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Finding just the right sex toy for yourself can be tricky so if you are not sure what to get after viewing our sex toys for women page, feel free to contact us for further assistance. If you would like a guide to help you get started you may check out this page or you can take a tour of our sex toys for males.

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While Holistic Wisdom has many web sites, we are pleased to say that our number one web site is our sex toy shop via

We provide the best in adult sex toys and products with our low price guarantee, discreet shipping and billing as well as free samples and more. You cannot do better when it comes to buying sex toys online!



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Buying adult toys can be a daunting experience. What to buy, if it is safe, pleasurable and will a sex toy be shipped discreetly are many of our customers concerns. You can rest assured that we address all of your concerns and more. From our sex toys that are wrapped before they are even put into a box for shipping to our sex toy reviews. We provide all you need. You can depend on us!

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All women should masturbate whether they are single or in a relationship. Not just because it is healthy, and fun... but there is truly no better way to embrace the sexual beauty within yourself like masturbating. It allows you to better know yourself, your body, your sexual desires, your sexual preferences and provides you with the opportunity for a rich and fertile imagination through your sexual fantasies. There is no right or wrong way to masturbate; as long as it feels good and you arenít going to harm yourself, itís great. Remember that pleasure is the goal and however you get there is perfect.

You can use your hands, fingers, knuckles, a shower head, running water, vibrators, rubbing up against an object, anything that will stimulate the clitoris. The clitoris is the one organ on our bodies that is purely for sexual pleasure. Women are very excited by stimulation of the gspot, but some women are unable to orgasm unless they receive some sort of clitoral stimulation.

By using your fingers or hand, you can rub, stroke or pinch the clitoris. You can also rub the area around the clitoris and you may find that one side is preferred over another. The shower massager head can be wonderful too. The shower head where you can adjust the stream of water, a steady, gentle stream and then a more powerful jet spray can be quite exciting. I love vibrators, my favorite being the Hitachi Magic Wand (Powerful and fairly quiet) and the Water Dancer (Small, waterproof and very quiet). I have several different ones for different situations and different moods. Holding a vibrator up against your clit is the way to feel the maximum amount of intense stimulation most quickly. I have found it so easy with the vibrators I use that I often have my first orgasm in the first 30 seconds of constant stimulation! Since clits can be extremely sensitive you can also hold the vibrator around the general area if the vibrations are too strong.


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Sex Toys Women Love
        What Our Female Customers Have Told Us

Women are often sharing between one another what they really love in confidence and often with their best friends and not their lovers.

You know the scenario... her best girlfriend is over, talk begins about sexual experiences and with a giggle or two out comes a favorite sex toy. The girlfriend of course wants one too so woman to woman the secrets are kept.

Lisa Lawless
Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D., C.E.O. Founder

Men however, are often not sure what women like, other than the vague description of a vibrator or dildo. We often have so many male customers who call and are relieved to speak with me or female staff member and of course they do not care as much what our best sellers are they want to know what our female staff actually uses and likes. I have to say that I find men's interest in pleasuring their female partners quite sweet.

I of course mention my own personal favorites and best sellers... but that does not mean that every women will like them as we are all so different and like a variety of things.

So what I have done is pulled together what our female customers have written and called in about as well as what our female staff love so that you can see what women are really into when it comes to the massive world of sex toys!

Since sex toys are used on intimate parts you will want to make sure any sex toy you use is a high quality product and as chemical free as possible. The high quality sex toy brands that you can trust are Vibratex, Fun Factory, Erotic Embrace, Jollies, Tantus and Lelo to name a few all of which we carry on our site.

You can see that most of our products list whether or not something is phthalate free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, or 100% medical grade silicone. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us and we will clarify any of the questions you may have about it.

