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Sexual Product Review Policy

Sex toys, lubricants, flowers

How We Protect Our Consumers

We care deeply about customer satisfaction; we don't want to waste your time or money on poor quality or unhealthy products, which is why we have a three strikes rating process. We also have knowledgeable, well-trained staff who provide realistic feedback on our products. They are not paid by commissions, so they will not try to upsell you; rather, their main goal is to provide you with accurate, helpful information to help you select the right sexual products for you.

You may wonder how we handle negative reviews on a product. We, of course, replace defective products for our customers with the same product or a comparable product, but what happens if a product is known for breaking prematurely or if consumers are reporting they don't like how the product feels or find it difficult to use? 

Our Three Strikes Rule

We have a three-strikes rule, which means; if a product receives three complaints that are legitimate concerns and are not just about personal preference for something subjective like a dislike of color or size, then we will pull it from our website. We will not sell products that we feel are not worth your time or money.

This Means Our Products Will Have Mostly Great Reviews

Because of our three-strikes policy and our comprehensive evaluation process before we add a product, you will notice that many of our reviews of our products have high ratings. This is because we have a comprehensive review process before adding any product. Many of our competitors have a more extensive selection of products because their standards are lower. Some of their products are cheap, poor quality, and possibly toxic. All new products with our company have to be body-safe, high quality and possess features that provide pleasure, ease of use and in some cases may improve sexual health.

Our Product Evaluation Process

Once a product is introduced to us, and we consider it for our company, we obtain a sample and have a team meeting to discuss it. We review the materials it is constructed of, how quiet it is, how strong and durable it is, and assess how it could be used, among other distinguishing aspects. Our review process is based on our work with labs that are ISO 17025 accredited and FDA registered, along with chemists and physicians, to provide you with the most accurate sex toy education and offer only the safest, body-safe sex toys available.

We Will Keep Your Information Private

Customers are often hesitant to submit a review on a sex toy for fear that they may have their information made public. Because it is the type of product that most people are a bit shy about claiming to own, many customers choose not to follow up with reviews. However, please note that we can always provide your review anonymously should you desire it, and you do not have to disclose your name or location with your review.

Our Reviews Are Legitimate

Many websites allow reviews to be posted without being verified by actual customers who have purchased the product they are reviewing. This will enable scammers and spammers to influence product reviews providing inaccurate information while promoting their inferior products.

Examples Of Fake Reviews & How They Scam Customers

An example of how fake reviews dupe consumers is when a company pays someone to write positive reviews about their own products or negative reviews about a competitor's' products. Another growing example are third-party companies that retailers and manufacturers hire to do nothing but provide fake reviews for their products. We do not participate nor condone any company that does such deceptive practices.

How We Prevent Fake Reviews

We manually verify our customer reviews because we find the business tactics outlined above unethical and a serious issue that has unfortunately become a severe problem in online shopping. It makes it difficult for customers to really trust and know which reviews are genuine and which ones are fake. That is why we carefully check the reviews to make sure they are legitimate before allowing them on our site.

When we receive a review, we verify that the product was ordered through our site to ensure it is an honest review, and if it is, we post the review precisely as the customer wrote it. However, if a product is being reviewed by someone who did not order the product from us, we will not post the review to avoid scammers, spammers, or trolls who would not provide helpful information or mislead our customers; we pride ourselves on providing realistic and helpful education.

FTC Review Compliance

We fully comply with the FTC Act and the FTC's Consumer Review Fairness Act (CRFA) concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising. All of our reviews are provided honestly with no conditions placed on the reviewer other than to provide helpful information to our consumers to discern if a product is the right one for them.

Any reviewer who has received a complimentary product for a review must disclose that information in their review. Therefore, if you see a review about one of our products with that disclaimer, you will know that they were provided with the product for free. If you do not, then it is from a customer who paid for the product and provided a review after having received it.

We Value Integrity & You

We take great care in ensuring that all of the information we provide on our website is honest, transparent, and accurate. We are a company that you can trust.