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Holistic Wisdom Reviews

With over two decades of specializing in sexual health and sex toys, many of our customers have contacted us to let us know what they think about our company, website as well as ordering from us. Don't take our word for it; see what people really think about us below. To submit a company review, please contact us

Lisa Lawless Founder of Holistic Wisdom

Lisa Lawless, Ph.D., C.E.O.


Feedback About Our CEO

I have worked with and developed a great relationship with Lisa. She is a powerful force in everything she does. I love her energy, patience, and kindness. Her knowledge in her field is outstanding, and she is an inspiration to all who come in contact with her.

Lisa is very passionate about her field of work, and it shows in her actions, her writing, and her communication about matters others are afraid to discuss. With her soft-spoken voice, she is a powerhouse when it comes to dealing with sensitive topics.

She is an amazing doctor, sex educator, and friend. She never backs down when it comes to bringing factual evidence to those who challenge her expertise.

I highly recommend Lisa in all areas of business, retail, sexual health, and mental health. There is no topic too tough for her to handle.

- Tamara Payton Bell
ABS Certified Sexologist, ACS Certified Sex Educator, Certified Love Coach and Master Sexpert


You Really Care And It’s Refreshing!

When I first saw your website, I was really puzzled about what sex had to do with a holistic approach. Why the name Holistic Wisdom? Then I took a look around your site and realized why. It is great to see a company like yours teaching all aspects of health and sexual health in such an open and caring manner. Your integrity and brilliance in teaching incredibly useful sex tips are really needed, and I personally can testify to benefiting from them myself! I have told all my friends about your site, and have even shown many of them the cool sex toys I have been getting from your site. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Sally T.


You Are Making A Difference For Women

Lisa, Thank you so much. Did you get to see me on Good Morning America last Thursday morning? It was so last minute; we had 30 minutes to pack. My story hit the New York Times that morning, and we got the call to leave by that afternoon. They will also do my story on ABC "Prime Time" next Thursday, Feb. 5. Be sure to watch; I'm hoping they'll do a complete coverage of the story. We'll see. Thank you so much for all that you're doing to support me and women across America to be able to stand up for our rights to freedom of speech, freedom of expression sensually, and the most basic freedom, to be able to be educated on sexual issues facing women today! My first Pretrial hearing is on this Thursday, Jan. 29. I'm sure they may be dropping the case against me selling sex toys in Texas in part due to the coverage you have provided. I'll keep you posted on the outcome. Thank you for helping me with the legal strategies and funding, and keep up what you do. You have been amazing, and between you, Sherri Williams, and her Supreme Court Case, we have worked hard to help get our freedom respected but have a long way to go. Tell Sherri I said to hang in there. I am sure her battle has been grueling. It is nice to know people like you care and keep fighting the good fight!

- Joanne Webb



I am nearly in tears at the enormity of your authentic care, concern, and help beyond measure! You have met me in my need and addressed concerns and questions beyond comprehension: with such a magnitude of genuine care as if you were a trusted and dear friend. And that is true... I do trust you and feel safe with your guidance. I would add that, in my experience with you, I have experienced superior professionalism, enormous product knowledge, ease and swiftness of communications, attention to detail, and sweeping, authentic care for the customer that, frankly, without sounding all gushy and prophetic, makes me feel like the world is a better place! No lie! Experiencing you is an example of the vast goodness in the world! And I repeat, I am not just saying this to get all gushy and dramatic; you are EXCEPTIONAL!

- Anonymous


Amazing Service

Having never bought a sex toy before, at the age of 69 I discovered Holistic Wisdom. I was drawn to it by their promise of all 'body-safe' products. Since I have sensitive skin, I have to be careful about what I use, so this was important to me. It took me three days of exploring their vast offerings to settle on two products, which I am looking forward to trying soon with my boyfriend. But the reason I am writing this review is to compliment them on their amazing service. On their website, one of the products I chose had been mislabeled as rechargeable, but when it came was battery-operated. When I reported this to them, they immediately took action to figure out what had gone wrong, corrected the website, and offered me a refund or credit for the item in question. To me, their quick response, taking responsibility for the error, and making it right with me is worth its weight in gold! I will come back to this site again and again because of that.

- Liz


Fantastic Service! You Guys Are Amazing!

As always, I am extremely pleased by the superb level of customer service that you provide. My order was received in record time and in perfect condition. I may have said it before, but if every web-based business operated as HW does, I would buy everything online. :o) The FREE gift offer is intriguing. I will have to order something else sooner than I had planned, just to be surprised! Thank you! May you be blessed with love and good fortune.

- Jerry D.


Fabulous Site

I received my order quicker than I thought, and I love how the toys were packaged. I was so excited I showed my sister, and I think you will be sending her an order soon. I definitely will order from y'all again. Also, the web site had some great info on toys, and that helped me decide what to order, and I am extremely pleased. That was so nice checking up, and I just think yall are great!!!

- Tonya Vannozzi


Excellent Customer Service

I wanted to let you know that I have received my order, and in fact, I am very pleased with the merchandise as well as the delivery time and service that Holistic Wisdom, Inc. has provided me. I appreciate the free-gift offer and look forward to future purchasing with you. Once again, thank you for your excellent customer service.

- Paula A.


Great Website, Great Company!

We received the item and are more than happy about it! The way u packaged the item was extra special and we are going to put another order in soon... Our friend called last night and we gave her your web-site so she probably already ordered her item. Thanks so very much... : )

- Helen G.


Love You Guys!

You have a wonderful site!! I have passed it on to all of my friends. I am glad that I found it!

- Beth Speetjens


Really Stellar Service

Thank you so much! My lovely order arrived as promised and was packaged very nicely. The articles on your site have proved a great read! We will be sure to visit the site and place an order again. Thanks again for your professional and caring customer service. Best wishes to all at HW!

- Kelly M.


You Guys Are The Best!

What a cool website you have! Since reading my first article, I have read them all, and never has there been an article without something helpful in it. World events are something. Thank you for not only standing up for my personal sexual freedom but for standing up for every person's sexual freedom in the world. We are all partners and mates in life. Oh, okay, one other reason. I don't know of any other site in the world that has such a sensual glowing woman's face like yours. Lisa, wouldn't it be cool if all the women in the world glowed as you do.

- Bill Hicks


Pleasure Doing Business With You

Once again, I am sincerely impressed and awed by the incredibly high quality customer service that you and your amazing C.E.O. provide to your customers. I feel pampered, as if I bought something much more expensive, like a...Rolls Royce! :o) Yes, my order, was received in perfect condition and in record time. I regret that I have no questions at this time to justify additional correspondence, for it is surely a pleasure to do business with you.

- Kassie Cadwallender


Keep Up Your Good Work!

Thank you so much for the informative and educative newsletter. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the issues that I got since subscribing and I can never thank you enough for some of the tips that I have been putting into practice with my partner. Looking forward to more tips and sex news. Keep up the good work.

- Dan Choiniere


Really Impressed

Thank you for the newsletter. I am so impressed with the work that you and your company does. Thank you for providing sexually empowering information to so many people. We could certainly use it!

- Karen Hines


Love You Guys!

I was very pleased with the promptness of the delivery and discreet shipping. More so, I was very "relieved" in the discreet manner that my privacy was preserved. Having never ordered this type of product before, we were very hesitant about the purchase, considering today's marketing techniques. Holistic Wisdom, Inc. did exactly what it said it would. Thank you for a very pleasant and very personal shopping experience. I look forward to future business with your company.