Lelo Elise
Sugar Sak
Zomi Bags
Rechargeable with double soft-touch coating for luxurious stimulation and pleasure. Sex toy storage bags specially made to prevent contamination. Stylish printed storage bags for all of your personal items. Available in multiple variations.
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
System Jo Agape
We Vibe Vibrator
The Cone
System JO Personal Lubricant is long lasting, odor and fragrance free. It is non-toxic, nonallergenic, and does not block your pores. JO is recommended worldwide by doctors and pharmacists. A Sex Toy a Woman Wears During Sexual Intercourse to provide her with Clitoral & Gspot Stimulation. Her Male Partner Feels Bigger & both partners are given added stimulation. Rechargeable. Waterproof Silicone. Unique and effective, learn more about what all the fuss is about and how it works.
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
Utopia- Bunny Vibrator
Luna Balls
Sophisticated, waterproof bunny vibrator crafted from Japanese medical grade Silicone. Soft shaft, light up feature, easy push controls, powerful motor with tantalizing bunny clitoral stimulator. With brand new scents and flavors to choose from you will be wonderfully surprised at these wonderful massage oil candles that allow you to explore sensual delights. Medical-grade silicone with adjustable weights, the ultimate in kegel exercisers.
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
Berman Vibrator- Nefertiti
G-Pops- Prostate & Gspot Sex Toys
Waterproof, Vibrating Bullet- Discreet, small and powerful! Gspot & Prostate massagers designed for pretty pleasure! Comes in natural stone as well! This amazing all natural deodorant for men and women works like a charm... and don't forget about all your bits and pieces as this 12 hour formula kills odor causing bacteria to give you a fresh feeling everywhere!
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
Venus Gel
Wand Attachments
Earthly Body Oils
Whether you want to have longer sex or just better sex, these moisturizing intimate gels made with organic and natural ingredients are the best. JOI Product. Make your wand give you pleasure that is out of this world! Take the Hitachi Magic Wand, Acuvibe and others and slap this baby on to provide amazing pleasure! All natural oils including Hemp seed, Vitamin E, Almond & Grapeseed Intoxicating Scents Penetrates and Moisturizes With Skin Conditioning Oils Organic Both Body and Massage Oil in 1
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
TKO Cyberskin Cockring
Athena Vibrator By Berman
Sexy Love Sox - Socks
Made of soft cyberskin this penis and testicle cockring is the perfect fit for a man who wants to satisfy himself and his lover. The soft nubs where the vibrator is located is perfect for clitoral stimulation. Vibrating clitoral stimulation from this little water resistant vibrator that will provides four attachments to keep things going strong. Sexy Love Sox are based on the ancient Chinese practice of reflexology, that are intended to show you exactly where to press to stimulate the bodyís erogenous zones, boost sex drive, and improve sexual performance.
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
Hitachi Wand
Sneaky Sack
Lelo Iris Vibrator
Large body massager, compatible with attachments for numerous sexual stimulation techniques. Locking storage bag that hides under clothing when placed on a hanger! Outstanding high luxury vibrator that is rechargeable & comes in pink or blue, and nontoxic.
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)

Earhtly Body Cream For Massage
Tantus Goliath Vibrating Dildo
Great for your skin and they feel great. Delicious scents make these great for relaxing. Gspot and prostate dildo, sleek design with easy maneuverability. Made by LELO. The vibrating, silicone Goliath vibrator from Tantus is the answer for those that crave both size and quality. Its 1-3/4" girth assures that you'll feel all of its realistic ridges, and its 7-1/4" length gives you more than plenty to play with.
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)

Bnaughty By Bswish
iTap G Vibe with Velvet Cote

Small Vibes

Many of the women that enjoy a vibrator love the small, vibrators because they are discreet, and easily used solo or with a partner. They are a hit because of the power for their size and thus makes for amazing clitoris stimulation. However several of our female customers love using it for nipple and anus stimulation as well.

Customer Review-

"I love when my husband uses the Bswish on my anus while he performs oral sex on me, it brings me to orgasm every time!"

"I love getting into a hot bath at the end of a long day and using the iTap to bring me to orgasm before going to sleep. A wonderful way to end a stressful day."

Utopia- Bunny Vibrator

The Rabbit Toys

Women who like both clitoral and vaginal stimulation love Rabbit toys. One thing that many customers are surprised about it, is how powerful the clitoral, rabbit vibrator is and that you can have the rotating shaft on or off while you run the vibrator in the rabbit or vice versa.

