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Hot High School Reunion

Lingerie, Rose Petals, Erotic Story

Erotic Story Submitted By Anonymous Guest Author

The autumn air was cool and moist with the scent of wet leaves and a wood fire coming from a nearby house. Her red, silk dress clung to her curvaceous body as a breeze blew in her direction sending a slight chill down her back and making her nipples evident through her dress. She had left the high school reunion early after she had seen him again. A long-standing crush that was never fulfilled due to poor timing on both of their parts.

She was not sure if she would see him there, but when she did, it was evident her desire for him had not faded. She found herself blushing and looking downward as he walked toward her. As her heart rate escalated, she worried that the flush of lustful fever that overwhelmed her from a simple glance was evident to everyone in the room.

As he smiled and spoke, she could not stop staring at him admiring every detail of him as he had become quite a handsome man. Though time had passed, the chemistry was still there and she felt her body melting into it. Through the witty repartee they exchanged, her thoughts raced. She could envision her fingers running through his short brown hair, her lips pressed against his, their tongues slowly fucking each other's mouths, the feel of his hard cock pressing against her hot, wet pussy. It took a great deal of restraint to continue the polite but flirtatious conversing.

After half an hour of what had become a rather enticing conversation; she excused herself to the restroom. Her walk there revealed to her how excited she had been as her pussy lips slid effortlessly together with hot cum having filled her panties. As she stared in the mirror, she could see her cheeks were flushed pink with excitement. She smiled at herself for being such a school girl when it came to her reaction toward him. All her years of maturity when it came to men were unraveling as she could think of nothing else but having him. Her inhibitions were irrecoverable, her desire consumed her and she was going to do something she had never done; she was going to proposition him. No dating, no pre-sex complications; she was throwing caution to the autumn wind.

As she walked toward him she smiled and discreetly pressed a small piece of paper in his palm with nothing on it but - "Cox Farms - Hay Tunnels - 1/2 Hour". She gave him a wink and walked out the door hoping he would soon follow.

She drove to the meeting place worrying that perhaps her assertiveness would be perceived as overly presumptuous. As she waited, she sat on one of the hay bundles that began a tunneled hay maze that was now closed for the night. She sat out of sight so not to be discovered thereafter customer visiting hours and wondered how she had come to be so brazen when it came to this man; it was out of character for her and it felt exhilarating.

Her heart leapt as she heard him pull into the gravel parking area. Her body began to shake slightly in anticipation of finally getting to feel his body against hers. She could not help but smile a Cheshire cat grin with her red lips as he walked up to her. He smiled back at her with a gleam in his eyes, but no words were spoken.

She extended her hand and led him into the tunnels of the hay maze, lighting the way with a small flashlight she had on her key chain. As they crawled in, she realized it was unnecessary and turned it off as the full moon lit up the tunnels through the cracks quite well. The moon made it easy for him to see her black lace panties with garter belts holding her sheer, black stockings against her warm thighs as she crawled on her hands and knees in front of him. A sheen of wetness glistened along the insides of her bare thighs and it became evident to him in the moonlight as she slid each leg forward that she fiercely wanted him. Witnessing her wet desire for him made him rock hard and his cock pressed against his zipper.

She turned around slowly as they made it into the large center area of the straw maze and she slid her well-formed body closer to his. She took a moment to slide her hand up to his chest slowly and then around his neck. She pulled him closer and let out a slight sigh as her red lips met his. As his hot, wet mouth opened, his tongue slid into hers and she pulled passionately on the back of his head with her fingers entwined in his hair.

Her heart began pounding as she pressed her soft breasts against his firm chest. He could feel her excited nipples pressing past her silky dress and his dress shirt against him. Small moans filled the cool air as she fucked his mouth with her hot, wet, pink tongue and she felt her head spin as he swirled his strong tongue around hers.

She moved her hand down his chest to his silver belt buckle and slid it off with little effort. Moving her other hand down his warm neck, over his broad shoulder, and down his abdomen, she now had both hands undoing his zipper. She could feel his hard, engorged cock pressing fully against his pants and delighted in the pressure she released as she removed the fabric that had been inhibiting him. She pulled down his pants and underwear and his cock sprang forward with a longing she had been hoping to receive.

He moaned as she slid her delicate hand across his rigid cock, which was now fully exposed and pulsing. She firmly squeezed the base of his cock pushing even more blood to his head and then slowly slid her hand up to his shaft which was now excited to the point of leaking pre-cum. She took her fingertip, enraptured in his excitement, and wiped the hot cum from his cock to her fingertip. She pulled her lips away from his and stared with her green eyes directly and longingly into his as she put her now cum covered finger into her mouth and wildly sucked it from her fingertips as he watched.

Losing all reservation, he lunged toward her, kissing her mouth and tasting the remnants of his own excitement. She gasped as she fell to her back and she could feel his hand sliding up her thigh searching for her now pulsating wet vagina. His hand found her panties just as hers found his hard cock and she began massaging him with slow, seductive ease. She spread her legs so that her calves were now hugging his ass and pulling him into her. His fingers began to push her black, lace panties to the side exposing her slick, soft, pink pussy lips that were now on fire and oozing cum. Her trimmed, soft pubic hair was now drenched in her hot juices. He slowly felt her pussy eagerly spread open for him and then contract as he slid his fingers over her engorged, hot, pink clit. She could not help but let out a moan as she felt her thighs go up in flames.