- Jimmy N.


Good Work!

We wanted to tell you how informative your newsletter is. Is it very detailed, balanced, and informative. We frequently use your information in our sensual massage weekends. Keep up the good work.

- Connor Akin


You Are My Favorite Sex Toy Store

Thanks for the great customer service. Everything arrived as it should, and boy has it been informative. Helped me realize that I'm not strange, just fulfilled. I look forward to doing business with your company again. Thanks.

- Craig H.


I’ll Be Back

My order arrived promptly and in good condition. Thanks for the follow-up. I'll certainly shop with you again.

-Bruce Christensen


Thank You!

I received my order in a very timely manner, and it was in excellent shape. I love it. I have viewed your site several times. It is excellent- very informative and excellent quality. Thank you!

- Julie Skidmore


Awesome Company

I just received my first purchase from Holistic Wisdom. Rather than the sterile, practical packing materials like the styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap I expected when I opened the Priority Mail box, I found each item gift wrapped. Thank you! This little extra touch made my shopping experience for some very personal items very special. You have created a loyal customer who will refer her friends to your site - and I got a lot of friends :^) The hard part now is waiting for my girlfriend to come over tonight so we can unwrap everything together.

- Cherise A.


Loving Your Style

Thank you for the professional and discreet manner in which you handled our order. As this is our first experience ordering any kind of product from "the industry" and if we are so inclined to order any more products of this nature, we will be doing our business with your company. Because I share my computer with my children and I certainly appreciate the lack of pop-up advertisements that can "attack" a person's computer after such an order as well as your discreet packaging. Thanks again!

- Leslie L. 


Great Site

Thank you for the follow up. Everything went great. It was a pleasure shopping with you and I look forward to my next purchase.

- Charlie M.


Love Your Store!

Everything arrived safely. I am quite pleased with both items that I ordered from your company. The lovely wrapping was a nice surprise.

- Benjamin L.


What A Treat!

I received my order all right, and I am very happy with everything. I really liked the way it was wrapped, too: that was a nice treat. Thanks for the free offers. I'll keep them in mind.

- Valerie Haugo


Really Good!

The products I ordered arrived in a timely manner and I am very pleased with the products. Holistic Wisdom made it easy and comfortable ordering and receiving products from their website, I now know where to purchase future products. Thank you for your follow up email and I appreciate your customer service.

- Jameer B.


Love You Guys!

We got our order several weeks ago, thank you also for the free samples which we have enjoyed. Thanks again for the great customer service and product, your inquiring emails was actually nice to see that someone really cares about their clients, others should learn from your company!

- Heena P.



I am very impressed with your quick reply and response to my email. That speaks highly of your professionalism. I appreciate your expeditious movement on my order as well. The product I ordered is something I want my fiancee' to have while I am away for the next 18 months. This product will be something that will maintain the bond we already have, even while we are apart. I have this big elaborate weekend planned, and by getting it to me by Friday or Saturday morning, one of our last weekend's together will be memorable. Thank you very much.

- Lonnie Saukel



You guys have great customer service!

- Gina Van Campen


Expectations Exceeded

Our order arrived on time as promised. All expectations were met or exceeded. I was impressed with your packaging.

- Ryan H. 



I just wanted to say that my husband and I enjoyed your articles on female sexuality and had awesome results that very same evening. We also just purchased the Sensuelle Point from your site. I just wanted to say thank you for putting such wonderful information out there for people like me who have tried for a very long time to orgasm and could not. I will also refer back to the articles with any questions I have and am so excited about my new sexual experience. Once again, thank you.

- Stevie Orms



Everything was perfect! Exactly as I ordered! I especially enjoyed the terrific way each toy was packaged with the beautiful bags and colorful tissue paper. Awesome! It was like Christmas! And I have a naughty Santa! lol I will definitely be purchasing more toys for myself and as gifts in the future. THANK YOU!

- Reenae Jaca



Thanks very much for the reply and the great customer service your company seems to excel at. I extend the utmost gratitude for your thoughtful consideration.

- Natalie Rackers


Great Site

The vibrator you recommended is great... It was highly recommended by Dr. Hilda Hutchinson, and I owe both of you thanks... I had never heard of it and loved it... It arrived so quickly and packaged nicely, and Oh, thanks for the lubrication samples... I will be placing another order soon.

- Marc Bodine


You Guys Are The Best!

I just want to thank you for your site. I love it. It's really useful, plenty of suggestions for a better sex life and interesting news. I always learn something I had no idea that it could exist!!!!! Bottom line, I have a lot of fun reading you.

- Melissa A. 


You Really Helped Us

Since I am one of those persons that are continually fighting the weight problem, I was extremely interested in your article about "Plus Size Sex." I found your article to be very informative, especially about sex positions, because my wife and I often have problems getting connected. I sometimes become so frustrated about trying to penetrate that I lose my erection and end up masturbating. Your article has given me good ideas for new positions to try, and hopefully, our sex play will be improved. Thank you for your interest.

- Tim Russell



Thanks for letting me give my girlfriend a heads up on when it was going to arrive so she could be there. She did not know what I was sending her, but she was surprised and very happy about it. Being able to get things like this makes our relationship and love life that much better. Now we can have more fun and pleasure than we were before. We will be sure to get more things from this site as we grow and progress in life. Thanks again for your help.

- Luke Huggins


Good Customer Service

Thank you - the last order arrived in a timely manner and was quite satisfactory. I appreciate your follow-up - good customer service.

- Tracy B.


Will Recommend You

My order has been received! On-time and beautifully packaged. I will definitely be taking advantage of your free gift offer as I will continue to order through you guys! Thanks a bunch!

- Alicia M.



I received everything I ordered just as expected. Your service is exceptional, and I love the beautiful packaging. If any of my friends ask, I will direct them to your site.

- Zaccheus Gerdt


Great Service

The order was great - it was a gift for a friend - I already had one. I will be placing an order soon - another friend was jealous so I have to order hers soon. Thanks for everything... what great service!

- Melissa Floyd


Good Work Guys!

I know you must be very busy, but I hope you are able to read this. I just want to thank you for what you are doing. Your web site is so refreshing. I had no idea how blind I was to the realm of female sexuality until I stumbled across your site with my boyfriend one day. I admit I was at first apprehensive; you write about things that almost seem radical. But I was hooked. That was about a year ago. Since that time, thanks to your website, my boyfriend and I have been closer and more intimate than I could ever have imagined we could be. When he and I began to be romantic, I wished there was more I could do to enhance his pleasure. Your web site gives so much information for both sexes that he and I found ways to please each other and ourselves. You are right: the art of female sexuality is something that is too quickly overlooked in our society. We are too quick to assume that it is solely the man's responsibility to give pleasure to both partners, and that just isn't fair. I know that since I've read your articles and surfed through your site, I've become a more educated woman. Thank you for creating and maintaining such an amazing site. Please keep up the good work.

- Sarah Blaylock



The order was perfect, thank you.

- Suzanne Birdsell



Thanks. Everything arrived, and we are thrilled. I won't hesitate to you use your service again or to recommend you to others.

- Eric Jones


Thanks A Million!

