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Is Female Ejaculation Urine?
Understanding The Difference Between Them

Let's just get the answer out of the way... no, female ejaculation is not urine. That being said, let's explore what it is and why sometimes there can be urine mixed in with it.

There are two types of sexual response fluids in women. The most common and well know is leukorrhea which is a thick, white natural lubricant that protects the vaginal walls. When we speak of female ejaculation, we are referring to a ejaculate that comes out of the Urethra (where urine comes out). It originates from the glands that make up the gspot called Paraurethral glands.

Lisa Lawless
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
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Urine Vs. Female Ejaculate

Everyone knows that depending on your diet and the time of
day urine can vary in the smell that it omits. It ranges in color
from dark amber to a light yellow. However, female ejaculation
does not possess these qualities. Rather it is clear and smells
sweet or has no scent at all.

Men urinate and ejaculate out of their urethra just as women
do. However, women can do both at the same time. So does
that mean that if there is a lot of it that it is mixed with urine?
The answer is no.

To learn why this is true, make sure to read our article
What Is Female Ejaculation?

Female Ejaculation

To prevent urinating during sexual arousal or during an orgasm, a woman can use the restroom before sexual activity. If sexual activity goes on for a while, she may want to take a moment to make sure her bladder remains empty. She can also use a waterproof throw to help with any squirting that may occur. It can come out in large amounts and quite quickly so it is recommended to have something to keep your mattress from getting soaked.

Female ejaculation can occur with or without an orgasm. Just like a woman is multiorgasmic, she can also ejaculate multiple times. The female ejaculate will come out in larger amounts upon the first release. As sexual activity continues on and a woman tries to do it again, she may find that less and less fluid will come out. Hydration levels, alcohol consumption, force of pushing outward and arousal levels all impact how much fluid will come out.

To build up ejaculate a woman must be sexually aroused. This can be done through a variety of sexual zones on a woman's body. Particular focus on the breasts, clitoris and gspot are quite effective. We have found in our research that sexual stimulation that stimulates both the clitoris and the gspot simultaneously seem to be highly effective. Using vibrating rings on a penis or dual action vibrators are great tools for aiding in this sexual goal. We have a variety of articles that cover more about female ejaculation which you should explore.

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