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Outstanding Thrusting Dildo & Vaginal Machine

French - Meaning I like you / I love you / Pronounced with a soft "J" (Ja-tem)

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The sex machine Jetaime, has been on the market since 1997. You can used it with a dildo or Fleshlight. Also known as a fucking machine, it came out after the Sybian which is much more widely known. The main difference between the two are the following-

  • The Jetaime is less expensive.

  • The Jetaime thrusts, while the Sybian rotates and goes back and forth.

  • The Jetaime can be used with any dildo you desire, while the Sybian only has special dildos you must purchase with it.

Benefits of the Jetaime-

  • The Jetaime is very quiet and is remote controlled.
  • Jetaime can provide 0 - 120 thrusts per minute.
  • Jetaime uses all lengths and girths of your favorite dildos and vibrators.
  • Jetaime costs $100's less than the competition.
  • Jetaime's 1-inch padding is very comfortable.
  • Jetaime is very reliable and sturdy.
  • Each one is made when you order it so you will get a brand new version!
  • Jetaime outperforms all others.


Jetaime Pictures

Fleshlight Modification Kit

What Does It Do?

1) Both men & women can experience intense & multiple orgasms easily-

From gentle to intense, the Jetaime allows one to determine their orgasmic potential. Multiple orgasms are easily experienced with this sex machine as you can control the duration and intensity.

2) Benefits-

Whether your partner likes to watch, is out of town, is tired, or you simply do not have one at the moment, the Jetaime provides a non-threatening device that can be used for many situations-

  • A Prelude To Sex
  • Extension Of Sex
  • First Orgasm
  • Traveling Spouse
  • For Singles
  • For Multiple Orgasms
  • Provides Constant Stimulation (which many women need to achieve orgasm)
  • Great For Partner To Watch While Other Uses It
  • Sexual Experimentation With Or Without Partner
  • Need For Prolonged & Constant Stimulation
  • Mimics Your Partner With Added Stimulation
  • It is mountable and can continue stimulation indefinitely for vaginal or anal stimulation

What is the difference between the way a Sybian and Jetaime work?

Sybian (The Jetaime Competitor)
The Sybian only moves in rotations or back and forth as shown below, while the Jetaime actually thrusts in and out.


Jetaime Provides Slow To Rapid Thrusting

For Men-

The Jetaime for women can also be used for men for incredible prostate massage that is capable of providing some of the most intense orgasms a man is capable of when combined with genital stimulation.

Feel free to read more about the benefits of prostate massage.

General Benefits-

Jetaime's vibrating, massaging movement reduces and relieves tension. Increases sex drive due to intensified sexual stimulation.

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The Jetaime Mechanics


35 pounds with convenient finger grips to carry and move easily.


12.5" Wide., 23" Long, 11.5" to top of padded cover.



A Jetaime is only is available in 115 volt 60 Hz AC for use in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Japan, Lebanon, Taiwan, and Venezuela. Step down transformers may be used to convert the electrical power of other countries to the needs of Jetaime. Transformers must supply at least 170 watts at 110 volt ac, 50 or 60 cycles.

  • Stainless steel action arm.
  • Brass bearings connect all moving parts.
  • Industrial strength motor and self-lubricating brass bearings provide years of maintenance free operation.
  • Quiet, dependable DC variable-speed gear-reduction motor.
  • Jetaime can not be heard through a closed door. It is about as loud as a ceiling fan on high.
  • Stroke length is adjustable from 3 to 4 inches in five settings.
  • Thrusting speed is variable from 0 to 120 strokes per minute.
  • Remote control box for motor speed.
  • Easily cleaned seats and inside compartment.
  • Comfortable 1" thick foam seats.
  • Twelve foot power cord to operate anywhere in the room.
  • Patented dildo holder can use more than 95 different dildos, vibrators and fleshlight.
  • Use any length, any diameter dildo.
  • Dildo angle adjusts with rider’s movement.
  • Optional eyebolt kit available for BDSM.


Jetaime FAQs
What people generally want to know about the Jetaime-

What attachments are best to get for it?

It really depends on your personal preference. Jetaime uses all lengths and girths of your favorite dildos and vibrators to give her that buzzing inside.

Beware of those machines that can use only their special dildos.

