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Our web site is completely secure. We have the highest security on our servers and have put in place extra measures to protect your private information.

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Payment Security -
Please note that we take fraud very seriously and we require that all PayPal users be verified, that all credit card transactions be double verified and that all check and money order transactions be cleared through all stages of deposit and verified through the Federal Reserve. In addition, all check orders must have a copy of a photo ID.

U.S. Currency Only-
We do not accept foreign currency or money orders. All money orders or checks MUST be in US currency.
We do not ship to all countries. To check to see if we ship to yours, simply proceed to place and order and enter in your shipping information. If you do not see it as an option, then we do not ship to your country.

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Can't See Our Shopping Cart?
Shopping Cart Security & Why You Have to Have The Most Current Browser

Our shopping cart is secure and uses the most up to date security settings. In order to buy securely on the Internet from any store you will need to make sure the browser (i.e.: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera) that you are using is up to date with the latest version or you will not be able to safely access secure shopping carts. If you can access another shopping cart with dated browser software you may want to be careful putting your credit card information in as they may not be compliant with the new standards of security that are enforced by the credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, etc.) who are requiring this security be in place with all reputable merchants.

If you are having difficulty adding items to our secure shopping cart and receiving an error message that says "can't establish a secure connection to the server," or "this page can't be displayed," that most likely means your browser is out of date and simply needs to be updated to the most current version. To update it you will need to go to your browser's homepage and download the most up-to-date version.

If you are not familiar with what a browser is, that is simply the software that you are using to surf the Internet (i.e.: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera). If updating your browser is not an option because you are using an older operating system such as Vista or XP, you may just try using a different browser altogether.

If you would like to place your order by phone, we are happy to take your order that way as well.


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