I received my order and was delighted with it. I will use what I learned in future lovemaking events!! Very informative. Thanks a million!

- Brian Albertson


The Order Was Perfect

The order was perfect, and just what I wanted. The massage candles are fantastic and smell delicious. Thank you for everything.

- Peter A.



Everything was great!!!! My wife has overcome her sexual issues because of you and your site, and there is nothing more exciting than that!!!!

- Gabriel K.


We Will Order Again!

We received everything in perfect condition. I'm sure we'll be making another order!

- Janice Popish


Ya Got My Vote!

Just thought I would drop a line. About six to eight months ago or maybe longer I ran into your site by mistake on the net. I am a 38 yr old married mother who likes to keep my hubby happy. Thanks for the g-spot articles -and I mean thanks. From a normal everyday mum - who has a great sex life - you guys just spice it up - I would like to say thanks. Sex is sex and we all do it - u guys just do it nicer and might I say a lot more professionally than any other site I have seen. I thought I had done it all and then I started reading your newsletters and a whole new dimension started happening (thanks). You have my vote...

- Nancy H.


Wonderful Service

I received my order this morning! Wonderful service, thank you. My wife and I are looking forward to reading your book. We should have a most exciting time discovering the delights and possibilities of arousal and female sexual health especially the article around Kegel exercise. Many thanks again for the excellent service. Warmest wishes and kindest regards.

- Robert C.


Totally Impressed

Hello. I wanted to email you and tell you that I am COMPLETELY satisfied with the service I have received from your business. I will be placing more orders with your business real soon. I have never had such fast shipping, and I must say that I was completely surprised to have the product in less than 48 hours from the item payment was made--- Colorado to Georgia less than 2 days... TOTALLY impressed!!!! Thanks again-- You have earned a repeat buyer in me!!

- Harmony H.


Keep it up!

First of all, I'm a 30-year-old man who thoroughly enjoys your newsletters and finds them filled with very useful information. The reason I'm so interested in your website, newsletters, etc. is I want to make sure when I make love to a woman; I do the best job possible. When I'm with a woman, I put all my needs to the side and focus on hers; I always make sure the person I'm with has one or more orgasms long before I have mine. This is why I'm doing so much research on this subject, and your website and newsletters are the best sources I've ever seen. Take care, and keep up the good work.

- Lawrence Keller


Very Impressed!

I just received my first order. I had to email you to tell you how impressed I was with my experience. The web site is straightforward to navigate. Also, I was VERY impressed with how well the packaging was. I could tell from the packaging that a lot of care went into making sure that the product would arrive without any problems. You now have a new repeat customer. I look forward to doing business with you again.

- Shelly Hagan


Exceeded My Expectations

I just wanted to let someone know how happy I've been with your service. I ordered on Sunday evening, and my package arrived on Wednesday, which was faster than I expected, and the contents were wrapped, which completely blew me away. You've exceeded my expectations, and I am looking forward to ordering from you in the future.

- Tiffany G.


Thank You

Hello, my name is Nicole. I recently ordered a product from you, which I received today. I just really wanted to thank you, not only for the product but also for the extra support you give your customers (i.e., cute gift wrapping, letting people know that sexual openness IS acceptable, making them feel comfortable, etc.) So thank you once again! I will now only buy from your company!

- Nicole H.


Love Your Article!

I loved your article on sex during your period. I have wanted to do it, but was always worried about it. I felt much better about it after I read your article. Also, my husband wants me to thank you too... he is still smiling!

- Karen K.


Excellent Work!

Keep up the excellent work. You have helped make me a connoisseur of sexual techniques, things that all men should know. You have such a gift for helping people. Thank you so much!

- Clement L.


You Contribute A Lot!

We live in New Zealand so you can see you are touching lives in a positive way on a global scale! Keep up the good work and rest assured we will help contribute to your reader feedback requests!

- Fran & Frank Clark


Loyal Customer

Hi, I got my order and would like to thank you guys for one of the best nights of my life!! The packaging was awesome! My wife and I have been looking for a place for healthy, nontoxic sex toys, and Holistic Wisdom is the place!!!! Once again, Thanks so much!!! (a new loyal customer)

- Joe Bowser


Good Job!

Thanks for the really fast service. I didn't expect the order for at least a week. Also, really neat toy!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Marc Guyer



Wow!! you guys are awesome. That's great to follow up with your customers. We received our package and it was perfect. Thanks for taking the extra time to wrap it up in a fun bag. My wife loved that. We'll be sure to use you guys in the future for sure. Thanks again!!!

- Andrew Sweet



Hello, Thank you for all of your assistance! I received everything, just fine. The packaging was beautiful! Thank you very much.

- Lisa Escalante


Incredible Selection

My husband and I both love your articles and find your advice, and your recommendations always a pleasure to read. We love you explicit pictorials and your choice of TOP SEX TOYS!!!!!

- Paulina Kushlick


Thank You!

Hi, I wanted to let you know that I received my order and everything was indeed as it should have been. The follow-up is quite nice -- personal service in the vast world of online ordering is practically nonexistent! I will make sure to take advantage of the free gift and will visit your store again soon. Thank you.

- Suzanne Lyman


You Get High Marks!

Holistic Wisdom is receiving HIGH MARKS for service, products, and consideration of clientele from me. You can be sure that we will be recommending Holistic Wisdom to our friends. I do not doubt that we shall shop again at your site. Thank you. Kind regards!

- Joseph Vickers



I received my order yesterday and am very pleased with the discreet labeling and wrapping of my product. I will definitely be ordering from your company again! Once again thank you!

- Elia Dimity


Love Ordering From You!

Thank you. I received my order in a surprisingly short time and everything was safe and sound. The process was very simple from beginning to end.

- Ronald Friedland


Thank You!

I received my order in a surprisingly short time and everything was safe and sound. The process was very simple from beginning to end.

- Sam Arteaga


Great Gift!

The adult gift was great. Thank you very much. It was a good purchase. Thanks for the follow-up.

- Tom Kent


You Do This Well!

Thank you so much for getting back to me in such a timely manner. It's always a relief to know that someone is on top of their business & it makes doing future business with you a guarantee.

- Terrilynn J.


So Informative

I found your site some time ago when I was seeking information on female ejaculation. I am currently studying to become qualified as a sex counselor, and this has been invaluable.

- Maryanne McInerney



Thank you! I hope that it helps to keep my relationship alive and kicking for years to come! YIPPEE!

- Pam Follett


Thank You!

Yes, everything arrived wonderfully. Everything was exactly as we had requested. Thank you so much!

- Jason Arias


Definitely Ordering From You Again!

I received my order yesterday and am very pleased with the discreet labeling and wrapping of my product. I will definitely be ordering from your company again! Once again, thank you!"

- Pamela Shibata


Love You And Your Site!

