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 couple having sex on bed, erotic story, erotica

Free Erotic Story Submitted By Mr. Rustic

They lay naked next to each other, side by side, her back to his front. He inhaled the sweet intoxicating fragrance of her hair. She allowed herself to feel his touch as he slowly but surely ran his hand over her thigh and stomach, relaxing deeper into his caressing arms. He held her tightly like she was his, and under the warming sheets of the bed, they shared they bonded.

Between them, there was still a degree of uncertainty; they could not see each other's eyes and had only met three days ago. They could not transmit their thoughts to each other. The windows to their souls were not facing each other and were instead instinctively communicating with body language.

She could listen and feel the beating of his heart on her back through his chest. He could read the slight movements of her feet on his legs as they suggested a need for intertwining. He pressed his mouth to the back of her neck and kissed it longingly, his nose buried in a small bundle of her hair, and as he did so, could feel her bosom heave. His member lay gently pressed on her buttocks flaccid, began to stir, and slightly swell.

She felt so close to him as he tenderly embraced her, feeling a warm security, and her toes began to tingle as she felt the arousal in her loins creeping in on her. His right hand began to palm her stomach. Circling over her tummy and thigh, then her breasts. His eyes were closed as he visualized the contours of her young fleshy body.

The smooth motion of his wandering, feeling palm became interrupted as it passed over a stiffened nipple. Firmly he clasped her breast, and his whole body urged to move her in closer. His hips began to writhe, and penis swelling more erect, pressing her.

As they listened to the gentle wind outside, she realized that her thighs were moving with his, and almost instinctively, she hooked her right leg over, pulling his between her hips. He could feel the damp warmth between her on his upper leg, and together they rocked each other slowly.

One hand she had on his, over her breast as he gently toyed, pulled, and squeezed at her aroused nipple. She reached down with her free one, and from between their legs, she pulled his penis. She felt his sticky fluid run over her fingers as she guided its bulging head to meet the moistened lips of her shaven pussy.

Slightly arching her back, at the same time while he pushed his hips from behind and slid his stiff penis into her. She could feel his heart pounding on her, and letting out a small gasp; they began to thrust at each other. Long and slow, deep thrusts. They were interlocked, holding each other as their most precious of all possessions.

With more retreating motions, he could feel her moistness on his balls, and with each motion, she could feel his tip and under-shaft running up against the roof of her vagina. She tried to clamp him even tighter.

Turning her head to his, their eyes met for the first time. They could see each other's feelings of rising intensity, anxiety, and pleasure. He kissed her lips, probing gently with his tongue on hers for a second. He then held his mouth to her rosy cheeks. Breathing in each other's breath as they gently panted, they became mildly dizzy from each other's carbon dioxide. The pace of their thrusts then increased.

In moments their hips and inner thighs became positively wet with each other's fluid, and together they sang quiet and passionate sounds to each other. Their foreheads were damp with perspiration, and their movement under the warm and humid sheets blew up the air from under them, and they could both taste the scent of their lovemaking.

She raised her right leg higher, trying to open up for him even further, and buried her face into the elbow pit of his arm, which spooned and supported her. Taking her hand from his, which continued to hold and massage her breasts, kneading rhythmically, he slid it down her stomach and abdomen until she found her clitoris. The tips of her fingers became sticky and wet from her own natural lubrication as she gently circled and rubbed her sensitive, swollen hub.

Varying the playing motion to her own satisfaction, she could feel the rigidness of his penis, making continual rhythmical contact with her inner wet flesh, causing a steadily intensifying friction.

He opened his mouth over the ball of her shoulder and gently held it in his teeth, mounding up loose flesh, which he carefully sucked and licked. He wanted to feel her texture and taste her smooth reddened skin on his tongue while they fucked.

An electrifying bubbling within his balls, knees, and feet began to rise within him through his stomach. He held her more tightly in, humping faster until the sound of his girls elevated moaning caused him to erupt inside her. She clenched around him and gasped as she felt his hot cum gush from his cock, her finger rapidly motioning her clit and came almost immediately with him.

Turning her face to his, she ran her tongue deep down his mouth, which was instantly replied, and they paused. Their universes rushed together at the same time, locked physically, breaths held, and riding the waves of their passion.

For a moment, there was no real coherence of the outside world, until slowly, they began to relax. The sounds of the night breeze brought them back to their familiar surroundings. Their tongues slowly withdrew, and their eyes could once again look into each other. They kissed each other on the lips.

Her leg slowly closed down, and he gently withdrew his penis from her, which was followed by a thin flowing stream of semen and pussy liquid. He wiped her clean with some bundled tissues from the bedside, and they kissed again, holding each other's cheek before she turned over into his arm.

Together they lay there again, her back to his front, just listening to the breeze through the open window that cooled and soothed over them. Their heartbeats returned to normal, and their breathing wound down to a calmness, helped by the sound of rustling trees, and together they fell into a deep sleep.

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