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We Care About & Strive For Inclusivity

We are a company that embraces diversity and empowerment for all people. That is why we are committed to providing an inclusive experience for those with disabilities. Thus, we attempt to make our site user-friendly for visitors who require assistive technology, as well as provide sexual health articles and sex toys that are user-friendly for various disabilities and other health concerns.

Examples Of Educational Resources We Provide:

Additional Sexual Health Services For Disabilities

Below are additional ways we work to provide additional sexual health resources for disabilities:

  • We train our customer service representatives in disability-inclusive sexual health practices through empowering and non-judgmental communication.

  • We provide resources for support groups and counseling for those with disabilities to discuss sexual health and relationships.

  • We encourage the inclusion of those with disabilities along with resources for them through our education and public relations campaigns.

  • We work with and educate sex toy manufacturers to encourage the development of accessible sexual products for individuals with disabilities.

  • We work toward dismantling barriers such as ableist views, products, and resources in the field of sexual health.

Let Us Help

As we continue to evolve and learn more about accessibility options for our visitors, we will continue to increase our resources for those with disabilities and add new assistive technologies. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team for assistance as we are happy to help you.

Accessibility Symbols, Disability flag, Disability Pride Flag, Neurodiversity Symbol

Accessibility Symbols: Disability Flag, Disability Pride Flag, Neurodiversity Symbol