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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We specialize in being discreet and have over two decades of loyal customers who enjoy getting body-safe sex toys discreetly delivered to their door quickly, securely, and without any indication of who shipped their package, let alone what is inside. We go above expectation to keep your privacy intact by not listing our company name anywhere on a plain box with no markings and using only a nondescript return address on the return label. Learn more about our Discreet Shipping Policies.

Due to the nature of the products we sell, we do not accept returns for non-defective items for health and sanitary purposes. This is for our customers and staff's health, safety, and peace of mind because it is the only way to guarantee your products have not been tampered with or used.

Think about it this way, would you want to buy a sex toy from a sex toy store that takes returns and buy one that was possibly previously used? While we know that other sex toy companies resell returned and/or previously used products, we would never dream of putting our customer's health at risk in that manner.

To prevent buyer's remorse, we provide extensive customer service support and sex toy education before consumers make a purchase. In addition, we also have an excellent store warranty that protects consumers against defective products so that if something should go wrong, you are in good hands.

Please see our Return Policy for more information on defective returns.

We do not sell our consumer's information. We know a lot of companies that do, but we value our customer's privacy too much to ever share any of their private information with anyone for any reason. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

We only contact customers if you give us permission to reach out to you. We do not ever send unsolicited emails, mail or make unsolicited phone calls.

If you have signed up for our newsletter, requested information from us, or placed an order and need relevant information regarding your order, then we will, of course, provide you with the information you are requesting. We value your privacy and make it our mission to treat you with the respect and professional courtesy you deserve. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

Yes! That is our specialty. We are available to address any questions you have and, should you need it, walk you through the different considerations you should decide before making a purchase. We also provide a detailed educational sex toy guide to help answer questions that you may have regarding sex toys. Articles include helpful resources such as How To Choose A Vibrator, How To Choose A Dildo, The Ultimate Lubricant Guide, and much more.

Yes, we provide services and business opportunities to professionals and businesses; please see our Professional Services Page for more information.

We do not provide a printed catalog for the following reasons:

Everything that we offer is already available on our website, and due to concerns customers have about being discreet, we do not send anything to you other than orders that you place with us.

As we are a green company, it is more environmentally conscientious not to use a paper catalog to display items.

As we constantly add new items, it would be quite challenging, as we would constantly have to produce new catalogs.

While this is extremely rare, sometimes, a product may have a defect or become damaged during shipping. That is why we have a 30-day Store Warranty that protects your purchase in addition to manufacturer warranties that can typically protect you from 1-5 years. Our Store Warranty is in addition to a manufacturer's warranty, which means that if you receive a defective product or it stops working within the first 30 days of having it, we will replace it for you. See more details about this in our Return Policy.

A sex toy can also be referred to as an adult novelty regardless of whether it is used for pleasure or addresses health concerns. Learn more about the term adult novelty and some of the legalities around sex toy classifications through our Adult Novelty Guide.

Absolutely! We adhere to all manufacturer guidelines and legal agreements surrounding the sale of all of our products. We have a stellar reputation in the sex toy industry and have worked closely with our manufacturers for over two decades. To learn more about what makes a sex toy retailer a reputable and authorized dealer, see our Authorized Dealer Sex Toy Guide.

We provide the most comprehensive education to consumers and professionals regarding toxins and toxicants in sex toys and lubricants available. We are the leader in our field when it comes to this topic, and we take a great deal of time ensuring that all the products we sell are body-safe for our consumers. Make sure to check out related articles through our Sex Toy Guide, such as Silicone Sex Toys: Is Yours Real?, Toxic Sex Toys, Elastomers & Porous Sex Toys Guide, The Ultimate Personal Lubricant Guide, and much more.

If you are attempting to place an order with us and are having difficulty getting your charge to go through, please contact us to assist you. Before you call or email, you may want to review the top reasons cards are declined and check to make sure that none of these apply if you are having difficulty getting your transaction to go through.

Information Not Entered Precisely

This is the most common issue we see with customers who have a hard time placing an order. If you use today's technology, it is easy to mistype or have Auto-fill programs put in your information incorrectly or accidentally put things into the wrong fields. Keep in mind that credit card companies use the precise details of your name, address, and even the telephone number they have on file for you in addition to your credit card number and security code. If one digit is off in your zip code or you put in your cell phone number when you have another phone number on file with your credit card company, it can cause the transaction to be declined. Because we use such a secure system, all the information has to be correct, so if you have been using your card online with other companies using Auto-fill programs that fill in the fields automatically and have not had problems, then it may be that their security systems are simply not catching the errors.

Being Overly Cautious

We also see people wanting to make their order more discreet by leaving off their last name when this is information that your credit card company needs to authenticate the charge. We truly understand your desire for discretion. That is why we specialize in discreet billing and shipping, so rest assured your order will be discreet, but please know that with credit card companies needing that information to process your transaction, it is necessary to put it in.

Unusual Credit Card Activity

If you have been traveling or are using a credit card that has not been used in a while, the credit card company may think that the purchase you are making is a fraudulent attempt. Something as simple as renting a car, checking into a hotel, or using a card in another state or country can cause your card to have a security hold put on it. Other reasons this can occur are that you are placing a large order or are ordering more than usual which can be detected by your credit card company and flagged as unusual spending patterns. Your purchase then may trigger fraud protection on your card to protect you.

