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Love Poetry

book with pages in shape of heart, flowers, lights, romantic poetry

Enjoy romantic and reflective poetry to inspire and delight you. Submit your feelings and thoughts through our poetry page—express love, heartache, longing, passion, lust, and more. The delights of poetry unite us all through a dance of words that convey a song in your heart.


The Wedding
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.

Sometimes the sun shines upon leaves with the most caring glow.
The cool breeze soothes her, looking steady at her path to go.

Through all the many bumps and challenges along the way.
She is grateful, for still, her weathered heart can still play.

Wondering what he feels inside as he stands with such grace.
Assured his love is enduring and true, seeing his sweet face.

November is the month of them and always will it be.
She knows in her heart that they were meant to be.

Warmth fills her as her soft lips touch his, always at her side.
Whispering gratitude to him as she lovingly becomes his bride.


Flowers Of A Kind
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.

Two roses in a garden grew,
As red as blood from an angel's veins.

Independent, strong, and true.
Never taking out of selfish gain.

The cold winter wind began to blow,
Nestled together, finding salvation.

They found that warmth began to grow;
Throughout all pain and temptation.

As we are flowers of a kind,
And within us, there is joy and love.

Then let us, deep within our heart find,
What we have always dreamed of.


Something Dear
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.

Young and innocent filled with dreams so grand.
Gazing upward, searching for a guiding hand.

Impatient for everything, almost in grasp, so near.
Pain from inexperience; lost pride more often clear.

Beauty from happiness so hard to reach.
Remembered in sadness, reaching I beseech.

Agony and frustration of my heart and soul, I fear.
For I am a wandering soul looking for something dear.


Candle Shadows
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.

You were a friend and now a lover,
I sit and smile, thinking of you.

I light two candles; they burn for us;
Two sparks of fire in the night.

When I am with you, I fill with desire;
My thoughts consumed with something new.

A love a passion, it lacks control;
I cannot wait; I feel so light.

My life's confusion melts away.
With you, I want to stay.

I wait and wonder, do you feel the same?
I feel unsure of what to say.

I know I love you and in this truth,
please come fulfill me and love me too.


The Kiss
By Diane

The kiss Hear my voice, how it is sweet,
Does it remind you of our first meet
Hear my voice, sensual and sweet
Close your eyes and think of me.

Kiss my lips, soft and pink
Feel the softness, oh so sweet
Kiss my lips, one more time
You send shivers down my spine

Caress my breast, make my chest heave
Bring your hand down in between
Caress my breast, play with me,
The sensation overpowers me.

Stroke my cheek, whisper my name
Look in my eyes, see my surprise
Your manhood is yearning to enter
Into my secret garden, you have the key

Thrusting in me gently,
With love and tenderness
Slowly but surely,
The orgasm rises within me

Embrace me in your arms
With all your might
Tell me you love me
Forever tonight


Burning Flame
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.

Through all my full and enriched life,
Feeling some happiness and, at times, strife.

And looking upon all of whom I know,
Who have taught, taken, with joy or woe.

Wandering seeking the secrets in me,
I journey to find what I am ultimately to be.

My heart and soul have a yearning inside;
I have searched hard in whom to confide.

Where in those beautiful blue-green eyes I view,
Who also had looked for something far too few.

For love, faith, honesty and caring,
With respect, warmth, and sharing.

You give to me, and shall I return,
That our flame will forever burn.


By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.

My days are brighter, less cold.
To fight off all the hurt, pain, and strife.

Now stronger, less scared, more bold.
In you, I've found renewed inspiration in life.

Your kisses make me melt until I glow.
To hold you in my arms is tranquility.

Your spirit, heart, and soul, I yearn to know.
For you, my love is pouring out past all eternity.

A sunset, a shooting star, you make them more.
Such simple things are now more lucid and meaningful.

Life now has more to offer; I feel it in my core.
You make me feel whole, alive, and so beautiful.


Lover's Fee
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.

Spending time hearing the clock tick away.
Sweet and tender moments of our past fill my mind.
I smile and sigh, wishing you were here today.

Our love when we are together is always in my heart for you to find.
Skies of a warm, loving night shine on the past of you and me;
they glimmer and cry.