I enjoy your wisdom of sexuality; I would like to comment on the "Sexual Biases" article as this to me is a male making excuses for his on insecurities about sex. This type of male has vulnerabilities about how to satisfy a woman in bed. He's probably a man that is not able to make a woman have orgasm, so he's critical and choosey, and usually, he looks for inexperienced women to have sex with. Because they aren't even sure what real sexual satisfaction from a man really is, and therefore the man feels in control, so his ego can shine or so he thinks. Being a man, I consider men who classify women as slutty or damaged is basically a weak, insecure, scared, and a hell of a sorry lover, and probably a prime candidate for a relationship that future holds a 99% chance of infidelity pointed directly at him because of his lack of sexual performance. If men would concentrate more on skills of trying to satisfy their choice of sexual partners and get their mindset to never leave their partners unsatisfied, no matter how long it takes, they might find it much more of an ego boost, especially if the train themselves to love female ejaculation as I have, that to me is the most beautiful experience in the world not to mention the best feeling to have made your partner comfortable enough to have multiple ejaculations. For me, it cures any insecurities about my sexual self. It made me able to not have problems with my stamina as I begin to focus solely on making these multiple ejaculations first priority and holding my own to every end, I have full confidence in my abilities to satisfy in the bedroom. My point is, men who choose the pure, and demand it as their choice are insecure and have little knowledge about satisfying women, weak-minded men are to me all talk, and no do, roll on roll off type men, if they choose this insecurity to be their way, then I say let them classify women as whores, sluts , or used goods because that will give them exactly what they deserve, which will be a dysfunctional sex life. They will have to satisfy themselves on a toilet seat in a strip club somewhere, because taking a stripper home would be out of the question, because, he classifies her as "damaged" yet, he dreams of it on the toilet seat, and empties his wallet to create this secret dream. That's my thoughts on that subject; for me personally, the experienced woman is my choice, so I'll take the damaged or the so-called "used-up" much more useful than used... last word or my closing comment, that's a damn shame. By the way, love you and your site!

- Dudley Manchik


Really Appreciate You!

To begin, let me say that I definitely appreciate the information that your newsletter makes available. There aren't many other people who dedicate themselves so thoroughly to educating people not only about sex but also about the physical and emotional health issues that go along with it. Knowledge, not the suppression of it, is the greatest tool someone can have when it comes to these matters. Keep up the nice work with the web site; it's one of my favorites!

- Melody Kerr


Love Your Approach!

Lisa and staff, Thanks for your excellent service and personal touch. I place high value on service and will gladly shop HolisticWisdom now instead of any of your competition. I've found AdamEve to be WAY too aggressive in marketing and way too slow with shipping and completely ignorant when it comes to support... I'll spread the word every chance I get.

- Wade Shaughnessy


I Will Definitely Be Back!

I just received my order (Make Your Own Dildo Kit) and wanted to send a quick message to tell you how happy I am with the service... I couldn't be happier. I knew I was getting a free cock ring, but wasn't expecting the free samples of massage lotion and lube... and a scented candle! How nice! I was just looking at the web site, and I see that you mention the samples and package wrapping, and state that your "goal is for you to feel that you have not only received what you were promised quickly but to also feel like you are opening a gift just for you." Mission accomplished! The package came much faster than I expected, and I did feel like I received a gift, a few in fact. Thank you. I will definitely be back.

- John Schofield


Exceptional Sex!

Thank you for putting that book together when my wife and I first got together she didn't believe in it, the only reference I had to show her was porn and at the time a lot of that was faked anyway. But after we read your book, she entertained the idea of trying it. Now three years later, she can ejaculate 4 ounces at a time. Truly amazing, I just wanted to say thank you for helping achieve the most exceptional sex ever.

- Jason M.


Thank You!

Lisa, I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed your book about female sexuality. Although I am a 22-year-old male, I wanted to learn more about female ejaculation, so I ordered your book. I absolutely loved it. It is very informative and very erotic!! You are one of the most beautiful women ever, and I fantasize about being with an older woman like yourself who knows about her sexuality and is not afraid to ejaculate. I have never experienced squirting with a woman but can't wait till I can. Thank you again.

- Tom D.


Really Comfortable

I've been with my boyfriend for two years. Up until today, I was always embarrassed of my ejaculate. I really thought it was just urine (that came out in small amounts even though I always urinate before we do it). He has always believed and accepted that it was ejaculate, but I've had major doubts. I've never felt comfortable with it coming back. When we first started making love, I would make him stop so the urge would go away. Recently, we just have been putting a towel under me so that it doesn't leave the bed uncomfortable to lay on. I always just thought something was wrong with me. I feel empowered after reading this whole article [on female ejaculation]. It is very informative. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Society really did distort its beauty. I feel that now I can completely relax and have pleasure and appreciation in letting myself go. Thank you so much.

- Kristy R.


Holistic Sex

Thank you for what you do. Thank you for helping. P.S. I admire you for your honesty and candor. I share many of your views regarding "Holistic Sexuality".

- Brian Santini



Thank you all very much for your great customer service. I was a little nervous ordering at first as I was not too familiar with the company; however, I can see that I made the right choice! I really appreciate your update emails. Thank-You.

- Sharon DeLay


Love That All Your Products Are High Quality

Thanks for your attention to my order. I appreciate the effort it takes to make the customer happy. I had looked at many sites and decided on yours because it did feel like it was being run by women. You had great feedback from customers and I particularly like the reviews and ratings given by the customers who have tried a particular device. They seem real. Other sites that offer reviews don't feel real. Everybody thinks every item should be on your shopping list. ;) You've got stuff! I plan on doing more shopping here in the near future. Thanks :)

- Renee Farris


You Care And It Shows

Hi, My wife and I are extremely happy with the order received from you. You guys really went above and beyond with the speed with which you filled our order and delivered it; the beautiful packaging, and the free gifts. We'll definitely place additional orders with Holistic Wisdom in the future and have recommended you to our close friends. Keep up the great work, and thank you very much.

- Jack Danca


Very Satisfied

Hello, Just wanted to take a moment to tell you thank you. The product was replaced quickly and was in 100% great condition. Thank you for standing behind your products. I have already passed the word to many friends as to what a professional company you are. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Thank you. A very satisfied customer.

- Melissa Coyle


Friendly And Professional

Hi, Thank you for taking the time to see how everything went. Yes, I did receive my order already, thank you very much. Everything was in perfect condition, and I couldn't be happier. I'm looking forward to buying again, from Holistic Wisdom in the future. Once again, thank you for your quick response and friendly service.

- Chris Larina


You Do This So Well

Dear Lisa: I think what you teach is beautiful, you are beautiful and the world need more people like you!

- Josh Coulson


You Helped Us Be Closer Together

Thank you for following up on our order. It arrived in good shape and came in a very timely manner. As you can imagine, it's been fun "playing" with and has brought my wife and me even closer in our relationship. Those intimate moments tend to do that to a couple. I'll be sure and recommend you to our friends. All the best.

- Janice Gray


Gonna Give You My Business Again

Hi, The order arrived last week, many thanks. It's good to deal will such a well-organized company, looking forward to doing business with you in the future... I hope you have a lovely weekend again many thanks.

