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A Celebrity Love Story

man embracing woman from behind, celebrity love story 

Celebrity Love Story By L.S.L.
Part Two (First Part: A Celebrity Sex Story)

After meeting Lily on the flight home to London and having three film projects under my belt in 8.5 months, I fell asleep for 10 hours after a lovely masturbation session to release the sexual tension I had felt all day spending time with her on the plane.

I awoke to an unusually sunny day and felt like my life was taking a turn to have my career on track and my love life. It was barking to think that we had only met the day before, but I had never felt something so strong in my life, and I knew that whatever was about to happen between us was going to be powerful.

I took a long hot shower and as the water ran down my body, which I was glad that it was in excellent shape from the last film I had done; I thought of Lily's angelic face. The way her skin looked luminous when the sun was shining on it through the plane's window, the way her eyes had a child-like innocence to them and the way her lips were plump and enticing me to kiss them.

Being home, I looked forward to seeing my family for the big dinner planned for the following day, but tonight was all for Lily and me to see what the future might bring in this synchronized twist of fate that brought us together. I mean, just thinking about this was beyond my comprehension... the instant attraction, the perfect meet-cute, and the fact that our seats were right next to one another. It couldn't have been more perfectly orchestrated if it had been written for the screen, so what else could it be than meant to be?

I felt my stomach fill with a nervous flutter hoping that I had not imagined her wanting me the same way. I could not think about that as it made me too nervous, so I just focused on her sensual curves to wank one off before I left to see her. Doing that before a date indeed makes things a little less intense, and I remember learning that lesson from the film Something About Mary when I saw it in my early twenties.

The orgasm came quickly, just moments of thinking about her luscious, alabaster breasts protruding from her bra as she leaned over to retrieve her cellular was all it took really. Nothing too long as I wanted to hurry and pick up some flowers for her before we met up again.

I drove to the hotel from the flower shop in a daze, thinking over and over what I should say first. I had a lot of opening lines ready and wanted to play the part of her leading man tonight with the performance of a lifetime. I wanted to be myself, of course, but the most charming version that I could muster. I wanted to say things that would make her laugh as I had the day before to hear her lovely laugh again. I also wanted to say something that would make her blush as well.

I had the desk clerk ring her upstairs as the courtesy phone was in use, and her cell went to voicemail. A moment of anxiety that she had changed her mind ran fear through my very core, but when I heard her voice and her sweet enthusiasm when she heard it was me reassured me that things were on track.

She said she would meet me in the lobby, and I liked that she did not have me come to her room. She seemed to have an air of class, and the phrase 'good girl,' came to mind. She wasn't uptight by any means, her sense of humor was incredible, and she had no problems using a few choice words to add to her stories' humor. Yet, there was a kind of style and grace that she had that made you know she was not interested in superficial things, and substance and integrity were present in the way she expressed things and chose to live her life, and frankly, that is a rarity these days.

I positioned myself to await the elevator doors to open and reveal her, and finally, the center one opened up, and a vision in red appeared. She was ravishing and more beautiful than in my mind's eye from the day before. She looked refreshed and had her blonde locks down but pulled away from her face on the sides. Her fringe was swept to the side like that of Marilyn Monroe, and I felt it was difficult to breathe for a moment. Her smile was beaming from across the lobby as she walked toward me, and my heart beat faster and faster until I found her in my arms once more, giving me a lovely, warm, and inviting hug hello.

"You look exquisite," I whispered in her ear as I ran my hands down to her small waist and felt her curvaceous hips stop me from going further.

"Thank you, handsome," she replied.

"These are for you," I said as I gazed into those deep green eyes of hers and held the flowers to the side of us for her to see.

"Oh my gosh, thank you, that is so sweet!" she beamed with an authentic look appreciation. I even detected her cheeks blush a bit as if the gesture humbled her. "I love tulips, they are my favorite, they really are, and the fact that you are giving them to me is just... it's just amazing that you would choose my favorite flowers." She took them from my hand, and sweetly kissed my cheek, and her cheeks flushed a brighter pink as she did.

She handed the flowers to the desk clerk and asked that they put them in water and hold them for her, and he enthusiastically agreed to do that for her. She had this charm about her, and I could not help but notice that when she spoke with men, they seemed almost as giddy as I did for her.

