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Jetaime Reviews
Sex Machine Reviews

A young divorced woman in Michigan reports after her very first ride and the number of orgasms she had: "Awesome.......simply awesome. I've never had so many."

From a lady in Georgia: "My husband asked me how I liked my new toy the first time I rode. I couldn't tell him because I don't remember much about what happened. I only remember beginning to cum and then wanting to kiss Bill. Best orgasm I've ever had."

From a couple in Houston, Texas.... "Got the machine and I LOVE is so wonderful that it had to be designed by a woman...

March 05, 1999 "Machine got here . Wife cums on it in 2min. flat. Can`t wipe the smile off her face. Do ya get the picture?"

"She got gutsy after I had my share and while then on Jet, turned speed to max! Sucker works just fine; She`s still trembling an hr. later. Rough duty for voyeur like me."

"We are a shy couple from Sacramento who are living on a cloud thanks to you....I tried it (Jetaime) out last weekend and it is awesome, great, wonderful and sooo satisfying. Ohh I mean it felt great. Thanks and I look forward to many more days of ecstasy...."

From a professional couple in their 40's: "I love what this machine does to my wife. I have tried to get our love making on film for years, but she refused. One night when she was on the machine solo, I got the camcorder out of the closet. She was so intent on the ride that she didn't protest, in fact she even hammed it up for me. She rode that thing 'till the battery went dead in the camera."

From a 50 year old grandmother: "Bill" bought me a Je'Taime for my birthday. He's now 50. He said that we needed to spice things up a bit. I think that he was just ashamed that he couldn't get it up. He said that I could use this during those times. But this month every time I've ridden the machine, he has gotten hard watching. He likes to control the knobs. The machine's great, but I like the sex with him afterwards better.

From a California couple: "My wife is using it to fuck her nasty and wanton pussy. We both have used it anally It is the bomb as they say today. Thanks and good luck with the new toy."

"I recently took our machine to a swingers party. A lot of the women wanted to try it and the men wanted to see it in action. Some women were afraid of it. That 12 dildo I had on it may have been too much for some of them."

"We already own a Jetaime machine, and also a Sybian. There simply is no comparison. The jetaime is far superior than the Sybian"..."You may be interested to know that on the machine that I bought for my wife, since she enjoys a really big size, that I managed to make a dildo that is 12 inches long and 3 and 1/2 inch in diameter actually fit the existing cup on the standard jetaime machine. And it has been working fine like that for almost a year."

"I got my Jetaime back in March and I am SOOO Very happy with it (as is my husband)! Quality gear through and through! Worth every dime!"

A divorced mother of two wrote: "You have made the best product! It absolutely curled my toes and made my legs soooo weak. Wonderful!....I confess it is the first time I have had an orgasm without direct clitoral stimulation...I mean manually with digital manipulation. It was angled so perfectly. As I moved it moved."

A university professional wrote: "Wonderful. Quite powerful as stated on the shipping materials. Maybe a bit too big for me (I guess my eyes/heart are bigger than.......). Anyway I love it and thanks very much!"

The machine is exquisite! It does everything I've read plus more. The review of the machine in is inaccurate. It suggests that the machine is "difficult to use" for anal pleasure. On the contrary... it is extremely easy to use for that, either sitting on it, lying down, or on hands and knees with the machine in back. It is so pleasurably smooth ... even at the lower settings. I was a doubter, but now I've got a new addiction. Thanks, Jetaime!

A single, never married person, who currently has no partner says: I love my machine. I have not done it any other way since I have received it. It is quite powerful and does the job in no time at all! For variety and something different I urge anyone to get one and try it out!

A professional couple made these comments about their new Jetaime Model 3: "Well, I was 1 hour late for work today never been late before we were honestly playing with the machine for over 7 hours last night it was fantastic never had that good of sex since my marriage to her she loved it"

A 38 year old business owner wrote about her Jetaime Model 3: "That machine is an absolute blast . I Ioved it. Used it last night for the first time :). I am going to use it every chance I get this weekend too. lol, can't wait."

About their Model 3, one husband wrote: What can I say, the machine is superb. Once my wife got use to it, she has been seventh heaven. It has added a new dimension to our life - she goes weak at the knees when we talk about what we are going to try next. She hasn't been able to walk straight since we've had it! All I can say is thank you.

I just got a chance to try out my Jetaime today!!! I knew just by looking at it that I wouldn't be returning it. OH MY GOD!!! What a wonderful machine!!! I hadn't had THAT much friction for a long time. It felt WONDERFUL!!! I didn't want to stop!!! I can honestly say, that Jetaime is my best friend!!! :) :D

Hi, This is Samantha Luvcox from We are interested in getting one of you machines for use on our site and in upcoming videos we are producing. We would also be interested in selling your machine. I have used your toy before with another producer and found that I really enjoyed it. I believe that it would be a nice addition to the action that we have on our site. Please let us know any details. Kisses, Samantha Luvcox

A husband from Pennsylvania wrote: "......By the way my wife thinks your a GOD. She can't believe a woman did not build this! Thanks."

"My wife cannot believe this machine. She has ridden it everyday for up to 3 hours... wow! Every Orgasm is a "10". She's hornier than ever... Great job designing this piece of art!"

"....Seems like we are being more creative these days.. and it's really all because of the machine.. More open about things.. and more creative.. and he loves what the machine has done to me.. and yes you created a monster....I can't think of any thing more beautiful than sex... He has become more creative too, I think because of the machine ....he loves the look that it puts on my face.. loves to watch me masturbate with it.. or for him... and then tries to put that look on my face again with the things he does. He's been very creative lately.. and I love it. We have five hour sessions...sometimes more."

I purchased the double Jetaime and absolutely love it. You can set the speed very slow and ride it for hours. It is absolutely addictive. Women and men can enjoy it for vaginal or anal pleasure. It feels like the real thing but you can control it yourself.

My wife was VERY SURPRISED with the gift. We use it when there is sufficient time, usually we set aside 2 hours minimum for play time. A very well constructed, sturdy machine. Interesting games, and devices can also be enjoyed in conjunction with this machine. The thrusting part of the machine makes it the winner when comparing against others. Joe - Massachusetts Joe and his wife have owned their machine since December 2001.

"The only thing I can say is that she simply LOVES IT."

"I received my package today when I returned for a road trip with work. Talk about a wonderful way to relax. After reading the instructions and cleaning things up I took it for a spin. I cant believe how wonderful it is. I bought it mainly for my self and as a guy I had mixed feelings about how it would feel. My feelings have been laid to rest and only pleasant wild times has filled me. Thanks for offering your product and keep up the wonderful work."

From a nurse in California, "yes I have ridden and enjoyed quite a bit my biggest surprise when I got it was that my husband wanted me to ride it while I sucked his cock. a great orgasm."

I decided to try it laying on my back, which I'd though would be too passive to work as I'd imagined enjoying this machine -- boy was I wrong! I found the mother lode! I figured out how to use the initial strokes like a tongue placed just where I want it, for as long as I want it before deciding on just the right level of penetration --- oh wow! life hasn't been quite the same since!

I mounted the 10 inch jelly dildo and played with my new toy for 2 hours. Despite your warnings, I even had it turned up to full speed for a short time. You see, for some strange reason, I cry when I have an orgasm (I made sure to turn on a fan so that my neighbors wouldn't think that somebody was beating me). Needless to say, the tears were streaming down my face. I had to lower the speed for awhile just to recuperate, but then I had it back up to full speed again...." A lonely lady from Los Angeles



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