- Karl Hastings



I am addressing this to you since you are the author of most of the information that I have referenced—a little background about what led me to your website. I am a 64 years young male that has always had a healthy, active sex life. For me making sure my partner is as satisfied as I know-how has been of paramount importance in my own satisfaction. As you may surmise by my age, I've had to overcome much false or repressed information about what activity is considered normal and healthy over the years. Suffice it to say that I have had reservations about using sexual aids or toys as part of our sexual activity until somewhat recently. After several unsuccessful long term relationships and/or marriages and many shorter ones, eight years ago, I met and married the love of my life(she is also 64). From the very beginning, I knew I had a very "special" lady in my life. Believe it or not, she was the first woman that I was ever aware of that ejaculated to a noticeable degree. I have been so stimulated and turned on by this, but I still have considered it a phenomenon. A few weeks ago, I decided to pursue information to educate myself about this subject (the Internet is truly our friend). Your Holistic Wisdom website was one of several sites that I visited, and I obtained helpful information from several of them, but Holistic Wisdom was, for me, the most helpful. I am impressed by the professional, well-written information, and the general high-class format. Now, the first thing I learned was that I had a very erroneous concept of what and where the "G" spot actually is. After educating myself, I discussed this with my wife, and she was as excited as I am about putting to task our newfound education (she also was not informed properly as to the G spot). All I can say is WOW!!! Our experience has been taken to a whole new level that we could never have imagined. She always had very powerful climaxes, but nothing in comparison to now. I am glad that I took the information about protecting the bed to heart because we experienced the most powerful climax, accompanied by a very profuse ejaculation of fluid. We are both very comfortable with this, and excited about our new (to us) discoveries. So, thank you for being part of educating us on a very rewarding sex-life. And keep the articles coming. Thank you!

- Jason Rose


Body, Mind And Soul

Hello Lisa, I wanted to pass along a few comments regarding some of your recent articles, as well as relate to many of the things that you discuss on your site. There is much that can be gained through the education of others, and especially in a loving and peaceful manner. All things follow a pattern of life, and for those who are able to help others live within that pattern, they are rewarded accordingly. Because sex is a gateway - part of the inner door, it becomes very important in spiritual matters. Most people misuse or abuse this gateway and, as a result, suffer those consequences that are a result of this misuse. It is difficult to blame people for ignorance, yet that does not mean that there are not negative consequences for the misuse of such knowledge. I recognize that most people are doing the best that they can - it is difficult to try to make a change, especially on an internal level. There are those of us here who are sent to help assist others by giving them hope, encouragement, and the light within our lives to help guide them on their way. There is the Way to life, and it is a narrow path, difficult to find and walk. Yet no one is alone in their struggle, no matter whatever encounters bear down upon them, there is always a place to go for encouragement and a path to follow that leads to life. Having read a number of your articles for the past several months, and letters and how you respond to them, it is apparent to me that you are of a higher, more enlightened mindset. But I would expect more of women than men in our culture as it is, since women reside on a higher spiritual vibration than men. Both men and women have their own roles to fill in the pattern of life, and although they can be considered equals, it does not make them the same. Each contains a part that the other is missing, and in a true spiritual marriage, each compliments the other through their own realm of influence by developing those qualities that the other lacks. Taking on a more motherly role to an audience that may be disillusioned, or have rejected the bastardization of the sexual roles in our culture, you are in a position to give to others a level of peace and light that they are likely seeking from within. And although you may be criticized for your efforts, you are just another piece that is part of the divine plan in giving witness to others that there is a much deeper connection to life other than what appears on the surface. In a divine relationship, the woman plays a part in raising up to the man the spiritual (sexual) energy that is received and returns it to him at a higher vibrational level that is a result of her being. In turn, when the man is able to accept this level it allows for transformation to occur within the spiritual union. Most women do not use their given natural abilities and instead have allowed society and modern feminization to limit their own natural abilities by attempting to make them into surrogate men. Yet men are no less to blame for their perpetual ignorance of women and by virtue of failing to develop with a spiritual wife. The opportunity that you are providing both men and women by encouraging the spiritual union - which although is much a taboo topic in various religious circles, is more religious than the dogmatic traditional that limit men and women. It is in the true spiritual union that growth can be achieved, and the mechanism for doing so is through the exchange of fluids during sexual union. In the role that you have, you are empowering women to learn about themselves and their bodies, in order to dwell in that aspect of the pattern that can truly make change - from the inner elements that in turn affect all of our outer being. When women properly use the divine nature of sex for proper a spiritual lifestyle, then much change can be made. But this does not excuse the men from not listening to women except when they want sex. Both will need to grow and change in order to overcome the obstacles that are in front of them - each filling their own role in the part that they play. The sacredness of sex is something that should be taught to both men and women so that they do not continue in their ongoing cycles of perpetual karmic revolution. But in order to do so, just as in a relationship with a man, changes must be made over time and reinforced through positive results. Thus the information that you provide people is a good stepping stone, and although there is much more that could be said on several of the topics, if it becomes too much truth for what they are willing to live, they will reject the message of what you have to say. The Holistic approach is the best - body, mind and soul to have the pattern of life dwell within everything that you say, think, and do. In this, I commend your efforts and encourage you to continue providing others with a path that they may find will lead to the most out of their lives.

- Emmanuel Kuss


Great Service

I am writing to inform you that I have received my complete order. I would like to say "THANK YOU" for the politeness and professionalism when I called to let you know that I did not receive all of my order, and when I called back to check on the status of the items that were not sent. It was nice to speak with a company that still has customer service. It was doubly nice to realize that out of the slight inconvenience that your company apologized by sending two clone a dildo molds!!! I am truly impressed by your company and will definitely be a further customer hopefully for many many more years! THANKS AGAIN AND KEEP UP THE GREAT SERVICE!!

- Shaun Kerr


Keep Up The Good Work!

I just want to tell you how thrilled I was with my purchase. I haven’t used it yet, but I was just thrilled with my packaging and goodies. I found your site while searching for my item through dealtime (or maybe it was dealnews), by accident. BUT, I will definitely be using it for my future shopping and telling my friends about it. Keep up the good work!!!

- Audra H.


You Guys Go The Extra Mile!

Thank you so much for going the "extra mile" as a company and being so responsive to me as a customer. You truly have "won" my business with your company ethics, something that is so important today to stay in the forefront as a leader. My hats off to everyone.

- Janice Adams


Thanks For Your Hard Work!

Hi, I just bought your book for my girlfriend. Thanks for all the hard work, she will love it and so will I. More men should know this web site. I've learned so much by just reading the web page. I've deprived all those women over the years. I wish I had this 15 years ago. There are so many things I didn't know. Thank you.

- Mike B.


Good Job

Thank you for your follow up. My order did arrive very quickly and just as it should have. I was very satisfied with my purchase. Thank you for your attentive service. I will definitely be happy to use your company again in the future.

- Amy A.


You Guys Are Certainly Comprehensive!

I really appreciate the personal attention. I can honestly say your site is by far the best resource I have found for intimacy purchases. Again, thank you for such an informed and comprehensive site. I look forward to pursuing the products for more enhancements!

- Sean S.



My order just arrived. I have yet to try the product, but I wanted to thank you for the very discreet packaging. I was nervous even to receive a "plain brown box," as sometimes the very fact of a box that is "too plain" in an attempt to be discreet might give away its contents. However, my order arrived in a USPS priority box with a nicely nondescript USPS label. PERFECT! And the scented candle was a lovely touch, as well. It adds to the discretion. This order could be from any natural vitamins (or whatever) company, the type of thing I shop all the time. Thank you!

- Gabrielle Taydus



Thank you so much for the excellent customer support. It has been the best that I have seen in any store, online or otherwise. The order was received, and as I have not been able to inspect it myself, my wife assures me that everything is in order and is awaiting my return to the states.

- Tevita Smith


We Love You Folks!

The package from Holistic Wisdom arrived yesterday in plenty of time for our little party to be extra special, and I want to thank you again for the personal service you and your staff provided. You folks are five stars with me, and I'll take advantage of the free gift offer as soon as I can. I hope Holistic Wisdom is in business for a long, long time.