Customer Review-

"This is by far the best sex toy I have ever experienced! My orgasms are now multiple and really intense! My boyfriend told me to write you to tell you that it's the best money we ever spent! I use it anally as well as vaginally. When I use it anally, I take the shaft up my ass while the rabbit vibrates my vaginal lips... it is something my boyfriend loves watching. My favorite is giving him head while I penetrate myself with it for a double penetration feeling!"


Mystic Vibrator

Hitachi Wand
Adam & Eve Magic Wand

The Magic Wands

This is not just for a nice back and body massager! This electrical vibrator is extra rich with vibrations as it is powered through your home outlet. Women write me all the time about how much they love this vibrator for vaginal, anal and nipple stimulation. However, because most people who have purchased this have also gotten the attachment, we have plenty of reviews on that as well!

Customer Reviews-

"I got the Hitachi Wand for myself, but have since used it anally on my husband and he absolutely loved it. I head read your article on the benefits of prostate massage and told him about it. Despite his concerns about losing his 'anal virginity' he decided to go for it. Now he begs for it! I often hold the Hitachi between us as we lay on our sides. I reach around and stroke his cock while I benefit from the vibrator on my clitoris with my legs around him from behind and the g-spot/prostate attachment inside him. This toy has awakened our sex life to a whole new level. We have profoundly intense orgasms using it!"

"My boyfriend got the Hitachi Magic Wand for me as a gift and at first I thought it was just for back massaging... which by the way it does a great job doing. However, one night while he was giving me a massage, he ran it over my breasts and down to my clit and it made me wild! I came so hard after only seconds of him having it there. He then ran it over my lips and then back to my clit while he finger fucked me. We later counted that I came 7 times in 45 minutes! Any woman who does not have one of these ought to!


I Rub My Duckie Paris

Disguised Vibrators

Women who live active lives through traveling or with kids, etc. often feel a lack of privacy when it comes to having sex toys. That is why vibes that are disguised as nail polish, lipstick and mascara have become so popular.

Customer Review-

"My kids are into everything, and so it has been hard as a Mom to have any sense of privacy. Being a single parent, and still needing sexual release, I wanted a vibrator but was afraid to own one for fear of my kids finding it. I got the nail polish vibe and have been one happy camper ever since. I can leave it out in the open and no one knows what it REALLY is!"


Make Your Own Dildo Kits

These kits are fun for women as they get to experience their male lover in a whole new way! From being able to have him in you vaginally and anally at the same time to just being able to have him inside you while he is away... the Make Your Own Dildo Kits have truly been a best seller with good reason.

Customer Review-

"My husband is in Iraq and neither of us were happy to be apart. Before he left, he made a mold of his gorgeous penis for me and now I get to experience him even when he has to be away. It made him really hot knowing that I am thrusting his cock inside me to pleasure myself when he couldn't. Truly a wonder of science!"


Don Wand G-spot Wand

Glass Batons

Most people who have never seen a glass sex toy are amazed at the fact that they even exist. Many people are worried that they will break, but that shouldn't be a worry. These toys are very sturdy and are made from Pyrex glass which as you chefs out there know is very durable. What women love about these is the handles. While there are a variety of glass sex toys out there the Batons are more popular because of the control that one has solo or with a partner. Women love the rigid shaft as it thrusts in and out of them and because the glass can be heated, women get the benefit of feeling the sensation of a hot lover inside her who is hard as a rock, or shall I say... glass!

Customer Review-

"I am a fairly inexperienced bisexual woman and was not sure what kind of sex toy to buy but when I saw the glass ones and how beautiful they are I knew I had to have one. I got one and was amazed at how good it felt. I heated mine in hot water, lubed it up and spend an entire afternoon fucking myself with it. My girlfriend and I were supposed to go to the movies that afternoon, but when she asked what I was doing to be so flushed when I answered the door, I told her everything. She was so turned on by it, we ended up becoming a little more than friends if you know what I mean! We both loved it! The Glass Baton I got through your site opened a whole new world for me and I have been loving the orgasms from it ever since!"


