitors to our sites. From time to time a letter will really move us and encourage us to share it. The letter below was most certainly one that we enjoyed. It was moving to hear how many couples like the one below are working at their relationship and sharing a beautiful connection.

In a world that can be so challenging, it is reassuring that we can still find comfort in love and intimacy. What you will find below is simply a beautiful thank you letter as well as an example of a couple that loves and nurtures each other and whom have tapped into the sensual pleasure and joy of being human. We have also included another story after that as well as a link to even more.

The first story is by Rowan & Simone whom I would like to thank for sending this to us and for their willingness to share it with others-

The Art of Female Ejaculation Video

The Art of Female Ejaculation eBook

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Hi Lisa,

I wanted to give you some feedback on the purchase of the Female Ejaculation ebook that I bought online last month. Thank you so much.

After many months of talking with my partner about the myths and fallacies of this topic and getting nowhere we finally decided to purchase your ebook. What a great read!! To my surprise, what I found was not a car manual type of instructions, but a comprehensive guide to exploring sexuality and empowering women to embrace their sexuality and unlock the powers that this can bring.

The fact that this has been written by a woman, I found, led to my partner finally dispelling many of the myths that had bound her sexuality (Like many, many individuals in this world we are conditioned to believe), and likewise, this topic. I could quite clearly evidence a change in her whole persona after her hour or so of reading. She reread the whole book again a week or so later and still rereads certain sections!

Oh the Orgasms

After reading your book comprehensively my partner decided that the best start was for her to try and ejaculate alone. She went upstairs and was gone most of the night, but appeared in the lounge two hours or so later. When she entered the room I could sense that her presence had changed somewhat. She also had a glow on her gorgeous face that extended down her chest and she almost radiated. In a quiet almost astonished voice she exclaimed, "I did it".

We sat and talked about her experience for some time and she explained that after playing with a bullet on her clit (and several orgasms), she proceeded to some G-Spot play. She started first with a dildo and then with a specific G-Spot vibe and finally both at once. She described that although she had a vaginal orgasm that felt fantastic, there was no ejaculation. She was very persistent though, and kept stimulating her G-Spot with her fingers, and after a few minutes she felt an intense desire to pee and then it happened. She exclaimed, "It just kept coming out-I didn't think it was going to stop-It felt so good. It feels as though your whole body is having an orgasm and the pleasure is unbelievable."

Later in the night we both headed upstairs and in the middle of the bed was a wet spot slightly larger than a basketball, that had completely soaked the sheet, comforter, right through to the mattress. What was overwhelming was the sweet smell that lingered in the room! It certainly smelt great-Really different.

A few days later after having several days of hot, hot sex my partner was lying next to me after one particular interlude when she started to masturbate by fingering herself quite rapidly, but at the same time only in a very shallow manner. I held her and we talked as she lay there hot, sweaty and quivering to several small vaginal orgasms. She started to shake quite uncontrollably.

The red hot glow that had been on her face started to extend down her chest, on to her breasts and now hard swollen nipples. She just managed to get out the words-"I am going to squirt" between very short gasping breaths. I looked down to see her thrusting fingers slow down for a second and then increase in intensity again-she just started to squirt out this amazing stream of sweet smelling hot ejaculate.

She kept pumping her fingers in and out and with each outward stroke she would squirt again. It would have been (as per your book), at least two cups, lasted about 20 seconds (I think) and once again left the mattress soaked. It splashed off her hand with such force that it started spraying her shaking legs and beyond. It was totally amazing to witness this and to see her face, her response and the pure pleasure that was behind her eyes.

A few nights later my partner came home from work kissed me passionately and went about her nightly activities. After about an hour or so later she approached me, and once again kissed me passionately and longingly. She looked into my eyes with pure lust in hers, and uttered, "I want you to make me come- Make me squirt". That was all I needed and we spent the next 30 minutes tearing each others clothes off and me giving her oral sex-She had several Clitoral orgasms.

I started to massage her G-Spot like she had several nights before. I was surprised how large her G-Spot had become and how engorged it could be. She started to grind against my wet fingers and would push out every now and then so that her hard swollen G was almost parallel to the entrance of her vagina.

Although this felt very unusual I rubbed this area slowly and with great pressure in a motion that was almost like running my to outstretched fingers from back to front along the entrance of her vagina -I would take my fingers out lick them and gently insert them back in and rub the area again. And then it happened-she squirted a small single stream of sweet smelling and tasting ejaculate that sprayed up my forearm.

I continued my technique-with some guidance-increasing the intensity of my thrusting and varied the pressure. It happened again slightly smaller this time and then again a short time later again with the original intensity. I started to tongue her sweet pussy and clit and she had another orgasm-I tongued her vagina and to her surprise/delight I could actually caress her G-Spot with my tongue-It had swollen so much. With my two fingers I gently made a motion that poked her G-Spot and then with the back of my out stretched fingers lowered to touch the entrance to her vagina at the back-As if you are flipping the bird with your fingers together. I gradually increased the intensity of this motion to the point where she was shaking from the intensity of my motions-not only the pleasure that it was bringing. I would stop and lick my fingers and then stroke her G-Spot slowly and build up the intensity again.

I looked up to see that look on her face. She just screamed, "Oh fuck, I am going to come", and then there was a waterfall. She sprayed my arm, my chest, all over the bed, , and it did not stop for about 30 seconds. Not that I was counting but I think that there must have been about 15 separate squirts, uncontrollably without any further stimulation. It did "keep coming" and now I thought that it wasn't going to stop. She just lay there with a content satisfied smile on her face, her whole body twitching to each squirt.