"You ready, Mr.?" She took me by the hand and said, "Where shall we go?" in the most playful and enthusiastic voice. I told her that I wanted to take her to my favorite restaurant, a great Sushi place, but if she did not like Japanese, we had other great options.

"Seriously?" she smiled, "Sushi is my all-time favorite... yes, let's go get some edamame, miso soup, and some sushi rolls... that sounds so good right now."

We laughed all the way to the restaurant with one funny story after another. After being seated, we enjoyed a steaming bowl full of edamame with extra salt. The waiter tried to offer us saké, but I declined as having had some problems with drugs and alcohol in my youth I just don't drink. When he offered her some, she simply declined.

"Do you not like saké?"I asked, curious about her choice.

"I am not really a fan of alcohol in general actually, I drank in high school a bit, but it just did not appeal much to me as an adult. I always get a headache after a drink or two, so I just don't bother with it."

"I am glad you said that actually, I don't drink either... boring story really, but I abused it in my youth, and I just stay away from it these days." I worried whether I should have shared that thinking perhaps she might judge me for it, but she smiled and said, "I think that shows tenacity and courage, and I am impressed with that choice." She put her hand on mine and gave it a small squeeze.

The sushi rolls came to the table, and our dinner conversation continued with laughter, and a few tender moments, however, the most exciting parts were when she would graze her leg against mine under the table. Her silky stockings made a slight sound as they would brush against the fabric of my trousers.

We must have talked for hours because the restaurant closed down around us until we finally got the hint to leave when the vacuum was turned on. Great restaurant, but they tended to close earlier than most as the evening was still young. We took a drive around the city, and she marveled at the London Eye on the Thames, confessing that while she would love to one day go on it, that she was terrified of heights. I playfully dared her to go with me tonight, and to my surprise, she agreed.

As we approached the giant Ferris wheel that reaches 135 meters tall, she moved closer to me, looking somewhat anxious and holding onto my hand. I smiled as we approached and said, "It's not too late to back out; there are many other things we could do."

"No, she smiled, I will be all right, but should I suddenly go into cardiac arrest, make sure to tell my Mom I had a great night beforehand." She giggled.

"All right then, settled. I will ring your mum and be sure to let her know." I laughed as I put my arm around her in a reassuring manner.

The ovoidal passenger capsules of the London Eye are quite large, and we were luckily able to get one all to ourselves being that it was a bit cold out and not the height of tourist season. As the capsule began to move up, Lily moved toward the center of it away from the glass and breathing a bit heavily squealed "Oh my," and laughed a nervous little laugh.

I stood behind her and moved my hands around her waist, holding her tightly against me. Standing at about 5' 4", her head fit perfectly under my chin, and I was able to press myself firmly against her beautiful physique. Her breathing became a little more rapid, and her hands clutched mine and brought them up, in-between her breasts. "My heart is pounding right now, remember our agreement," she laughed nervously.

I laughed and then whispered in her ear, "You will be all right love, I am not going to let you go." I meant it in more ways than one, and I hoped she read that. The lights of the city were beautiful, and the Thames reflected them upward toward our capsule. It was a moment I will always remember. The beating of her heart, her hands pushing mine against her chest, and then she turned around. She looked me in the eyes and confessed, "I don't know how or why we have been drawn together at this moment, but I am so appreciative that I have had this experience with you."

I looked deeply into her soulful green eyes and moved my lips to meet hers. Her small mouth tasted of sugar from her sweetened lipstick, and her lips felt so soft and warm against mine. I slid my tongue against her lower lip and licked her lightly, and as I did, she met my tongue with her own opening her mouth slightly to let my tongue penetrate her pink, hot mouth. Our tongues flickered against one another's in a delicate dance until I heard her softly moan and felt her hands pulling on the back of my neck with desire. My cock had been semi-erect, but now with her obvious desire, it was as hard as a rock and pulsating from excitement.

My right hand held the back of her head, covered in feathery, soft blonde hair that cascaded midway down her back. My left hand slid down her back and around her waist, pulling her closer to me and pressing my arousal against her. As she felt me push my erection into her, she moaned a little louder this time, and her sexual response to mine made my heart almost hurt with longing desire.

