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Water Orgasms
        Sexual Play Using Water

Many women and even some men enjoy sexual gratification from using the pulsating water of a shower head, bidet, tub jets or even a Jacuzzi jet. In fact many women, discover they are orgasmic for the first time by experimenting with a jet or running of water.

Lisa Lawless
Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D., C.E.O.

Holistic Wisdom Founder

Personally, I do it all the time and have enjoyed it since the age of thirteen when I first discovered it in a pool by accident. I happened to have my legs up on the side of a pool while a small jet pulsated water over my clitoris through my bathing suit and I suddenly found myself feeling pleasure I had never known. I graduated to full masturbation using a pulsating shower head when I was fifteen and have enjoyed using water to stimulate my clitoris and vaginal lips ever since.

The women I have spoken to about this have said that they love the throbbing pulsating of the jets, the feeling of warm water and the intensity of the stimulation that it provides their clitoris. It can be a wonderful way to achieve orgasm.

Is It Safe?

If you're stimulating your nipples, clitoris and vagina with the water coming out of the shower head, as long as the water isn't too hot or set on a pressure that's too forceful, it's perfectly safe and good clean fun!

There are some people who worry about nerve damage from this from a layer of scar tissue that forms over the damaged nerves from over stimulation. However, while it may occur, I have not seen any studies on this and have been doing it for over twenty years with no negative side effects.

I have heard of some women experiencing temporary numbness from over stimulation, but not with the use of mild water jets and vibrators. This may occur with excessive use of high powered jets, so to ensure safety, make sure that you use jets that are not too strong.

The main things here to avoid overly hot water that can burn you and to be careful not to shoot water directly up into your vagina. It's possible that the water can force air into your vagina and cause a very serious medical condition called an embolism. An embolism is basically a pocket of air in the bloodstream that can work its way into the arteries, possibly reaching your heart or brain and causing permanent damage or even death. This is also why a woman, especially if she is pregnant, should never allow her partner to blow air into her vagina.

Another concern for women, is the possibility of getting Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) however, more often these are water that is not clean and has bacteria, such as a dirty Jacuzzi. Making sure the water is clean, will be a big factor.

To Play With Water Or Not To Play?

With common sense, water play can be an erotic adventure for sexual stimulation and quite satisfying. Many women use their bathroom as a way to escape into sexual bliss after a hectic day, however partners can take part in using water to help stimulate her as well.

Couples sometimes use the water to stimulate her clitoris while she is penetrated by her lover's penis or a waterproof sex toy. The creativity is certainly endless and fun!


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