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College Crush

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Sex Story Submitted By Anonymous Guest Author

The day had started out normally for me. I was going about life in my normal routine. But there he was, my college crush. I hadn't seen him for five years, and he seemed different. In college, he was always shy and withdrawn, but now, he had a sort of confidence about him that I had never seen before.

"Caleb? Is that you?" I asked with a smile.

"Yes?" he replied as he turned around. I was shocked at how good he looked when my bright blue eyes met his sensuous deep brown eyes,

"Crystal!" "It is you. Wow, you've really grown up." He chuckled.

I blushed, hoping it was a compliment, "Thank you, so have you."

"I apologize for the rush, but I was on my way out. We should catch up. Could I have your number?"

His gaze moved up and down my body. "Sure." I smiled as he handed me his phone.

He was never this forward before. Even though I had been his best friend, he was still shy when interacting with me back in college. Once I entered it in my number and handed it back to him, he left. I spent the rest of the day wondering if he would actually call me. We had chances before to get close, but he always backed away. I thought maybe there was something wrong with me, so I didn't press the issue.

That evening around six, the phone rang. It was Caleb. We spoke for several minutes, and he invited me over. I was nervous, but I agreed to it. I put on a black sundress and black flats with a black bra and matching panties. I wanted to look cute but casual.

As I went up to the door, I glanced for a doorbell and rang it. I waited patiently as I stood there. He soon came and led me in. He was wearing jeans and a black T-shirt with no shoes. I went in and admired his home. It was a small bachelor pad—definitely a man's home.

He directed me to the couch, and we sat down to chat. We caught up on the past few years. Then suddenly, he leaned in and kissed me. I was taken by surprise, but I went with it. His lips were firm yet tender, and we continued. The kiss deepened, and I could feel his hands move along my body. I placed my hands on his hips and gently squeezed them, wanting more.

He broke the kiss and looked at me for a moment. Without speaking, he stood up and grabbed my hand. I grabbed it and stood up as well. He led me down the hall to his room. Once in the room, he pressed his body against mine, we began kissing once more. He moved forward, moving me back, and pushed me onto his bed.

As he got over the top of me, I could feel his hard member poking against his jeans. I moved my hands down to his crotch and unbuttoned it. He didn't stop me, so I unzipped them as well. He grabbed the bottom of my dress and pulled it up over my head. I lifted my arms, and he pulled it all the way off. I placed my feet on his hips and pushed his jeans down. He took his boxers off, and his prick stood there at attention.

I slid my panties off and rubbed my finger against my clit. I wanted to feel Caleb deep inside me. He leaned back down and kissed me once more. His cockhead hit my sweet spot, and he began to thrust his hips. His thick Dick stretched my pussy wide open, and he went in deeper with each thrust. I broke the kiss and leaned my head back, he began kissing and sucking at my neck, and I let out soft sighs of pleasure.

As our bodies heated up, I wrapped my legs around his waist, allowing him to go deeper and hit me just right. I moaned out as his cock hit me deep inside. The walls of my tight wet cunt began to squeeze his member tightly. He lifted up his head and grunted, feeling his cock become thicker. I begged him not to stop as my body exploded with excitement. I cried out his name as I came; I moved my hips even quicker. He soon followed, and I could feel his cock spray his seed deep in me as he grunted and moved his hips quickly as he let it go. I opened my eyes and looked up at him feeling refreshed. He smiled at me and then slowly pulled out.

Once we were finished and cleaned up, we moved back to the couch and snuggled and spoke a little longer before we wrapped up the night. Fewer words had been spoken between us, yet it was the most intense time we ever spent with one another, and we agreed to see one another again the following night. My guess is that we won't be spending a lot of time outside the bedroom.

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