I thrust my tongue more deeply into her mouth, and she slowly fucked mine with hers. It was the most erotic deep kiss I had ever experienced, and finally, out of breath, she broke away a bit, "Oh my," she cried as she breathed heavily.

I began kissing her neck and ran my right hand down her collar bone and over her luscious, supple breast. As my hand glided over it and cupped her, I felt her nipple harden, and she began making little sighs of sensual release as my tongue slid across her neck and then back up to her lips again. The capsule was making its way back down, and the 30 minutes that seemed a long time initially flew by in what felt like seconds.

We began to compose ourselves as the ride was over, and when asked if we enjoyed it, Lily smiled and said, "It was quite pleasurable, almost orgasmic," and laughed. The man's face went from a smile to his mouth uncontrollably dropping and then slapping back shut from shock. He scratched his head and laughed, "Well, that's a new one on me; I'll definitely remember that one."

We barely made it to the car before my lips were on hers again. We parted when another couple came to the car next to us and got in driving away. Her hand moved to my thigh, and her touch made me instantly hard again. "Love, you are amazingly good at that." I pulled over in a random parking lot, and after turning off the car, I began fucking her mouth again with mine. I made my way over to her seat and lay on top of her with her thighs slightly spread open. I pushed the seat back as far as it would go, and we kissed passionately for some time until finally, I had the courage to slide my hands back to her breasts again. They were clearly natural and felt amazing in my hand as I dragged my thumbs against her erect nipples.

I dry humped her through my trousers, thrusting my hard cock against her thigh over and over. There were a few times I felt I could have cum as I was so worked up, but fortunately, I restrained myself. I felt her small hand move over my ass, and she spread her legs apart more and push me into her as she moaned. Taking this as an invitation for a little more advancement, I slid my hand down her thigh and back up her skirt, where my fingers quickly found her panties that were wet with her juices.

Her cum was slick and warm, and I felt primal as I let me thumb-slide her panties to the side and feel her wet, hot lips quiver from my touch. "Oh god," she whispered as I moved my thumb slowly up and down her inner lips that were dripping wet with excitement. She had a perfectly manicured triangle of blonde pubic hair at the top of her mons, and the rest had been waxed, leaving her outer lips bare and even more slick from her juices.

I moved to her eraser sized clit which was firm and protruding from its hood and circled my thumb around it as she moaned and clenched her legs tighter around me. She whimpered and slid her hand around to my cock and stocked me through my trousers. It felt so good to have her acknowledge my throbbing shaft that I found myself almost unable to move for a moment, paralyzed with pleasure and feeling tingling heat that ran up and down my spine. Just then, a light shown through the windows and startled us both a bit. It was just a car turning into another space across from us, but it did the damage of stopping us enough for her to take pause.

"I am really not wanting to stop right now, but I feel like this is moving so fast, and I, well, I think I should get back to the hotel soon. I am sorry I don't mean to be a tease or a prude, I just, this is so amazing, but it is so sudden, and I need time to absorb it, does that make sense? Are you okay with that?"

I admit I really could have punched the driver of that car square in the mouth at that moment for the interruption, but I understood her trepidation, and I was happy to wait to be with her. I put on the most reassuring voice that I could muster and reminded myself not to seem needy or pushy about this. "I completely understand love; you don't have to explain. I know this is fast, and I don't want to pressure you. I have had a lovely, lovely time, and we have all the time in the world to get to a place where this does not feel so rushed or like something out of our teenage years in a car or in a parking lot, for that matter." I laughed a bit, and she joined in with a sigh of relief that she had not put me off.

We drove back to the hotel; I kissed her gently and sensually one last time after her agreeing to come to my parents' house from some roast beef and Yorkshire pudding the next night. As I got into my car and watched her walk inside, a little voice spoke to me and said, "That's the girl you're going to marry mate." Years later as I write this for you now I can tell you I did, and two weeks later when we finally did make love for the first time, it was not only the most amazing sex I have ever had, but we made our beautiful son whom will now be starting high school in just a few weeks.

As I suspected in the beginning, my beautiful wife Lily is genuinely an angel because while fame and fortune are fleeting, meeting her that day in the airport was what made my life have a true and deep meaning, and I love her for it more and more each day.

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