"Oh God," she said biting her lip as he inserted a finger into her tight, hot pussy.

She was so turned on she felt like she was going to explode. First thrusting slowly in past her snug lips and then up into her gspot, he then slowly squeezed in another finger and thrust them into her; she instantly squirt fluid, drenching his fingers and hand in her juices.

He felt himself on the verge of cumming as her hand squeezed his cock from her own excitement. Her pussy pushing against his fingers with intense contractions as her whole body thrust upward and her legs pulled him against her with force. It took every bit of concentration for him not to cum into her hand as it slid again over his engorged head.

As she recovered from the waves of ecstasy, she realized she was insatiable with desire for him; she wanted every part of him and she felt her mouth water as she thought of tasting his cum again. She pushed him upward and smiled and he willingly turned over on his back. She slid her pussy on top and along the smooth but rigid skin of his meaty cock. She gasped and bit her lip as she moved her hips in small circles sliding her dripping wet, hot pussy lips over his hungry shaft without letting him in. His hands grabbed her gyrating ass and then slid up to pull her silky dress away from her breasts. As the red smooth straps fell off her shoulders, her black lace bra was exposed. His longing fingers found her firm, pink nipples at full attention as he glided over the bra and pulled the cups down. Her soft, milky breasts were highlighted in the moonlight and she shivered and sighed as his fingers pinched her hard nipples and the palms of his strong hands cupped her soft breasts.

Biting her lip again, she pulled herself away from his grasp. Her eyes locked onto his and she stared into him deeply with a look of absolute desire. She was ravenous for him and his cock stiffened even more in anticipation as she slid her body down his.

Her red lipstick had long been smeared off and her mouth was still hot from the intertwining of their tongues earlier. He could feel the heat and moisture from her mouth as her lips approached the head of his cock and he inhaled quickly and then let out a deep guttural groan.

She sighed with pleasure as her thirsty lips parted and her pink, wet tongue slid over the tip tasting some more of the cum that had escaped him and her pussy juice that was now all over his cock. Her hot tongue began to slowly, but firmly lick the head of his engorged shaft as her hand grasped the base firmly. She could feel his thick veins had flooded with burning blood now pulsing with his rapid heartbeat as she began to slide her longing tongue down his manhood. She could no longer tease, she wanted him too badly. She moved her lips up to the tip of his cock and opened her fiery, wet mouth wide and slid his cock gently past her smooth, white teeth, along her tongue and deep into the back of her throat. She felt a fire ignite again deep inside her pussy and she began to passionately fuck his hard cock with her mouth.

His legs spread open to allow her to get even closer and her hands slid around his balls, lightly and then more firmly massaging them as he moaned.

"Fuck that feels good," he groaned as he felt the heat from her mouth and throat encompass him.

She felt him start to stiffen and knew he was close. She quickly slid her mouth off him and replaced it with her hand, using the remnants of saliva as a slick lubricant to slide up and down at the base of his cock. She moved her sultry mouth down to his balls and began to suck them as she moved her right hand up and down pushing more blood to his head without touching it. His legs began to shake as she sucked harder pulling at his balls, keeping them away from his body so he couldn't cum.

Soon, her clit was throbbing and cum was continuing to flow from her decalescent, tenacious honey pot. She slowly pulled her mouth and hand away and crawled over him until she was straddling him again. She could no longer wait, she had to feel his hard cock inside of her.

They both moaned with sheer pleasure as she slid her dripping, snug, hot cunt down over his throbbing head and down his shaft. As she lifted her ass off him and down again; she slid her dripping cunt over his bulging cock and this time, she could not help but let out a high pitched moan of ecstasy as she began to ride up and down fucking him with purpose. His hand pushing her hips down onto him forced him even deeper into her.

A few more thrusts and he was overcome by a surge of adrenaline. He lifted and pushed her 5' 4" frame onto her back so that he was now in control and as he mounted her, he pushed his cock hard up inside her hungry, slick pussy with force. She gasped for air as she was overcome by him. He began fucking her hard; her legs wrapped around him pushing him inside her even further with every ravenous thrust. Her red nails digging into his back, his hand holding her soft hair at the back of her head, he thrust his tongue deep into her sweet, wanting mouth.

He could hear his cock sliding in and out of her as her wet pussy pulled him sucking him back in every time he pulled back and it excited him knowing how much she wanted him and how wet he had made her. He moved his lips away as his breath escaped him and he began breathing as though he were running a marathon. It was animalistic fucking and sweat covered both of their bodies despite the cool air that surrounded them.

The orgasm burst from her rose-colored cunt with gushes of cum which pushed past his cock, covered his pubic hair and ran down his thighs. She screamed in ecstasy as she felt her body surrender to his with waves of pleasure pulsing through her body. Her pussy contracted hard, grabbing his cock as he continued to thrust into her.

His own orgasm exploded as his testes pushed up into his body with force and his hot load shot out of his member. He grunted and clenched his teeth hard as the long-awaited orgasm overwhelmed him. She could feel the mix of her own contractions, while his cock surged deep inside her with hot cum mixing with hers. His member still pushed into her with all the pressure that had built up and she felt herself shudder and push against his ass with her heels as she held him against her.

With absolute release, he fell onto her, still out of breath and pressing his body against hers. She softly kissed his neck as she smiled. "Mmm," she thought, "he felt as good as he had always looked," and her mind spun with all the naughty things she still wanted to do with him.

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