- Jeff Greenky


Always What I Need

Hello Lisa, I am amazed your letters always come at the right time oddly enough I have friends who have sexual problems in your sexual advice column and am sure I am taking careful note of them too for I am not married yet so when I eventually settle down I will definitely have need of that advice and am sure it will help me a lot for that I thank you once again. Regards.

- Camille Snyder


Wow, You Are Amazing Dr. Lawless

Dr. Lawless- What a wonderful, glorious, fabulous, marvelous, amazing, spectacular, dreamy, totally HOT, sensational, utterly terrific and savoringly stupendous (did I mention fantastic???!!!) website you have there at Holistic Wisdom. I am hooked! I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate YOU, and the website you guys have developed... What an extraordinary turn of events has happened to me because of it. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS! Very, Very Sincerely Yours – FOREVER

- Brian McFadden


Extra Effort Noted!

Thanks. The weekend will be spent in anticipation of Monday's tryst, complimented by Holistic Wisdom's fine products. Your extra effort on this order is deeply appreciated and certainly assures you my loyalty as a customer. Fond Regards

- Brent Beeguer


Wonderful Website

Lisa, I would like to thank you for the wonderful website you have developed. My husband stumbled across it several months ago and we have been faithful readers since. We have been together for over 15 years and, I must say, we have had the most incredible sex for the last 6 months!!! We have both learned so much from you. Neither one of us have ever been with anyone else, so we've learned from reading and experimenting. WOW!!! That's all I can say! Within the first month of him reading, we had our first experience with female ejaculation. It was simply amazing! I had no idea such a thing existed! Thank you for opening our eyes and expanding our horizons!

- David M.


You Live Up To The Hype

You have fantastic service and a helpful website. The products that were recommended by the site have lived up to their praise. Thank You!

- Judah P.


Longtime Fan!

Lisa: I've been a subscriber to your site for about a year now, but this is my first email. I want to thank you for providing interesting information about female ejaculation. It's something I've been able to do for a long time (about 6 years now, I'm 32 yrs old), but I never knew what was going on physically; I can tell you that the first time it happened, it REALLY freaked me out! I felt like a freak of nature or something because I'd never heard of a woman ejaculating... they didn't exactly teach THAT in high school sex ed! LOL. But your site has opened my eyes and taught me to relax and enjoy the true orgasms, and that there's nothing wrong with it... in fact, there are those who would envy me. I'm also very fortunate that the man I'm with finds it VERY arousing, and he loves to actually watch it shoot out, not to mention the feeling of it flowing against his genitals. So, thank you SO much for educating me, therefore allowing me to enjoy sex without apprehension. Thanks again for everything!

- Kevin Dikel



We received our order very quickly, and we are very happy with the things we ordered. My wife and I are looking forward to the new things we are learning about a woman's pleasure. I thought I knew a lot about pleasing a woman, but I am finding out I did not. Thank you for a very informative book. We are looking forward to buying other products you offer in the future. You are running an outstanding company.

- Johnny Fisher


You Make This Pleasant

Just wanted to say you guys are the greatest. I've dealt with many online adult stores before, but you go out of your way to make it pleasant and speedy. It was like the Birthday I didn't have this year. Everything was wrapped so neatly, I hated to open it, and your little receipt baggy was way cool. Great job. The best I've seen I still have to check out the rest of your products and hope to be back soon. Lisa, you got it together.

- Mark Warren


First Class

Last week I placed an Internet order with your company and I am writing to tell you that I am extremely impressed with the service I received. Before I ordered I called to ask questions about the product and the person who answered was very courteous and helpful. Then I placed the order via your impressive web site and the speed in which it arrived along with the packaging pleased me to no end. Your company is first class and rest assured I will definitely be purchasing from you again. Thanks so much.

- Brian M.


You Do It The Way It Should Be Done

Hello, I would just like to say that this is the best web site that I have EVER come across selling sex toys. It felt so nice for a change that sex can be treated as sensual instead of the almost dirty way that other websites treat it. Thank you so much for making me feel like a woman and not an object.

- Teresa Schlesener



I don't know if this will reach anyone but I am very pleased with the service and products I have received so far. I plan on ordering more things here very soon, I also enjoy reading around the site on the many different topics you have. If I ever have any questions I know you are only a phone call away, that right there is worth a great deal just by itself. Thank you for having a great site and having the support to back it up.

- Kevin Abey


Great Great Great!

Hello. First, let me say that I absolutely love my products! I was impressed with how fast they arrived since I am located in Japan. Also, the wrapping of each individual item is a nice touch. My birthday is this week, and as I unwrapped each item (to include a few samples), it felt as if they were birthday gifts! Thank you, and I look forward to many happy purchases in the future.

- Dana Zoltowicz



Lisa, You are GREAT. Your web-site is just EXCELLENT. Please keep it up and make the site much versatile. Once again, sincere thanks for providing a lifeline for those who look forward to sex. It is worthy of such attention.

- Christina Howard


Love You & Your Site

Lisa, I just want you to know how much I really like your website. I am 53 and am probably more sensual now than I ever have been in my entire life. I am proud to say that I have been aware of the female ejaculation since I was 17 years old. Most men are amazed at this great show...they all love it. I have shared this with other women. You present all your information with dignity and respect to the human body. It is truly a pleasure to read your articles without offense and making the act dirty. Still I love the human body and nothing is is all lovely. Thank you for giving the public a very informative format on sexual behavior.

- Sharon Cossentino


So Informative

I just wanted to let you know how great I think your site is and how informative. I don't know if many people let you know how appreciated you guys are, but you have fans in us. Thank you greatly.

- Doug Deville


You Helped Me Grow

I have been enjoying the benefits of reading the wonderful material offered on this site. It has enriched me some more, I continue to search for growth in many areas of my life, as a writer and mentor to many.

- Jennifer G.



My girlfriend and I enjoy your website with very useful information for those of us who dare to be real in ourselves in body, spirit, and mind. The jokes are better than those in Playboy, and I have been a Playboy reader for over 20 yrs. Please continue with the witty and outstanding writing. Kudos to you all!

- Kyle R.


Very Positive

You have an excellent web design and a very positive attitude toward sexuality. So thank you for all your hard work and advice.

- Elizabeth Shepard



This is only my second order with your company, but I have been greatly impressed by your expedience and excellent customer service on both occasions. I'm sure it will not be our last order :)

- Molly Heath


Sex & Disability Articles Were Great

I just wanted to say thank you for writing the articles Disability, Sex & DiscriminationSex Toys For Spinal Cord Injuries, Sex, Mobility Issues & Disabilities and in your most recent newsletter... It's funny because I was going to write to you to ask you about this very subject. I guess it was meant to be. I found your article very enlightening, and it answered a lot of the questions I had. Not too long ago, I met a man who, from the very start, has made me feel unlike anyone else ever has. He turns me on and fills me with such a sense of peace and complete love; it's amazing. He is paralyzed from the middle of his chest down and has been that way for a long time. He has said several times that some of the best orgasms are actually in your mind, and they're more powerful than the rest of your body's reactions. And while I'm still trying to understand this, I am becoming more used to the idea. He's such an amazing man, and more than anything else, I simply want to give him as much pleasure and love as he does to me. Your article gave me some ideas to try, and I can't wait to be able to look into his loving eyes, make love to him, and have him "feel" it, whether it be physically or emotionally. Many thanks.

