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Sex Toy Machines
Reviews & Special Discounts

  • See the latest in new sex machines through our sister site

  • We carry a pogo stick style thrusting sex machine called the Fantasy Glide. It also has gotten excellent reviews.

  • For general sex toys and reviews see our main sex toy store.

  • If you are interested in two of the most popular of the sex toy machines such as the Jetaime, we have reviews and special discounts that apply when you purchase them with the manufacturer through our site only below.

  • Our Sex Machine Fails section are reviews of sex machines that we do not recommend shown below.

The Jetaime
Top Sex Machine For Thrusting

This is truly the best fucking machine you will find on the market. The versatility, not to mention the sheer ability of this to deeply penetrate with quick, powerful thrusts. Great for vaginal and anal sex and a breakthrough in great sexual technology!


Automatic Sex Machines
Sex Machines

Manual Sex Machine

Fantasy Glide
The Fantasy Glide is a pogo stick dildo system that can greatly increase the creativity and pleasure and comfort by reducing bending and reaching during stimulation and can allow for more sexual positions for both solo and couples use.
RATING (1-5)

Sex Machine & Sex Toy Fails

This section reviews sex machines that we DO NOT recommend, which means we do not carry them, nor do we have the manufacturer contact information. We highly discourage people from using these types of sex toy machines and have only listed them here to show you the silly and in some cases dangerous concepts that people have invented. In short, they are here for entertainment purposes only.

The Intruder The Probe The Goat Milker The Toolbox
The Monster The Loving Chair The Tit Sucker The Crystal Palace
The Fucksall The Hammer The Snake The Antique Intruder
The Double Crane The Drilldo The Portafuck The Twinserter
The Trespasser The Fucking Chair The Cathedral The Airstorm
The Lighthouse The Concrete Vibrator The Predator The Reactor


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