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Seducing Her

wine glasses, rose, candles, seducing her story

Sex Story Submitted By Anonymous Guest Author

I slowly open the door to see you sleeping peacefully atop crimson satin sheets. I smile and silently remove my shoes, making my way slowly around the room, lighting dozens of well-placed candles along the way. Amidst the dancing lights of the candles, I slowly undress, being as quiet as possible so as not to wake you before I'm ready.

Once undressed, I make my way to the foot of the bed. Once again, I stop and smile, amazed at how peaceful you look, and almost, not wanting to disturb you. Gently, I place my hands to each side of you and lower one knee to the bed, sliding the other over the sheets until I'm straddling you.

As you begin to waken, I gently run my nails up your sides and up the sides of your neck. I then smile and kiss you gently, suckling on your lips and the tip of your tongue. I slide my hands down your arms 'til I reach your wrists and easily raise them 'til they are above your head. At the same time, my mouth travels down and over your chin, nipping, tongue touching ever so slightly, 'til I come round to your throat, just below your ear. There I pause to suckle and bite just a little more forcefully.

Next, my tongue traces circles up around your ear and feathers along the edge. I nibble on your earlobe for a bit. My mouth slides back round to yours with hungry, forceful kisses. The whole time I'm teasing you with the hair on my nether region, slowly tickling your long, hard shaft and thighs.

Once again, my mouth nibbles down over your chin, but this time it keeps going down. I slowly spiral my tongue down your chest, dancing circles around your nipples. Now, rubbing my belly along your hardness. I look you in the eyes, lick my lips hungrily, and teasingly smile. I nip at your nipples and run my hand from your ankle, round under your knee, and upon your thigh. With gentle circles, I run my fingernail up over your hip bone to your navel.

My tongue makes its way down to where my finger is and continues the journey from there alone. The whole time, I'm looking you in the eye. I wrap my mouth around the back end of your shaft and spiral my way down to the head slowly. There I pause and dip my tongue to the tip for just a taste of your succulent fluids. I run my tongue around the head and then suddenly, but ever so gently, close my mouth around the whole throbbing piece of you. Sucking gently up and down, pressing my barbell against the bottom as I do so, I reach up and run my nails down your chest, gently scraping across your nipples. I run them over your hip bones and down over your buttocks, the whole time hungrily sucking on your cock as if I were starving.

You begin to pulse and get even harder, and so I suck just a little more forcefully until I feel you erupt inside me, allowing me to taste your essence. I swallow rapturously, gently suckling until I've gotten every last drop. I slowly lower your member to the sheets and begin kissing the insides of your thighs. I gently nibble my way to the backs of your knees and back again.

This time, I nuzzle under your shaft and eagerly, but ever so gently nibble on your balls. My tongue slides up the side of them and up over the top of your shaft. I gently suckle my way to the head and give it an affectionate little nip. Then it's up over your hips with hungrier nips that are almost painful, but not quite.

I stop at your navel and dip my tongue in for a taste. I lower your hands and put them to my breasts, allowing you to do with them as you please for a moment. Then I take your right hand and easily dance my tongue across your palm and in between your fingers. I hold your eyes the whole while watching them smolder. My tongue slithers around your index finger, and my mouth then covers it, suckling in the same way as on another area of your body earlier. As your finger is enclosed by my mouth, I teasingly rub my dripping orifice over your shaft, up over the head, and quickly slide up and over it just as my mouth takes your finger. I lose your hands and arch back in ecstasy as you fill me.

I remain like this for a moment, just feeling the completeness. Then, I slowly begin to rock back and forth, still with my back arched. But, I can't take it any longer; I go faster and faster. I'm hungrily biting your neck, not caring if I damage the skin. Raking my nails along your back as I pull you up to me.

I can't get enough. And then suddenly, when I think I can't take it any longer, when I think my hunger is insatiable, you once again begin to throb and pulse and harden until you're like a rock inside me. And then you release your flood, and I explode with a force I never thought possible. And everything ceases to exist for a while until I come to, wrapped in your arms.

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