- Bridget Van Betuw


Very Educational

Thank you for a very informative newsletter. While I consider myself educated from experiences, your information is very much needed by everyone.

- Tom D.


You Are Amazing

That was one powerful newsletter you wrote this month. I'm sure you'll have a ton of responses both pro and con to the various issues you brought up. Where we be without people like you to open up our eyes to the world we are living in. Thank you for continuing to educate and erase the old notions of years gone by. Just a fast note on the "adult gift basket" I bought from you- The gift was presented and the response was overwhelmingly accepted. Like I said in an earlier e-mail, It's the perfect gift for the person you thought had everything. Thank you in so many ways for all you have done and continue to do. xxx's to you and regards to your lucky man.

- Frank Glidden


Top Notch

You guys are fantastic. Seriously. The products you deliver are top-notch, and while I've looked at other places, you guys are the best in quality products and customer service.

- Susan H.


So Informative

Your site is fabulous, I am glad I found it and look forward to your articles. It is very informative and I always learn something new even at my age. Thank you very much & good luck.

- David Hadlock



Your articles this month are fantastic! AWESOME ACTUALLY! I Love your articles!

- Jen Crain


Refreshing Content

Dear Lisa, I've only been a recipient of your newsletter for a short time, but I was so happy when I opened this month's issue and found the article "Lesbian and Gay Marriages: Civil Rights for Homosexuals." I myself am a lesbian (I think the majority of your readers are probably heterosexual, but I have found the information you offer ever so useful as well), and it was wonderful to see someone come out so strongly in favor of those like me, who are barely free to love and certainly not free in this country of supposed tolerance to express that love publicly (be that kissing in a public place, as heterosexual couples are so free to do, or by marrying someone I love as completely as my mother loves my father). I'm also very glad that you not only countered point by point many of the arguments made by the ultra Conservative groups that seem to be running this country, but included a list of (very!) important benefits that homosexual couples are denied because they cannot marry. Your love and understanding are very comforting in a difficult time such as this, when advances are being struck down and motions are being carried out to amend the Constitution of the United States of America itself to forever deny homosexuals the right to marry. You are right in saying that laws should not (and legally CANNOT) be based on Church doctrine, yet so many are. It is a sad country that we live in. I'm currently studying in the UK, and one may pick up a newspaper and see a picture of a movie star's breast, nipple and all, as her blouse or dress slips. Yet in the United States I am not allowed to marry and am prohibited from having sex in some states or towns, and the nation was in an uproar when Janet Jackson's bare breast and nipple were exposed on national television (think of how much money was spent publicizing that as an indecent act, emphasizing our nation's horror at the female body and sexuality in general). Lisa, this service you offer to us is a blessing. Education, support, and fearless defense of sex, sexuality in all its wonderful forms, and the right for us to make choices about our bodies. I just want you to know that I think you are a beautiful, vibrant, wonderful woman, and I'm so very glad to see you doing this. Much of the easily accessible "information" about female ejaculation, erotic dancing, sex toys, etc. comes in the form of twig-thin women with fake breasts and claw-like fake nails pretending to be passionate with each other, and with very little sensuality about it all. It's an absolute delight to see a real woman, especially such an intelligent and insightful one, offering the information that you do so freely. Love and light go with you.

- Penny Ball


Really Appreciate What You Do

I've taken a great liking to your website, and I must admit that it has been extraordinarily helpful in helping myself and my girlfriend in our sex life. We both enjoy reading the newsletters, and we have picked up a number of sexual tips in terms of her sexual pleasure. We really appreciate it, and hope things go well for the site.

- Mike Day


Like An Adult Candy Store That Is Healthy For You!

First, I want to tell you how much I love your web site and your newsletters! My boyfriend and I have been going to it for about a year now. Best adult site for EVERYTHING! My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 10 years now. We have been very adventurous and experimental in the bedroom and loving every moment. I had my first real orgasm with him at 38 years of age and was so shocked to feel what I felt. He had asked me one day if I had ever had an orgasm that made my eyes roll back in my head. I just laughed and told him there was NO such thing! He said, "Oh, really?" Well, a challenge started, and I got so horny wondering about what he asked. After our first time in bed together, I couldn't stop smiling everywhere I went. He later explained to me that it wasn't that I didn't really know what an orgasm was but that I was afraid to let myself completely go in the bedroom. I was holding back because I was scared and embarrassed to show that part of me. He says now he has opened Pandora's Box, and I always want sex in every way. One day out of the blue, after reading your information about female ejaculation, he was trying something new with me, and I just went with it. Next thing I knew, I was ejaculating fluid, and man did it feel FANTASTIC! The more we did this, the more the fluid increased in quantity. About the fourth time we did it, I had such an emotional release that it really scared me. I cried so hard and felt like I was closer to him than I had ever felt since we have been together. He grabbed me up in his arms and said, "It's okay; I'm here with you." I never felt so much love and complete relaxation in my life. Now, whenever he does this, he thinks I am hilarious because I always say, "Do it again! Do it again!" Practically jumping up and down like a kid in a candy store. You know Lisa, I always thought while watching porn flicks with women ejaculating, I thought it was baloney. I also envied these women if it were for real and then found your site and read how to do it. I wondered if I would ever be able to ejaculate and enjoy it. Thank you so much for having this information available! I am so thankful to experience such an INCREDIBLE orgasm at any time!

- Davera Corbett


Keep It Up!

I don't know if this is the right place to send this, but I just wanted to say this has got to be one of the most informative sites on the Internet. I never fail to learn something new, and I look forward to reading it every week. Keep up the good work & keep them coming.

- Duane A.



Just received my package yesterday, and wanted to thank you for the extra gift. It will be much appreciated! As is your customer service, which is fantastic and unparalleled.

- Erin McCann



First of all, let us say keep the good work up! We find your letters most interesting and helpful we may be in our early 60s but as they say you're never too old to learn. Secondly, Lisa may I say your a good looking lady too.

- Hank Pitaoulis


Highly Recommend

As parents of young children I have to say it is a true challenge to keep our sex life alive and strong. My husband thought I spent too much on this new toy (my Liberator wedge) but boy o boy is he happy now! Correction - we are both absolutely beyond thrilled. It's so much fun to use and to think up new and different variations. (We don't exactly need that guide book that comes with the wedge!) Anyway - you can be certain that I am recommending Liberator to all my friends. I think the wedge is a bedroom essential no matter what your situation.

- Carol Tugmann


You Make My Life Better

I enjoy your website, it has made my life more enjoyable!

- Ken W.


Better Late Than Never!

I just got my book by your founder tonight, promptly watched it and thought, eh, probably won't work for me, but was excited to try anyway. Well, it worked within 10 minutes. And then again twenty minutes later. It was INSANE! And, the tip about being able to ejaculate without having an orgasm was great. I got to finish off with an orgasm. What could be better. My husband is going to be thrilled. I can't believe I didn't try this until age 44. Better late than never!

- Sama H.


Customer For Life

I just wanted to comment on a recent order I placed with Holistic Wisdom. You guys are fantastic! The order shipped seemingly instantly, as I ordered late on a Friday and received the order in my mailbox across the country on Monday. The shipping packaging was discreet, and the item packaging was a nice touch! You really put effort into making an impression on your customers, and you really stand out as top-notch! You have a customer for life!