Dildo Requirements:

Dildos with or with out flared ends will now fit Jetaime by using a rubber adaptor ring supplied with each machine.

Dildos Should Be-

  • Soft & Flexible

  • Have a flanged or flared base.
    (If it does not have one, then an adapter ring is required.)

  • Width of dildos that best fit: Diameters between 3/4 and 3 1/2 inches. They may be of ANY length. Due to width constraints, some dildos will require surgery... meaning you will have to cut the testicles (balls) off.

VibratorsFleshlights- Male Masturbation Sleeves

Flared Bases Help To Make Most Dildos
(Vibrating & Non) Work With Your Jetaime!
Jetaime will come with one rubber adaptor ring for mounting dildos without flared bases.

Anal Sex ToysDildos


Learn how to Modify and Mount dildos to Jetaime


Does it stimulate the G-spot & Prostate?

Yes, this vibrator and dildo machine rubs and vibrates the G-spot and Prostate to provide incredible orgasms. It is also capable of clitoral stimulation.


What about the orgasms, are they somehow different?

Some women experience more intense orgasms than they ever had before. Others experience orgasms for the first time while using Jetaime. Women who had been singularly orgasmic can become multiply orgasmic. Partners might notice a partner has an increased response during sexual activity.


Is there any danger in using the Jetaime?

Jetaime has not been tested or approved for use under the following conditions:
  • If you are pregnant.
  • If you have a heart condition or any other medical problems. (Unless you have the approval of your doctor.)
  • If an intrauterine device is in place.
  • If you have consumed alcohol or any other judgment altering substance recently.
  • We have made every effort to make Jetaime a safe product. Follow directions, don't overdo it, and it will give you years of safe enjoyment.


Is it very noisy?

Jetaime motors do not make much sound but vibration does and it will transfer through a wood structure if it is not placed on a well padded surface e.g. well padded carpet.


Will my partner be threatened?

Most partners love to watch and 'help' their mate be totally satisfied. Although some partners may need to be reassured that they will not be replaced by any toy but rather sharing in these sexual experiences can actually increase intimacy with the right communication and attitude. Read Our Article On Sex Toy Fears


Can I get it in different colors?

Custom colors are available, red is standard. Shown the the right is a black version.


What do people whom have purchased a Jetaime think about it?

You can read their comments and find out!


Ordering A Jetaime
How Much Does The Jetaime Cost?

It's one of the more expensive sex toys... however, we have heard from so many people that it is worth every penny! When you think about a life time of sexual pleasure and putting a dollar amount on it the cost is not that much.

Extra Options-

BDSM Eyebolt Kit
Restrain your lover with handcuffs, chains, ropes, or leather straps with the four eyebolts in six possible locations.

Dildo Mount & Holders
Mount dildos with diameters between 1-1/2 and 2 inches in diameter with the regular dildo holder (1+15/16 inch). Dildo holders can be ordered with the following openings: 2+7/16, 1+15/16 (supplied with Jetaime) , 1+11/16, and 1+5/16 inch. Mount dildos with balls outside the machine opening with a $15 extension tube and a $15 custom cut Vac-U-Loc adapter. Without these accessories, the balls have to be cut off.

Restocking fee is charged for machines return. You have 15 days after you receive it to notify the manufacturer of your decision to return the machine.


International S&H is at actual cost (determined after order placed) plus boxing.

Special UPS shipping available for additional charge.
Jetaime is shipped with first payment on the 4 month payment plan.

The Jetaime does not make a good surprise gift. A woman must want to ride Jetaime in order for it to be effective.

Machines are made as they are ordered. This means that there is always a 5 to 10 day delay in shipping.


Is Shipping Discreet?
Yes! We know that when ordering adult products that it is what our customers expect.


Is there a warranty?

Jetaime model 3 has a two-year limited warranty. The padded seats and tube cover have a 90-day warranty against defects. No one to date has ever needed repairs.

If warranty work is necessary, you pay shipping to us and we will pay the shipping back to you. We have been making Jetaime since 1996 and only four machines have required adjustment. No part has ever broken. Jetaime is built with industrial strength parts. It will last many years beyond the warranty.


Order Now Through Jetaime's Web Site

Use Coupon Code HWFREESHIP To Get FREE Shipping!

Please Remember To Bookmark Our Site Before Leaving.


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