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Lubricant Guide
          Using Lubricants For Oral Stimulation

Flavored or Unflavored Waterbased or Oil Lubricants
When determining what lubricant you want to use for oral sex you will want to take in consideration the following factors-

1) You do not want to use stimulating lubricant or silicone lubricants. While most are not toxic, they are not intended for consumption.

2) The two options for oral sex play are oil and water based lubricants.

Oil Based Lubricants-
You may want to use oil lubricants if you are NOT using sex toys or latex products such as condoms, dental dams, etc.. The downside may be that they are harder to wash off and have a tendency to hold bacteria in the vagina area more often if not washed off well.

Water Based Lubricants-
These can be used in any situation, with sex toys, condoms, dental dams, etc. They are easy to wash off and come in flavored and non-flavored options.

Flavored Lubricants
Waterbased Lubricants
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