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Sex Toy Storage
Hide Sex Toys & Personal Lubricants

How to Hide Your Sex Toys
Our storage bags are also great to keep sensual materials hidden such as adult magazines, DVD's, sex toys, lubricants, massage oils, larger toys with cords, battery packs, or charger bases. It can also be used to store other items that you wish to keep hidden!

Keep Your Sex Toys from Melting Each Other
Did you know that not storing your sex toys separately can cause damage to them? It's true, some toys left to touch one another can have chemical reactions that destroy the toys and make them unsafe to use. This is why we recommend keeping them separated from one another and offer bacteria resistant bags in which to store them.

Sugar Saks For Hiding Sex Toys
Devine Playchest

Lockable Storage Case for Sex Toys
Sweetheart Hide Pillow

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