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Sexy Police Officer Pulls Her Over

sexy police, male, erotic story cop

 Erotic Story Submitted By Jenny

I'm sorry officer, was I speeding?" The pert blonde asked as soon as her window was rolled down. "License and registration please, ma'am. And yes, I'd call doing a clean sixty-five in a forty-five a bit excessive." He stared down at her, his black round-rimmed hat riding low on his forehead. She smiled up at him, but could only see her own reflection in the wide mirrored lenses of his sunglasses. "Of course. I'm really sorry... it's just been a long day at the office."

"License and registration, ma'am." He repeated, his lips set firm. Swallowing nervously she leaned over and gave the Officer ample view of her long bare legs as her short black skirt rode high.

She opened the glove compartment and collected the necessary paperwork for him, and then dug in her purse for her license. She handed these over with perfectly manicured nails, the color of fresh red apples.

"I'll be right back. You just sit tight as I run these." She watched him walk back to his squad car in her side-view mirror. He was tall, broad, slender...and an ass to die for. Quickly she reached up and undid a few buttons of her white silk blouse. She didn't have large breasts, but there was a nice soft curve for him to view if he took the opportunity. She didn't need a ticket; her husband would kill her!

She sat up a little and took the pins from her hair, letting the long blonde curls fall down around her shoulders. God, was she being too obvious? "It would seem we have a little problem here, ma'am." She jumped; she didn't notice that he had walked back. But there was a quick smile on her glossy lips as she turned to look up at him.


"It would seem you have had one too many warnings. Could you please step out of the vehicle ma'am?" Behind his mirrored lenses he saw easily the sweet curves of her pale, pert breasts. He could even see the tiny rose tattoo on the upper left swell. Her legs parted slightly when he stepped back so she could open the door and get out, and if he was not mistaken, he saw a quick glimpse of pink flesh. The Officer swallowed hard and pushed his glasses up higher on the bridge of his nose.

"I...I...don't understand? Too many warnings?" She said as she stood now in front of her closed car door and she placed her hands at her sides in a passive manner, wanting to cooperate fully with the Officer. After all, the sky was starting to darken, and she noticed that the sun had already slipped behind the tall pines that lined either side of the road. A barren road it would seem...

"Yes ma'am." He was staring down at her, one large tanned hand on the belt at his waist, the other holding a ticket book, and her license and registration. His face was stern, his lips...damn they were sexy lips...were set firmly.

She blinked and looked down at the tips of her black high heels. Her bottom lip came between even white teeth before she looked back up at him, hating that she couldn't see his eyes. She arched her back a little, "Okay, okay. So, um..."

"Could you please come with me, ma'am?" His hand left his belt and reached for her upper left arm, already walking with her before she could utter a syllable.

She thought she was going to have a seat in his car, while he did whatever he needed to do with her and her warnings, but he walked between the two parked cars and headed for the darkness of the pines. Her heels slipped a little on the slick needles but he held her effortlessly with a strong hand, telling her to be careful.

"Wait...wait...what are you..."

"Just be quiet ma'am. It is for your own good. So many warnings. They cannot go unpunished." Her bright blue eyes widened as she suddenly realized he was walking her away from the highway, into the thick copse of pines, alone. She dug her heels in. "No! Wait! You cannot...!" She was whipped around suddenly and brought up hard against his chest, and she saw her own frightened reflection staring back at her as her hands fell flat upon the pockets of his uniformed shirt.

"I can. And I will. You would do well right now, ma'am, to remember that." He said softly, menacingly.

She blinked and opened her mouth to scream but quick as lightning, his palm smacked over her lips, and the papers he had been holding went flying. He backed her hard up against the rough bark of a large pine; his tall frame pressing eagerly against her own smaller one. He kicked her feet apart with his black boot and reached down with his free hand to lift her skirt and cup her hot, shaved pussy.

Her nostrils flared as she breathed hard in and out and her hands went to his shoulders to try and push him away. "Cease you little bitch! Don't you think I can feel your wet, slick pussy?" He shoved his middle finger up in her and automatically did the walls of her pussy wrap around him. "Ahh, I know you want my cock. You want my burning, hot cock to fill you full, don't you? Don't you!?" He fucked her hard for a full minute with his middle finger as his thumb tormented her swollen clit, his other hand still clamped over her mouth, as she tried shaking her head no.

"Too fucking bad. You're going to get all of me, every single inch shoved in that burning, tight pussy of yours. God, you are so wet! It's dripping down my hand! You fucking slut!" He reached for his belt and quickly undid it, letting it fall to the ground before he undid his pants and freed his engorged cock. He was huge, unbelievably so.

Tears came to her eyes and he didn't care to see them. He turned her around and shoved her against the trunk of the tree and in one fell swoop, he entered her hard, to the very base of his cock. His hand had left her mouth and he grabbed a handful of her blonde hair, yanking backward hard as he fucked her good.

"You like that? You like the feel of me deep inside you? You want me, god I know you do. No're such a little whore...unbuttoning your blouse for me. You hoped I would have noticed. You wanted me to fuck you...and now I'm making your fantasy come true. Ain't it sweet my little cum whore? That's right, cum you bitch!" And she burst like a dam, moaning and screaming against the tree as her orgasm shook the whole of her body. "God Damn!" He shouted and pulled free of her, turning her around and forcing her to her knees. He took his cock in hand and started jerking himself off, holding her in place with his other hand to her shoulder. "I guess next time you'll think about speeding. You'll think hard, bitch, and remember me well." He groaned deep in his chest and shot his hot load in milky white jets all over her face and hair, watching as it hit her open mouth to fall and dribble down her chin and chest.

When he was through, he told her to stay put as he collected his belt and righted his uniform. He pushed his glasses back up on the bridge of his nose and collected his ticket book, leaving her registration and license lying on the ground.

He stared down at her as she clumsily tried wiping his cum from her face. "I'll be watching you." Then he turned and started back for the highway, where his cop car waited for him.

She stood suddenly, on shaking legs, and yelled at him, "We're having pork tonight! Hope that's ok Dave!" She saw him wave his hand in the air, in what she considered agreement, and she smiled and gathered her things. Dave hated it when dinner was late...she better hurry.

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