- Steve G.


Spot On Work

Keep thinking about you and your educational services for women. You are dead on the mark when it comes to what you say and such. Always good to understand what a woman is maximally, and your info. Sure helps very much in that regard.

- Victor Hester


Sensual Excellence

Honestly, just look up my orders, from the high end to the simple, every product was selected based on the insight of my personal representative (Sophie), excellent on site advice, and every single item has outperformed our expectations. My lover and I have reached far beyond past pleasures and see no limits going forward with your quality products and encyclopedia of sexual satisfaction. Holistic Wisdom is the only store for reaching and exceeding the limits of human sexual adventure! Hat's off to the entire Holistic Wisdom team! I've been a satisfied customer of Holistic Wisdom for years, and remain increasingly excited about the selection and quality of products, focused support, and genuinely superior approach to empowering one's sexual pleasure. From the well-conceived, selective, and engaging web portal, to the ease of selecting and discretely acquiring only the highest end sensual aids and well researched, well presented, the volume of insightful details on enhancing one's intimacy to new levels. Beyond being an extraordinary shopping encounter, spending time at Holistic Wisdom is a delightful adventure into the farthest reaches of sexual potential for you and your lover. Personal, intimate, complete, educational, and discreet... Holistic Wisdom is at the leading edge of sensual excellence.

- Patrick Castagne


You are So Cool Brewster

Thank you for the disguised vibes! I have been looking for a vibrator that would be discreet. I have a lot of people in my household and privacy is rare. With my sister and her two kids living with me, I ended up getting the lipstick vibrator as it was nice to know that I could quietly pleasure myself with it and not have anyone suspect that I was. I love the creativity of your web site and think that you are so cool for doing what you do. Thanks!

- Dana Hass


Very Helpful!

Very good shopping experience. Product comments/reviews on your website were very helpful in making the buying decision.

- Matthias Dikel


Wonderful, wonderful!

Your web site is as wonderful as you are. Thanks for a wonderful site!

- Daria M.


Really Great

As usual, Holistic Wisdom has the best service, prompt, and they will provide email updates as to when your product will arrive, etc. You can also call them as I have before and they are very kind and polite on the phone.

- Steve Parker


You Certainly Stand Out In The Crowd!

I initially would like to congratulate you on a company that stands out in the crowd. You do not merely "sell" your products, but rather educate the consumer on them. I am 55 years old, married to my best friend (and I am not just saying that). Lorraine, who is 45; we have been with each other for 23 years; we are a monogamous couple, and always have been; and enjoy each other on usually, a daily basis. Lorraine has recently increased her enjoyment of toys, but will not research them herself, so I get to be the "bird dog." Your site is truly informative, and from a person that reads and researches everything and wants to "cram as much knowledge as possible in", it is greatly appreciated. Thank you for sticking with your roots and not just becoming another "catalog" site. If I may, I would also like to bring to your attention the fine work of one of your customer satisfaction representatives. Lilly displayed a professional attitude, knowledge, but most importantly, caring in my item purchase. I felt that I might have crossed a line, even though it was asked respectfully when I asked of her opinion on some of the toys as she has the proper equipment for their deployment. Lilly again showed knowledge and caring. In fact, as a result of Lilly's demeanor and suggestions, another item was ordered. Please give Lilly the appropriate accolades; she is a gem in your organization; think about utilizing her talents on maybe a supervisory level so she can inspire others, or may I suggest cloning her. Peace!

- Ray York


Keep Rockin!

I discovered your website a couple of years ago and ordered several products here and there, as I did from other web sites. I was never really into toys much until within the last year or so, when I just started spending $$ like crazy and being very disappointed with many of my purchases [from other sites] due to things like size (couldn't even use a couple of the toys), material [toxic] (jelly - gross) or simply falling for the hype. Lesson learned - Buyer know thyself. HW is a great assistant. I don't remember exactly what brought me back to HW, but once I did I took my first REAL look at your website and realize that you have it all. Not only do you sell the best products, you provide all the info necessary for your customers to make INFORMED choices about which products will work best for THEM. Your articles are great reads and I appreciate your "3 strikes rule" (I had actually purchased one of the items on your list before it made the list) and how you offer "upgrades" in the form of lube, toy cleaner, etc. at a REASONABLE additional cost. While some items are pricey, I know I can trust buying from HW and that you pay attention to customer feedback. You also have the best customer service I've dealt with in quite some time. What more can I say except Thank You and Keep Rockin! :-)

- Tonya Gustilo


So Impressed With Your Website!

I have enjoyed discovering your website today. I am a man who truly loves a woman's vulva and appreciates the beauty and mystery that lives there. I am also a man who has been initiated to the joys of lovemaking with a woman who gushes, and there is nothing better or more exciting for me to experience. It's utterly fantastic. Keep up your excellent work. More like you are needed. Love your sex toys for women section!

- Michael Duncan


Nothing Short Of Phenomenal

I just wanted to send my thanks and appreciation to both you and Holistic Wisdom for taking care of my order and for making things as easy as possible on me. The customer service you have offered has been nothing short of phenomenal, and I can't thank you enough. Al was wonderful to work with and very helpful as well, answering any of my questions and offering any help he could. You both have gone above and beyond to help make this right, and I appreciate it greatly! My husband and I have been huge fans of Holistic Wisdom for quite some time, and of course, we feel that won't change any time in the near future! Thanks again!

- Mary Mackay


Satisfied Customer

I wanted to thank you for your kind and prompt service. I was surprised and pleased with your generous actions. People like you, giving quality service and attention to detail has made every transaction with Holistic Wisdom a more than a satisfactory shopping experience. I don't like shopping. I often don't get what I ordered or have trouble with the process. From start to finish, including finding product education, your service has always been superior. Your company has earned my loyalty time and again. You are the only company I recommend, even over easy access to a local company. Kudos to you and all of the staff - even the person who makes such a nice packing job - what a treat. May you have a fine weekend and be well. Very satisfied customer.

- Matthew Ramos


100% Satisfied

I found this store through google and immediately knew it was the one for me when they describe safety as the most important aspect of buying toys. I placed my order, and unfortunately, one item was out of stock. Customer service responded quickly and assured me it would arrive at my house soon enough. 100% satisfied with this company.

- Wayne Smith



I absolutely love everything about this website! I have already bought quite a few products and I fell in love with everything immediately! They ship everything so fast and discreet! I was honestly quite surprised by how fast everything gets to me. I also love that all the toys are SAFE! No animal testing, vegan and earth friendly is what I look for in my toys! Thank you so much for your amazing website and products!

- Andariele Schrimmel



I wanted to send a thank you message for the integrity of your company. I really appreciate everything. From the communication to the discreet shipping. Your customer service representative was very kind and reassuring and helped me with my issue. I really do commend and appreciate your company. Will do business with you again!

- Robert Ingalls


Very Well Done

I received the order and everything was fine. I will sure keep the free gift in mind with my next order.

- Terry Salchow


Excellent Quality!

Thanks for the email. I did receive my order and everything is fine and the quality of the product was good. I will remember about the free gift on my next order. Thanks.

- Andrea R.


You Are Great!

Thanks for the prompt delivery and follow up email. You guys are great!

- Will Paige