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His Dream Date

Man in suit with flowers for date

Sex Story Submitted By Alan G.

I want you to know that I am 6' 3" tall, with dark hair & a goatee. I am of Ashkenazy heritage and a first-generation American with old-world values...

If we were together and out on a date, it would be my honor to expose you to a new cuisine. In fact, after determining your likes and dislikes (meat, fish, allergies), I would order something that I think you'd enjoy, as well as an accompanying wine.

As you are eager to learn and eager to please - you tell me what you like and dislike so that I can know and learn about your needs. Pleasing you is as important to me as allowing you to please me is - and the passion that you display in doing so is appreciated.

After the meal, we decide to take a long stroll along the (Hudson) river - viewing the gorgeous skyline of Manhattan. Feeling the wine and the warm breeze, I take you in my arms, hold your hair and head in my hands - and look deeply into your eyes.

"My dear, you look so beautiful tonight," then I firmly plant my mouth on yours; first, it is closed, then slowly both our mouths open as we seek out each other's waiting tongues.

We go back to my car, and I decide that instead of taking you home, I need you now, and we select a beautiful boutique hotel nearby, with a flashing "vacancy" sign out front.

"Do you have a nice room," I say to the front desk clerk. "Why yes, our honeymoon suite is available." We take it, and I order that a chilled bottle of Dom Perignon & fresh, long-stemmed strawberries be brought to our room in 15 minutes.

We enter the suite, with me walking in first to inspect the environment - it is clean, well decorated, and just the right temperature. I look into the bathroom and notice that it has a large Jacuzzi tub."

I want you to bathe me," I say to you, and your smile. I begin to fill the tub, putting in some bubble bath. We are just changing into the white terry cloth robes that were hanging cleanly in the closet as the doorbell rings with our treats.

"To you, and me here and now, and to the times ahead," I toast as we sip our bubbly. You grab a strawberry from the plate and place it and your fingers into my mouth. I grab your wrist and take your fingers out of my mouth and place your hand under my robe and across my bare chest. I then slide your robe off your shoulders, and as it drops onto the floor, I turn you around and start kissing your neck from behind.

One of my hands is holding your arm firmly, while my other is running along your bare torso from your neck to your belly. I can feel your breathing hard, as you reach behind yourself, to find my manhood popping out of my robe.

I turn you again and kiss you long and hard, as we each hold each others love areas, which are engorged, tingling, and moist. We sashay into the bathroom, bringing our bubbly and fruit along - the water is just finishing.... it is hot, like us.

We sink our bodies into the water, and you ask if you can sit on me, to which I respond, " how badly do you want it?' - You say, "very badly." I allow you to, and I hold you, as you writhe up and down on my hardness... tightening around me, as I feel you begin to quiver.

The warm, sudsy water forms little bubble islands about us; your round ass displaces them, making waves as your speed and intensity increase. I am playing with your hard nipples as you further tighten around my shaft, and I put one of my fingers in your mouth, which you gladly suck on.

As you approach your first climax, your teeth dig a bit into my finger, for which I give you a slap on your ass. You like it and reach orgasm, exclaiming, " Oh, god, I'm cumming so hard." To which I respond, "cum hard for me, baby, tell me how it feels."

You collapse a bit, fall over onto me. But I am still hard, and we kiss deeply, as you stay mounted on me. We kiss more deeply, and you get your second wind. You start riding me again, and again you start to moan, and this time - I decide to slap your gyrating ass as you move up and down. You like this; you tell me to do it more. "Only if your good, " I respond.

You tighten again, you feel another wave about to envelop you. "Ok, what is being good," you say as your moaning intensifies.

"Being good means that after you cum again, there is something that I want you to do.

"Anything," you say as you again reach an intense, quaking rush of pleasure."

It's my turn," I say.

"What do you want?"

"I want you to take my warm, hard shaft into your mouth," which you proceed to do, straddling me as I lay back in the warm suds.

"How's this?" you say, taking a breath. "It's good; it's very good."

You continue, and I can see that you are getting ever more excited by the prospect of my climax.

"Are you feeling good?" you say.

"Yes, very good."

"I want you to be happy, and I being a good girl now," this line takes just a moment of your coming up for air.

"Yes, but I want you to be really good," I say.

" Then, I will be good, and do whatever you want, just tell me."

"I want you to want my love juice inside of you, in your mouth, in your stomach, " I tell you.

"I do, I do."

After a moment, the buildup becomes too much to resist, and I explode in your waiting mouth. You don't just let it flow, you suck it, like a straw, my semen flowing down your throat and into your tummy.

"Don't wipe your face," I say as my explosion subsides, "I want you to kiss me now." You kiss me, with just a bit of my flavor still on your lips and a drop or two on your chin.

We hold each other, sip more champagne, feed each other strawberries, and enjoy the bubbles. We dry ourselves off and get dressed, each with a wide smile on our face.

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