Our bond is strong, our love so good, and in your blue-green eyes,
I see my love for you reflected.
When lovers such as you and I part,
the hearts of stars break.

My sorrow melts when I think of being in your arms,
as time passes, I know I have paid the lover's fee.
Soon my sweet, my love, keep hope,
allow our love to rejoin once more.

Passion in the heat of the nights we shared,
expressions inside of ourselves. I hold my hand out to you.


Honeymoon's Whisper
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.

One can only remember those whispers in my ear.
Waiting, longing for those sweet fall whispers, a soft kiss.

For a warm, gentle breeze, such a tease... never there forever.
Soft, mellow warmth shines on Jamaican blue waters as I felt you; bliss.

Floating within your love seems such a sin for feelings so pure.
A high form of love from above, how is this... this?

This feeling so pleasant and the only love I have ever known or need,
I fear the loss to the dreary coldness.

How beautiful this is, thy beautiful fall whisper,
my heart is enraptured by your sweetness.


With Care
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.

Within the emptiness of the old world's wrong.
There lies a true love warming it's cold.
It creates the most beautiful and temperate song.
To which the weary songbirds are told.
Slowly the darkness is lightened to show.
My love for you, a passion to forever grow.


By Cynthia P.

Sitting at work, typing, trying to concentrate.
My eyes big, wide-open, turn glossy at the thought of you.

Concentration is not possible with work in the way,
concentration is clear as water when it comes to you.
My communication isn't great with coworkers,
maybe I should picture them being you.

You make my soul turn.
I don't know how to improve this project at work; I can only think of ways for us to improve.
No one can make me laugh here, yet you do it all the time.

Why can't I live one day at a time and not worry you may disappear, wondering how your soul can ever live without mine, it just wouldn't shine, what would I do with all the tears I would cry, could you lie and say you still love me, I shouldn't even wonder all this as your still mine.

You made my world sparkle and beam when you came in; it didn't even fade. I prayed you would stay over and over.
Like a girl in love for the first time, vulnerable, ecstatic, emotionally, that would be me.

See you, make me aware to love.
You let me be, you set me free.
You touch me deep inside my emotions, do you know how much that means to me.
You make me feel alive.

Like a dive, I took into starting this,
I don't want to see an end,
unless we are near old age, and our grown-up kids tell us about the good old days, and they show us that page in the album of us when we were young.

Did you know when you kiss me, I am immortal.
The butterflies in my stomach are still there; they constantly flutter around, asking for you. I'm in love with you; there's nothing I wouldn't do for you.


Loving Wait
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.

Standing against a smooth wall,
looking with wonder in his eyes placed there by her.

Tall, strong with youthful exuberance,
he lovingly leans against the warm brick behind him.

With mystery in his heart and soul, he anticipates.
Arms to his sides, he imagines them.

Holding her as he spends these moments with longing.
A warm sunlit glow cascades his body,

He feels the tingling of heat from within.
He stands waiting...

Expectant fingertips, his heart beating rapidly;
her face suddenly appears, and a soft smile spreads across his face.


Tempting And Taken
By Anonymous

Mystical and breathtaking, a fantasy come true
Satisfying and secretive, feeling complete
Soft and tender, gentle touching
Sensual and sexy, everything I need
Tasty and delightful, pleasing to my soul
Playful and teasing, making me smile
Erotic and moving, tugging at my heart
Beautiful and Tantalizing, inner as well as outer
Dark and mysterious, fantastically yummy
Intriguing and obvious, taking my mind away
Tempting and taken, you are mine alone


Knowing You
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.

There are times of happiness that exceed my hopes and dreams.
So difficult to think it a reality at times; fantasy it all seems.

Your eyes seduce my heart, making it cry out for more.
In your arms, I am overwhelmed, my mind, my soul, begin to soar.

Apart from you, I am missing a part of me.
I glance upon your face; love with you became destiny.

Your kiss is persuasion, irresistible, passionate, and sweet.
With you, my love, my life is well rounded and complete.


By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.

I need to be really loved. Oh, can't anyone see?
There is so much, oh so much more inside of me.

I haven't even discovered all of myself,
Yet uncovering more each day.

