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We-Vibe Tips for Use
A Guide For We-Vibe Vibrators
By We-Vibe / Standard Innovation Corporation

Comfortably Worn While You Make Love-
The Ultimate Clitoral & Gspot Stimulator.

Perfect for couples or solo play, the We-Vibe replaces an entire selection of adult toys because they are both extremely versatile. They have the power of a large vibe but are small enough to fit into a women’s contours and deliver stimulation directly to the Clitoris and Gspot.

The We-Vibemodels have no wires or straps to get in the way or ruin the mood. Leave your We-Vibes plugged in and charging so it will always be ready when you are. The We-Vibes fit women anatomically and is so slender and conforming that a penis or dildo can easily fit into the vagina along with them.

The We-Vibe Vibrators are designed to be worn by the female strapless and hands-free; one stimulation pad is designed to stimulate the clitoris while the other is designed to stimulate the Gspot It can be used during solo use in private or in public for masturbation or during sex. They are both USB rechargeable and comes with a lovely satin pouch to keep it safe and free from harm.

To Use:

  • Wash your We Vibe with soap and water before and after use.

  • Only use water based lubricant. Adjust the power setting to low or high speed and prepare to enjoy the thrilling sensations!

  • Insert the tapered, slender end into the vagina about 3 inches (8 cm) up to the bend.

  • The flexible “C" shaped We-Vibe will easily open to an “L" shape when worn.

  • The larger “Clitoral Pad" will nestle in between the labia and against the clitoris.

  • Avoid excessive bending of the neck as it will break wires that run through it and will cause the Gspot motor to stop working.

The Gspot stimulator has a tapered “tear drop" shape that will naturally hug your Gspot while you make love. The internal Gspot vibrator motor will provide the ideal stimulation directly to the Gspot and the pleasure ribs will gently massage the Gspot when a penis or dildo moves inside the vagina.

The We-Vibe's anatomical shape will fit women's internal contours and it will naturally and comfortable nestle in and massage the Gspot The flexible We-Vibe will conform inside you to accommodate the shape of the vagina while making love in different positions. Once the smaller Gspot stimulator has been inserted inside the vagina, the larger “Clitoral Stimulator" pad will flex back to gently hug the clitoris and the labia will conform over and around the We-Vibe.

The Clitoral Stimulator will spread the labia, expose the clitoris and nestle in directly against the clitoris. The powerful throbbing from the internal vibrator motor will directly stimulate the clitoris with the ideal climactic vibrations. The clitoral pad pleasure waves will provide added physical stimulation to the clitoris when the clitoral pad rubs against you while making love.

The We-Vibe can be worn while making love or while walking around the house as it will always try to stay nestled into the woman’s erogenous zone. It can be easily removed at any time. The extremely low profile in the vaginal entry area and the We-Vibe’s mirror smooth finish makes it virtually unnoticeable to the man with the exception of the powerful vibrations. Men take pleasure in the experience of a vibrating vagina and especially enjoy sharing in their partner’s climactic response to the We-Vibe’s deep and powerful Clitoral and Gspot vibrations.

The We-Vibe’s motors produce vibrations that penetrate the woman’s body. The vibrations from each motor will interact with the user to produce enhanced stimulating pulses we call “Harmonic Throbbing". As you change the pressure on the We-Vibe while making love, the “Harmonic Throbbing" will dynamically change to match your rhythms. You will know what “Harmonic Throbbing" is once you have experienced it! The We-Vibe works well in many sexual positions. Many women find their favorite position is with the woman on top as it gives you total control of clitoral pressure, thrusting and positioning.

The We-Vibe will run for more than two hours on “Low" speed and is quiet enough to be worn secretly under your clothes. Try making your next walk in the park or long commute to work a little more exciting! The We-Vibe is also great for Kegel exercises. The Gspot vibrations help you to locate the Kegel muscles that need to be flexed and released to strengthen the vaginal muscles.

The flexible nature of the We-Vibe gives your muscles something to work against as they contract. The We-Vibe has a safe silicone exterior and has no smell or taste. This high performance device is designed to function reliably and have a long life of providing pleasure. The We-Vibe is an extremely versatile adult toy, so use your imagination, explore and have fun!

Lead free - ROHS certified - Environment friendly - WEEE compliant - Carbon Neutral


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