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Eco-Friendly Sex Toy Company

Recyclable sex toys, healthy lubricants, flowers, leaves

We Care About Sustainability

As a leader in consumer education in all aspects of sexual health, our mission is to provide products and resources that are of high ethical standards and quality. This includes our commitment to offering only nontoxic adult toys and products. We celebrate being environmentally conscious and providing safe products for our customers and our lovely planet.

Holistic Wisdom, Inc. is an eco-friendly sex toy company and has a company-wide eco-conscious green initiative. We believe it is our responsibility to the world to do our part in making a difference to reduce waste. With this commitment in mind, we have implemented several policies that reduce our carbon footprint. We will continue to search out new and improved ways to support a better world for all and future generations to enjoy.

Efforts like these reflect Holistic Wisdom's commitment to conduct business in a way that positively affects the world around us and lets our customers feel good about doing business with us.

Holistic Wisdom's Eco-conscious Green Initiative:
  • We use recycled, recyclable, and reused packing materials.

  • We employ the proper disposal of batteries and other components.

  • Our shipping department recycles all cardboard or reuses, if possible.

  • Excess office paper is shredded and properly disposed of or recycled for use in packing - we are also taking measures to create a more paperless office.

  • All offices are stocked with recycling bins, and employees are given incentives and rewards for their involvement with eco-conscious initiatives.

  • We recycle clamshells, plastic bags, and other plastic products.

  • We recycle all outdated and non-functioning electronic equipment.

  • LED bulbs provide lighting throughout the company.

  • Our website and our packaging offer a recycling message to our customers, urging them to use rechargeable batteries, including a link to the EHSO (Environmental Health and Safety Online) website providing access to a list of numerous drop off battery recycling sites in their areas.

  • Holistic Wisdom prides itself in complying fully with all applicable state and federal regulations.