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Get Rich Selling Adult Products?
         Maybe, and Maybe Not- Learn What It Really Takes

We sometimes receive requests from our online visitors to provide advice on how to sell their Amateur videos on the Internet. We also get those who want us to buy their company or adult videos or products.

As I am a collaborative person rather than a competitive one, I am always happy to answer questions and consider offers as there is always the possibility of quality partnering as well as it being flattering that others wish to seek advice or do business with us.

I wanted to write this article to provide those of you who are thinking about selling adult content on the Internet some tools and insights that you may not have had before.

Starting An Adult Business On The Internet

That is a very big question and has a complex answer. I would say there are a few major areas that you should examine-

Do You Have An Entrepreneur's Personality?

Those who want to have a successful web site and dream of being their own boss need one main attribute... an entrepreneurial mind set. Are you the type of person that enjoys creating structure when there is none? Are you someone who is often a leader in the work place? Are you willing to work long hours and take risks?

You see, I have often had people come up to me and say "Wow, it must be great to be your own boss, work from home and do what you love!" My reply is always "Yes, it is!" Then I smile knowing that they also most likely don't understand the tradeoffs of what I do- 15 hour days of work, work, work and all of the company success or failure is my responsibility. No one tells me what to do, which may sound nice, but that means that I have to not only tell myself what to do but take the extra effort of determining what needs to be done.

That adds up to some stressful days and sleepless nights, especially when you first start your own business. Once your company is more successful it can be easier in some regard but harder in other ways. It is like your baby, and for those of you who have children, you know that even when you are not with your child you are always concerned and thinking about them even when they are not with you. The same applies to your own business.

I began my first web site after I had my son in 1999. Mind you, I was the one in my Masters Degree program telling everyone that I liked using a typewriter, because as a therapist... when was I really ever going to use a computer? That still makes me laugh. So, flash-forward a few years later and there I am trying to figure out how to offer therapy sessions by phone via the Internet so that I could work from home. I did what most people do and hired a company that seemed really professional to build a web site for me.

They were a holistic health web design company especially geared toward health practitioners and I thought it was a perfect match! I paid $2,500 for a little site and agreed to wait three months for it to be built. Six months passed and still I did not have a completed web site. I could write a book about all the stress that company put me through from constantly making promises they did not keep to having them suddenly disappear because they were going bankrupt and failed to mention it to their customers. Nice, huh?

Not getting what you paid for happens to people every day through unethical web site designers, eCommerce companies, web hosts, and merchant account providers and is something that you will need to keep in mind when selecting companies to work with.

After I tracked down the owner of the company that left me with an unfinished web site, I was able to get my money back with some legal intimidation and the backing of my credit card company. From that day onward I swore that I would learn it all myself and never be put in a situation like that again. I spent over a year teaching myself web design, eCommerce marketing and search engine optimization to create the sites much like this one.

I know I sound highly driven... in fact, I joke that sometimes I feel like my "intense drive" runs me over! I am not suggesting you become a web designer like I did, but you will need to become educated on what it really takes to run an Internet business in order to make good choices.

If you look at any successful entrepreneur... you will find that they have a high level of determination and willingness to learn what it takes to be successful. Also they have a willingness to work hard for no guarantee of pay, no benefits, risk of losing money and no days off. I know this does not sound like the kind of job most people look for when they search the want ads... but that is what an entrepreneur starts off with at least at the beginning when you are building your eBusiness.

That is why if you see anyone telling you that you can make lots of money from working at home via the Internet with no effort... you should question their true motives because it sounds just as truthful as "No new taxes."


Search Engine Optimization & Promotion-

Even if you have the best looking site with incredible content, if you are not ranked well on the search engines then it won't matter because no one will ever see it! Often people make the mistake of thinking all they need is a web site and they will be taking in money hand over fist. Then there are those who think that all they need to do is submit their sites to a search engine and presto they are millionaires. Finally, there are those that understand that search engines are very complex and pay a company to submit their web site to the search engines and get ready to buy that 2.5 million home they've been dreaming about.