Feeldoe- The Original By TantusFeeldoe Slim

The Feeldoe

Since we introduced this amazing sex toy a few weeks ago we have had many women writing us about their new found love for this toy!

Customer Review-

"I was looking for a sex toy that would allow me to anally penetrate my boyfriend, but I hated the feeling of a harness. It felt like any harness I tried was always sliding around or too tight and pinching me. When I saw the Feeldoe on your site I knew that this could be the answer and it was! My boyfriend and I take turns using it on one another from grabbing it by the bulb with our hands to me having it inside me vaginally or anally or him having it inside him anally as he penetrates me. It is really a remarkable sex toy and we both wanted to thank you for letting us know about it as it was money well spent!"


Sex Machines

Sex Machines

Many couples who are serious about sex toys are often interested in "Fucking Machines." While a bit pricey, they are loved by many.

Customer Reviews-

"My husband and I love our sex life. We are adventurous and creative and always have such a great time with one another. We were watching the show "Real Sex" on HBO when we saw them doing a segment on Sex Machines. We did an Internet search and we were impressed to find your site and that you took the time to review many of them out there.

We ended up buying the J'taime and we have been truly happy with it. We got the double ended version and often he will sit on one end and be penetrated anally while I sit on the other and get it vaginally or anally.

We have been able to reach a level of spiritually and Tantric sex with one another that we never had before. We do what is called gazing in this position and feel that our little machine has become a fun and highly orgasmic way of making our sex life out of this world! I know that a lot of people are wary of the price, but I always say... if you don't invest in your own happiness what's the good of having money?"

"My husband bought the Sybian for me on our 15th wedding anniversary and I have to thank you for letting him know about it. I was never highly orgasmic, but for whatever reason I am on my Sybian. My favorite position is to sit on my Sybian with the dildo rotating inside me while my husband anally penetrates me. I have ever been so sexually satisfied in my life!"


Flavored Lubricants

Flavored Lubricants

Women need to have lubricants handy for a great sex life. It not only decreases uncomfortable friction but increases sensation. Flavored lubricants are a favorite among many women including myself, but some promise tasty flavors and don't deliver. That is why we recommend only a few select brands.

Customer Review-

"I have always been a little self conscious about my husband giving me oral sex. I worry that I may not taste or smell good and then it occurred to me to try using a flavored and scented lubricant before hand. I took your advice and used ForPlay brand and got a few flavors (watermelon, blueberry and vanilla). I tried them beforehand and I have to say that I smiled after tasting each one knowing that your site, as always, provided me with great advice. My husband licked me once and then looked up at me with a smile and said 'you taste so good... what did you do?' Needless to say... we are now ForPlay connoisseurs and use nothing else. I also wanted to add that it made my experience of giving him a blow job much better as I actually felt like I was licking an ice-cream cone. I wanted to devour him!"


Adult Gifts

Sexy Gifts

Women love to feel pampered and that is why we always suggest ways to delight her with a gift. Telling her that you desire her, that you want to pleasure her, that you are thinking of her... well, I know few women that wouldn't enjoy that!

Customer Review-

"I am writing you to thank you! My husband just bought me one of your gift sets for my birthday and it is the best present he ever has gotten me in seventeen years of marriage! I had enough of getting clothes that were the wrong size, perfumes that were too strong, and jewelry that I really did not care for. Don't get me wrong... I really appreciate that my husband is thoughtful enough to remember me and go to the trouble of buying me gifts, but I just felt so bad when I forced a fake smile and said thank you honey, when the gift felt like he did not even know what I really liked.

After seventeen years of marriage, you can imagine that creativity during sex had lapsed a bit... but to both of our delight we took full advantage of the new sex toys and wonderful massage oils, lubricants, scented candle and erotic music that we found inside. It truly made my birthday the most pleasureful I have ever had and I want to thank you for leading my husband down the path of pleasure for both myself and him since!"

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