This is easily resolved by simply calling your credit card company and letting them know you have received a decline and it is a legitimate purchase. When you call, we understand that our customers worry about is if the credit card company will know what you are ordering, and we can assure you that they will not. Your credit card transaction does not state what products you are ordering, and our discreet company name (Holistic Wisdom) will not flag them to know that you are ordering sexual health products.

Other Common Reasons For Declines

You've reached your credit limit. Keep in mind that if your credit rating has recently dropped, your credit limit may be reduced.

You've missed credit card payments.

Another user deactivated your card.

Contact Us

Call or email us to ask questions as we can see what the error code is given by your credit card company when your card is declined and help you place your order.

We cater to business owners and party hosts looking to provide special gifts for their clients or party attendees while staying within budget. While we are not a sex toy party company, we can help you put together an event with discounts on sex toys. Dazzle your guests with the best, body-safe sexual health products through specific products, goodie bags, and gift sets. Receive bulk discounts and special access to products not available on our website.

Types Of Events That Use Our Services

We can tailor items, goodie bags, and gift sets to the type of party, program, event, or retreat you are putting in place, such as:

Women's Retreats
Men's Retreats
Couples Retreats
Wellness Retreats
Medical Conferences
Wedding Showers
Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties
Sex Toy Parties


We specialize in sexual products that address clinical issues such as low libido, painful sex, erectile dysfunction, female sexual dysfunction, urinary incontinence, menopause, diabetes, premature ejaculation, PMS, and more. Choose items for your clients that help solve sexual clinical issues and offer them better sexual experiences.

We carry only the best in body-safe sex toys that are nontoxic, ecofriendly, and phthalate-free. Whatever you choose for your event(s), your clients will enjoy the quality of our products.

Wine Inspired
With wine, all the rage, we have a few wine scented and flavored products such as wine scented bath bombs, wine soy candles, wine-flavored oral pleasure lip gloss, wine scented massage oil, and wine adult gift sets.

Disguised Sex Toys
Especially fun for female-focused events are our vibrators that look like everyday items. Choose from such cute designs as a rubber duckie, lipstick, or even mascara.

Adult Candy
Choose from a variety of options such as flavored body powder, oils, and lubricants, as well as specialized adult candy and chocolate.

Unique Sexual Products
We have access to every major sexual product manufacturer in the world. Let us know the products you desire, and we will research the best ones for your needs and provide you with options within your budget.


Don't waste your time and money on items that are just going to end up in the trash. If you go to most venues at hotels after an event, you may find what gets tossed both revealing and depressing with expensive promotional items that end up headed for the dump. For example, here are a few items that get thrown out the most at such events/retreats:

Printed collateral
Anything that won't pass airport security
Super-branded items
Cheap, low-quality items

Give your attendees something they will love, enjoy using, and be excited that you gave them. Simply tell us about your event your budget, and we will happily pitch you some options on the best options for your event/retreat.

Simply contact us and let us know the following:

What type of event is this?
Will it be recurring, or is it a one-time event?
How many people are attending?
Do you have a theme?
What types of products are you interested in, or do you need suggestions?
What is your approximate budget?
Do you want gift bags, or will you be providing your own?
When do you need your order?

Also, be sure to include any other important information, and we will provide you with ideas, a price quote, and a delivery ETA.

Our name Holistic Wisdom was chosen to empower the whole person beyond physical aspects of sexuality for your mind, body, and spirit. The term 'carnal knowledge inspired it.' Carnal is derived from "of the flesh," and knowledge within that phrase refers to sexual familiarity with someone. We wanted to choose a name that embodied sexuality going beyond the physical while embracing education, and thus Holistic Wisdom became our company name.

We believe that sex is an exquisite pleasure that we all can celebrate; it impacts our daily lives through our self-esteem, relationships, and health. There is nothing wrong or dirty about sexuality; in fact, it can be the most wonderful and loving experience that we give ourselves and share with others. We believe the world is a better place where people can freely enjoy healthy and empowering sexual experiences. It is why we are so passionate about the sexual education and resources we provide and why we specialize in only the best sexual products that are body-safe, nontoxic, ecofriendly, and phthalate-free.

Yes. Partner with our sexual health focused sex toy influencer program or our affiliate program to inspire, empower and please your followers while enjoying generous compensation. Learn more about how to partner with our Sex Toy Influencer Program or our Sex Toy Affiliate Program.

While we offer warranties on all of our products if they are defective, we do not guarantee that every product we sell will be ideal for you. It is unrealistic for any company to make such a false promise. After all, everyone is different and has unique sexual preferences. What might be amazing to one customer might be mediocre to another because it does not specifically achieve the sexual goals they had in mind, fit their body type well, etc.

This is why we don't waste your time with product descriptions that have a lot of marketing hype. Instead, we outline realistic expectations with details of what a product does, how it performs and encourage you to decide if that is something that would work for your sexual health and desires.

If you would like any assistance in deciding what products might work best for you, please don't hesitate to contact us with your sexual goals, and we will be happy to help you find sexual products that will meet the criteria you are looking to find.