I continued to rub her g-spot in with a "come here" motion feeling her now golf ball size G and with each outward motion she squirted a little single stream on to me. I was able to feel her G-Spot so well that I could actually make her squirt by the particular slow pressure and technique that I applied-That was amazing! She just kept having more and more orgasms and squirting on me.

After some time she grabbed me in her arms and whispered "Thank you for the biggest squirting orgasm I have ever had-It felt awesome". It certainly did feel awesome!

What I would like to say thank you for is unlocking the sexual being that is (and always was) my partner. After reading the eBook. And having the experiences above my partner-Well, is more aware of her sexuality. She re-counts sexy, hot dreams that recur for her (Where before they did not), and talks about how she would like to fulfill the fantasies that bring her to orgasm-even in her sleep. She is more creative, imaginative and attentive not only to her own needs but also mine.

I guess what happened was that after accepting her own desires and having those affirmed in a book like yours made her accept who she was (As being normal), and has since given the time to attend to her needs (and hence our sexuality).

It is amazing that in a fast, fast world that acceptance of ones inner soul, leads to (making) time for discovery of ones true self. The truism of quality over quantity leads to a more fulfilling, caring, understanding and therefore healthier existence and relationship-


My partner believes that all women should know about this and hence as told several of her close friends and colleagues about FE-another example of the amazing awakening that I owe to you Lisa.

Best Regards, Rowan, Melbourne-Australia

PS We would really like you to publish this story. For all you guys out there I know that it may sound unbelievable, but it is very, very real. My partner and I can hardly believe that is real- IT IS SOOOOOOO GOOD!!



My Gushing Female Ejaculation Orgasm

"I worked myself really quickly to the point of no return. Thad was absolutely in awe as I started to cum. I bucked my hips and just started to  gush all over the place, it felt like a hot, waterfall rushing out of my cunt. Thad couldn't contain himself as my juice splashed on my thighs, and even  splashed his hard cock, now rock hard and in between my legs. He was so aroused that he began to furiously work his cock now wet from being splashed from my squirting."

I had noticed over the last few months that Thad, my husband, had been spending time on the web looking up female ejaculation pics. Normally Thad's interest in adult sites hadn't bothered me, I mean, I look at Mel Gibson movies whenever I get a chance! :-) This got to me though, because it was something he seemed to really find erotic and I thought I was unable to do it. I felt really self conscious about the whole thing.

I decided to do a little research of my own, and looked it up on the Internet. I found your wonderful Female Ejaculation movie after hours of looking at other sites that did not answer my questions! I ordered your movie right away, and found so much incredible information, that I watched it three times! I wanted to be able to do this for Thad, and now I felt that I could. The following is the story of the first time I ejaculated, not to mention had the best orgasm of my life with Thad. Needless to say, since then we have had many wet and wild times and your female ejaculation movie is to credit!

The house was quiet as the kids were spending the weekend with their friends, and Thad and I had the house to ourselves. It had been a hard week for both of us and this time alone was something we really needed. I was eager to show Thad the wonderful tricks I had learned from the eBook. After a quiet dinner, and a glass of wine, we sat on the couch and cuddled. Something that's hard to do with kids running around and demanding attention.

Thad started kissing me slowly and deeply, I love the way his lips feel against mine. I stood up from the couch and took his hand. I led him into the bedroom, and slowly undressed him. He was getting quite aroused by this and his cock was now standing at attention. We both like the use of toys. I especially have always loved my g-spot vibrator, but my toy was about to help make something very amazing happen for me tonight, something neither Thad or the vibrator had ever done before.

Tonight was going to be very different, VERY EXCITING! I pushed Thad down on the bed and slowly undressed myself. Thad watched with a smile, and I could tell he really enjoyed the sight of my body by the way he was staring at me. When I was fully nude, I reached into the night stand and pulled out my vibrator. Thad had a questioning look on his face, after all this was a little early to be reaching for the big guns! I pushed him back on the bed and straddled him. I moved up to his face and let him take in the scent of my pussy... I was already dripping.

I had spent the last few days while he was at work practicing the female ejaculation techniques, and tonight I was going to give Thad the surprise of his life. The thought of this had me wet since he had come home from work. I asked Thad to go down on me; I loved the feeling of his tongue on my pussy. He slid his tongue back and forth along my wet slit and I shivered with excitement.

I told Thad I wanted to change positions. I lay on the bed with my legs hanging off the side as Thad moved onto the floor and in-between my legs. His warm, strong mouth went right to my cunt, I was in heaven! He was really making me squirm. His mouth sucked on my clit and I shook as sexual electrical surges shot from my clit through the rest of my body.

I instructed him on some of the techniques I had just learned, and felt the tell tale signs as described in the eBook! I was so excited, because I knew what was coming next! I knew this was going to rock my husband's world, and that made me even more excited!

Thad worked me with until I was about to explode. I pushed him back and continued to masturbate in front of him showing him all the new things I had just learned. He was surprised, but soon he was watching me work my pussy with complete sexual surrender.

I worked myself really quickly to the point of no return. Thad was absolutely in awe as I started to cum. I bucked my hips and just started to gush all over the place, it felt like a hot, waterfall rushing out of my squirting cunt. Thad couldn't contain himself as my juice splashed on my thighs, and even splashed his hard cock, now rock hard and in between my legs. He was so aroused that he began to furiously work his cock now wet from being splashed from my gushing, spraying and squirting. His body glistened in the light, as my cum had soaked him! He came so hard, and said it was the most intense orgasm he had ever had too!

Needless to say my husband does not look at female ejaculation on the Internet anymore, because he has more than he can handle at home thanks to your incredibly informative and erotic female ejaculation movie! I cannot begin to tell you how exciting it is to have your husband watch in awe as you have one of these gushing orgasms.

Thank You Lisa!

- C.K., Denver, Colorado


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