I yearn to be needed as much as I need,
Please see me, listen to what's inside.

Surface things are external, things easily viewed,
What I need is someone who can see my soul and spirit too.

Cherish me, and I will you,
In life, these moments seem so few.


By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.

Hardened glance as your face appears.
Tears of love inside me, they sear.

The place of aching and pain for love;
was it a dream?
I want to tell you my heart; I want to scream.

Perhaps one day if you sift through your heart,
you will find me there.
You'll see that I could have been more,
I should have told you how much I care.

You are still in my dreams; I am scared of what I want.
Only to cry myself asleep as my thoughts taunt.
Feelings so overwhelming to once again be yours.
Yet I can't find the courage to plead.

Be careful with a heart that is so easy to bleed.


Burning Flame
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.

Through all my full and enriched life,
Feeling some happiness and, at times, strife.

And looking upon all of whom I know,
Who has taught, taken, with joy or woe.

Wandering seeking the secrets in me,
I journey to find what I am ultimately to be.

My heart and soul have a yearning inside;
I have searched hard in whom to confide.

Where in those beautiful eyes I now view,
Who also had looked for something far too few.

For love, faith, honesty and caring,
With respect, warmth, sweetness, and sharing.

You give me this, and shall I return,
In hope that our flame will forever burn.


Sweet Understandings
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.

Sometimes the sun shines upon the leaves with the most caring glow.
The breeze soothes the young wanderer looking for a place to go.

What doth her soul yearn for during the harsh moments of her days?
Warmth and passion she feels when her lips touch his, and she smiles through her strife.

Wanting to whisper of thanks full of gratitude to let him know she cares.
Through shadows of sweetness and billowy clouds of air.

She feels so tender and safe now when held in his embrace.
She looks deep into his eyes, wondering what he feels, only to know from his sweet face.


Through It All
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.

A frightful storm approached at the stroke of midnight.
So hard the wind howled, and rain fell, nothing in sight.

The monstrous dark storm clouds did roar and hover.
I lay awake, listening, warm, and safe with my sweet lover.

A beautiful, bright, sunny day of spring it could have been.
Nothing could change my strong and true feelings within.

My love runs deep, my happiness, my passion is clear.
Knowing his love, his tenderness now brings a soft, tear.

Moments as precious and few in life.
Always remembered, in spite of strife.

For as the storm ended, I loved him all the same.
As I had when the terrible storm first came.


Warmth Of You
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.

A perfect sky where angels had sung to you when you were alone.
I see you and know all the wonders within they must have known.

To have a wish, it would be to always know the warmth of you.
For I have found all the happiness and joy; my love for you is true.

So, when you hear a love song, it's devoted to you, without walls.
If you ever need someone to listen, you won't even have to call.


Our Memories
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.

Sweet memories, happy and free;
in my heart, you're always near.

My time with you meant so much to me;
when reading my poems, you'll know I'm sincere.

I love you; I love you through history you've heard;
In my heart, you'll see there is more than enough.

Farewell for the moment my sweet,
it is through time we shall endure.

Through pain and loss, I'll still send my love;
don't forget, never doubt what we have.

In our love to each other; remain in faith and hope;
so that our hearts may once again soar.


Wrong or Right?
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.

Words cannot describe the love I am experiencing.
Your touch sends shivers through me, and life seems to become you only.

Passion of my life, my cause is you—my reason.
Dangerous it seems to others, they say don't follow my heart.

A raging fire in my soul, thinking of you.
Tell me, is that wrong or right?


I've Had Enough
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.

Cold air seeps through my window sill; my head begins to pound.
My face is numb, my body aches, my ears ring with strange sound.

My stomach knots, my eyes close, I clench my fist so tight.
If only I hadn't listened, to trust you when I knew it wasn't right.

The sun sank to it's dark and lonely grave, mourning with sorrow.
I only wished the day would end; sleep would mend and wake tomorrow.

Betrayed by a heartless love so cruel, inflicting so much pain.
Never thinking of any other, only desiring, getting selfish gain.

No explanation needed, I saw it in your face.
Never have I felt such humiliation and disgrace.

You were to be my soul mate; I always dreamed of love.
Your faults I learned to deal with, but this, I've had enough!

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