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Orgasmic Again

Pulse Duo, Hot Octopuss, Sex Toy, Erotic Story, Orgasmic Again

Erectile Dysfunction Story Submitted By Anonymous Guest Author

When we were first courting the sex was amazing and like nothing, I had experienced before. While I was in my thirties when we began dating I found the connection we had make me feel like a teenager. We married and began our lives together with a great deal of optimism.

We had both been married before and had learned a lot when it came to how not to argue in a relationship. We both were well aware that some words can not only cut you to your core but are difficult and in some cases impossible to completely heal. We had a foundation of trust and stability and with a sexually adventurous love life, I think we both felt that our marriage was invincible.

As our marriage progressed life threw many challenges at us from financial stress to that of just trying to maintain a busy life that sometimes made us more roommates as we seemed to find less and less time for one another. However, it was when he had some temporary Erectile Dysfunction (ED) issues that our sex life all but ceased.

At first, it seemed like a minor blip in our lives, it was something that would pass and we would get back to our sex lives soon enough. At least that is what we said to one another. Yet days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and sex because not only something we did not do but found ourselves avoiding with one another as simple sensual touch became awkward due to the acknowledgment that would first have to be made which is that we had lost track of one another. It was easier to avoid it.

Days turned into weeks and weeks to months so that more and more we fell out of touch with one another and were essentially friendly roommates. One night I came across an article on the site about ED and was surprised at the new products that are available for men who have it. I had heard about pumps but did not know about some of the other items. I was particularly intrigued by the Pulse Duo vibrator because it would not only stimulate my husband but me at the same time so even if we could not have intercourse we could still enjoy one another at the same time. I was not sure as to what to expect but I explored the product's information and decided to get it. After all, it was worth a shot.

The next hurdle was talking to my husband about it. After all, I knew he felt insecure about having ED and cringed at old fashioned words like impotent or impotence as it hit him right in the man card. I think in his mind he felt like he was broken or less of a man but the truth was that in my eyes he was still an amazing man who was an incredible husband. He was everything I wanted and even if he was not able to get an erection again I just wanted the intimacy between us back. There were plenty of ways we could have that but we were both shutting down and not enjoying what we could partake in. So, I snuggled up in bed with him and told him everything. How much I missed him and his touch, gazing in his eyes and just feeling sensual with him even if it was not about penetration. There were after all many sex toys that would allow us to get creative and why we were not exploring the fun of that with one another seemed silly.

After the initial tension of the topic, we both talked openly about how much we had missed one another and a wave of relief came over both of us. I felt closer to him than I had in months and we had not even been physical with one another. We both went to sleep with a warm smile on our faces knowing that not only did we still want one another but that we were going to have some interesting playtime ahead of us.

The Pulse Duo came three days after I ordered it and it felt a little intimating to be bringing in something so foreign into our sex lives but here it was... a new way for us to bond. After dinner, we sat down and read the instructions and got familiar with it and talked about how we might want to use it. We agreed that there was no pressure and that if we did not like it that we could still try other things as we did not want to put too much pressure on us making this our only option.

We also agreed that we would have it ready and try it when we were relaxed and the mood was right rather than make it a chore or task. I could not help but think about it the entire next day and the more I thought about it the more I wanted to try it. I confessed to my husband that I was ready and he smiled at my enthusiasm and said he too was on board. We headed to the bedroom to give this Pulse Duo a whirl and went in like two curious teenagers and lay on the bed.

We decided that we were not going to use lubricant at first and just press it against him to see how he liked it. We started it on low and he smiled when it went on. He said that it felt good and was kinda like a kid experiencing his first sexual sensations. We moved the power up slowly and the more we did the more he seemed to squirm with sexual pleasure. It was fun watching him enjoy it so much and it started to get me wet just watching him holding it to his cock and enjoying it so much. I could see that soon his penis was getting a bit erect and was blown away that it was actually helping him get hard. When he looked down and saw that he was partially erect he was thrilled.

I decided to get in on this and climbed over him and pressed my clit against the second vibrator. As soon as it touched me I moaned. It felt amazing and I could feel my wetness increase. I looked down at my handsome husband and for the first time in months felt like we were sexually intimate again. It was an amazing feeling as both of us felt the deep vibrations flowing through our bodies.

I began grinding slowly against the Pulse Duo and as I rocked back and forth his hands came up to my breasts, cupping them and squeezing both my nipples. I moaned more loudly and arched my back as I took in his warm hands and felt the tight squeeze of my nipples send shock waves of pleasure throughout my pussy. My cum dripped down the Pulse and ran off onto his balls. I could not help how absolutely wet I was getting and I knew that I was going to climax soon if this kept up. I leaned down and passionately kissed him. Our tongues fucked one another's mouths deeply and with a sensual flow that only longtime lovers have.

I could feel his hips thrusting up and down and feel his longing for me, wanting to fuck me as we pressed against the Pulse grinding and fucking one another through it. The warms of his skin against mine and the intense vibrations pounding my clit were too much. I felt an orgasm building and before I knew it I was screaming in ecstasy and a surge of hot cum surged out of my pussy. My husband watched as I convulsed above him and as I breathlessly looked down at him his face changed into a devilish grin and he took my arms and turned me over.

He moved the Pulse aside and lay it on the bed and thrust his hard cock into me. I could not believe how hard he was, it had been years since he had been this way. He pushed into my still contracting pussy and feeling inside me again was amazing. His hot, throbbing shaft filled me as I had gotten rather tight from not having sex for so long. It overwhelmed me and I could feel myself getting lost in absolute ecstasy. It was so intense.

I could hear him moaning loudly and building to climax. It had been so long since he ejaculated I found myself so turned on by his sensual sounds, hearing him moaning like that was pushing me into another orgasm and soon the wave overtook me and I came once again but this time with him inside me my contractions were even stronger.

I clenched my jaw as the waves of orgasm riveted through my body and as I pushed the cum out of my pussy I could feel him thrust again and again as he came deep inside me. His cock unleashing copious amounts of cum inside me and his shaft sliding in-between the folds of my pussy were heavenly. After a few moments, he collapsed on top of me and we lay there heavily breathing and moaning from the release we both experienced. After a moment, he began to chuckle, and then I too began to laugh. We were like two kids again. We both marveled at how amazing this had been and wondered why we had not tried this sooner.

We basked in the warmth of our sex for a long time and talked about memories throughout our long marriage. I can't remember feeling more close to my husband than this and I was so thankful for it. So, that is why I am here writing this long story for you all to read because even if the Pulse Duo can't give all men an erection, it can bring sexual pleasure to you both and I have to say that it is advancements in sex like this that can make a world of difference!

Thank you also to Lily at Holistic Wisdom who helped us when we called and who made sure our order got out right away. Your educational services and the care that you give to your customers is evident in all that you do. My husband and I cannot thank you enough for helping us find one another in a sensual way again!

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