If you think that any of the above mentioned is an instant ticket to your salad days then you really will want to think again... because these things are the flea on the tip of the ice burg in the world of eCommerce.

One thing to keep in mind is that in eCommerce if you have a 1% conversion rate in sales (meaning 1 out of 100 web site visitors will buy your products) then you are doing well. The adult industry typically has less than a 1% conversion rate because there are a lot of what I call "Looky Lou's," meaning people like to look at the pics, etc. and not purchase anything. This is why targeted web site traffic is soooooooooooo important!

I am not suggesting that you can't become successful, but I will tell you that you need to get educated about the search engines even if you want to hire a company to help you get ranked well, because there are a lot of companies out there that will just take your money and submit your site (which you can do for free in most cases in about 5 minutes) and nothing will happen.

Simply submitting your site to the search engines is not going to get you ranked well. You need to know about key word density, link popularity, and other important factors in getting ranked well on the net. If you don't know about at least the concepts, how in the world are you going to know if the company you are hiring can help you make a difference in getting your site seen on the web? How will you know if they are going to do what it takes?

Trust me when I say that even the really good web site optimization companies that submit sites to the Internet and optimize sites can fail at promoting your site well. It's just that complicated and nobody except those lucky bastards at the Search Engine companies know everything you need to be ranked well because they guard their secret criteria and change it often. Again, it is about staying informed on the latest trends of the search engines and knowing what will get your site ranked highly.

To get you started on resources that I have used or found helpful check out my adult webmaster resources that I provide for our affiliates-

What Do I Need To Know To Sell Adult Content?

Selling Adult Content

If you are already exhausted, bored or overwhelmed with the idea of learning eCommerce then you may want to take your sexy adult content (videos, pics, etc.) and sell them to adult sites (primarily content providers: companies that buy content and whom then resell it to many adult sites). Female ejaculation content tends to sell well in addition to other niche content.

Many people are na´ve about how much competition there is and providing content that is unique is the best way to go. Most content providers do not produce their own material. They either have photographers they subcontract or they find one of many freelance photographers or videographers wanting to sell their images.

Components of Good Content

Many content providers going into the business without any experience make a mistake by not going niche specific. That means they start by filming anything. Things like BBW (Big Beautiful Women), fetishes and others sell well. Having niche content allows you to have an edge over the thousands of other people trying to sell their content.

Make sure to have samples available via a web site download, CDROM or DVD to send to interested parties. You don't have to send them everything, but you will want to be able to provide them a sample of what you have.

Adult Content Laws

Remember to abide by adult content laws or you could get into big trouble! A lot of people have heard about the enormous profits that adult webmasters can make and say "I want to get on that bandwagon". So they go out and put up a site and have no clue of the peril they are putting themselves in. Most new webmasters and existing webmasters have underestimated the risk of this business.


Laws that you have to know and comply with:

18 U.S.C. 2257:
     The Federal Adult Disclosure & Labeling law

Obscenity Laws
    (Both State and Federal)

The D.M.C.A.
     Digital Millennium Copyright Act
     If you intend to have pictures and video's
     on your site

General Copyright Laws

Licensing Laws

Federal Cyber-squatting Act

Trademark Laws

Publicity & Entertainment Law

State Regulations & Laws

The site that I really love to stay informed with is called When you are ready to pursue this business you should make sure to check out their site. You can also check out our National Association For Sexual Awareness & Empowerment ( for resources.


Good Luck!

One thing to keep in mind is that while many adult web masters make a lot of money the majority of them don't make as much as you think. It is important to make realistic goals, study what the competition is doing and learn from them.

No matter what you choose to do, there are always opportunities for hard working, creative people to succeed and I am sure if you put your mind to it, you can achieve the level of success you desire.

Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D., CEO


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