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Sex Toy Material

Cybersilicone is a trademarked name for some sex toys made of TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) silicone, a blend of silicone and rubber. TPR Silicone begins as a soft material with the ability to be made into products of varying degrees of hardness.

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TPR silicone is less porous than jelly rubber but is more porous than 100% silicone. The benefit of a silicone mix is that it will last longer than a toy made of other materials such as jelly rubber. The downside of a silicone mix is that it may contain phthalates used to soften other materials in the blend.

Some sex toys are made from Cybersilicone. Other examples of products made from TPR Silicone are toothbrush handles to soft bicycle handle grips.

Allergy Or Toxin Warnings
According to the manufacturer, Cybersilicone is hypoallergenic and free of phthalates. Adult toys that are a blend of silicone with other materials, such as rubber may contain phthalates, which is a chemical used to soften plastics that has been shown to be linked to several environmental and individual health issues. If you are considering purchasing a silicone blend sex toy, we recommend checking with the manufacturer on whether or not the product is free of phthalates or purchasing from a store such as Holistic Wisdom, Inc. that is committed to offering only nontoxic sexual products. Manufacturers such as Tantus, Fun Factory and Vibratex offer only high quality, 100% silicone sex toys that are guaranteed to be nontoxic.

Cleaning Recommendations
Cybersilicone should be cleaned with mild soap and warm water or antibacterial sex toy cleaners. Cybersilicone contains only a percentage of silicone along with a mixture of other materials; therefore you cannot sterilize by boiling as you can a high quality 100% medical grade silicone toy. The use of a condom with your Cybersilicone sex toy is recommended to eliminate risk of exposure to harmful bacteria or toxins. We recommend storing Cybersilicone items in a storage/separation bag or wrapped in thin material, as the porous surface can absorb anything it comes in contact with.

Waterbased only. Silicone or oil base lubricants will damage this material. We also recommend using a condom with Cybersilicone products, as they easily absorb germs and bacteria due to the porosity of the material.

Recycling Level
TPR Silicone is recyclable. The recycle process is in two parts. First the production waste is recycled and then the finished product can be recycled as well.

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