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Hiding Sex Toys & Porn
How To Hide Yours

Keep it in Reach of the Bed
Keeping you sex toys close is a nice option as it keeps you from having to disrupt hot and heavy foreplay and cool off until you can get your play things. If you are shy about putting it in your bedside table, you might try putting one of the Sneaky Sacks inside one of your pillows or using it in your closet as intended.

Keep Them In The Night Stand
One of the most common places for people to hide porn and sex toys is in their night stand Probably also the most obvious and accessible to children, guests and roommates. Why do people hide their stash there? It is close by and easy to access! One tip is that if you are going to put them in your night stand, you can put them in a lockable box that is easy for you to open but requires a combination.

Shoe Boxes
Shoe boxes are not glamorous by any means, but they are discreet and fit nicely under the bed. Still this is a good place for kids to find them so you might want to move them up high in a closet so they cannot reach or find them.

Hide Sex Toys

Sex Toy Storage

What About You?

Tell us how you hide your sex toys and we will share your clever ideas with our website visitors!


Sneaky Sacks Work Like This-

Sneaky Sack Instructions

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