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The Art of Female Ejaculation
An Empowering Educational Ebook

Enjoy instant access to The Art of Female Ejaculation- a 150 page ebook written by Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D. See full color photographs of female ejaculation with an easy to follow step-by-step guide for both women and couples.

Find out why many women are not educated about it, know how to do it or control it. Understand why all women are capable of this beautiful sexual act, where it comes from and how it all works. Delve into the myths and the truth about female ejaculation and find out why we know it is not urine through scientific studies and internal imaging.

Dr. Lawless provides specific techniques that will allow a woman to not just ejaculate but also to increase the intensity and pleasure of her orgasms. She explores the eight erogenous zones and orgasms that a woman can experience as well as unique and helpful tips to tackle common obstacles that keep a woman from achieving female ejaculation.

Receive recommendations of helpful sexual positions and bedroom gear such as waterproof throws and sex toys that will help make things more creative and easy for women who wish to experience this incredible sexual experience

Enjoy reading about women who have experienced female ejaculation and what it was like for them with erotic descriptions that will leave you breathless.

The Art of Female Ejaculation eBook

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What Is Female Ejaculation?

Why do many think female ejaculation is a myth (including physicians)?

Those who argue that it is a myth often do so because there has not been many female ejaculation studies until recently and they are simply not educated about it. The blue dye marker used in urine studies is easy to interpret. This is accomplished by catheterizing the urethra, but stopping short of the bladder. This minimizes urine contamination of the urethra and does not disturb the the urinary sphincter. This test combined with testing of the properties that make up the fluid prove female ejaculation is real without a doubt. Other tests also clearly show female ejaculation to be a real sexual response. In plain in simple terms, The Art of Female Ejaculation shows you demonstrations and techniques that dispel any myths that it is urine.


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