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After The Affair

 Man on top of woman missionary position, erotic story, After The Affair

Erotic Story Submitted By Bobjj123

It was just past 1:30 in the afternoon when I arrived home from work. It had been a beautiful Spring day, and I thought to surprise Millie, my lovely wife of six years, and maybe make love before we went out to dinner. The thought had me in high spirits as I drove into the driveway next to a strange car. "Perhaps, Millie's got a friend over," I thought, and my spirits dampened at the thought that the friend would probably rule out any lovemaking in the afternoon.

Then, as I walked into the house, I found all quiet and checked the back yard to see if they were perhaps swimming. Then, I heard it - upstairs. They were in the master bedroom. Still unaware, I climbed the steps to find Millie coming out of the bedroom, excitedly pulling on her robe.

Still slow to understand what was happening, I saw the horrified look on her face and wondered what was wrong. That's when the man emerged from the door to the master bedroom and a hurried state of half-dressed. It was then that the full force of realization hit me! It was then that my world was turned upside down.

Then, stunned by my realization, I stood at the top of the steps as this excited man rudely tried to elbow his way past me. Pushing me was the worst move he could have made as it focused my wrath on that slimy bastard that had just rocked my world.

I reacted instinctively as my thinking was still in chaos in my gut reaction was quick and violent as I shoved my knee into his groin and then into his nose as he doubled in pain. His nose had broken with a distinct 'snap' as the blood gushed forth. Later, lying in pain on the floor, he began to feel the full force of my rage as I pummeled his ribs and his stomach and vented my feelings with both my feet and my hands. Twice he attempted to ward off my blows, but his attempts simply drew forth more rage.

After a few moments, reason began to take control, and my rage abated as I heard my wife yell, "Stop it. You'll kill him." As the man lay helpless on the hall floor, I moved back and thanked the almighty that I hadn't killed him!

Then, I turned to my wife and felt the full effect of her betrayal as my stomach turned over, and I was sick. "Why?" I asked. Millie, seeing me in control of my faculties, spoke, "I'm so sorry, Bill. We can work this out. I know we can." Then seeing her words having no effect spoke again, "I love you, Bill, I love you!"

"Who is this bastard anyway?" I angrily asked, and Millie responded quietly, "He's Craig Hill, my supervisor at work." Then, she went to him to inspect the extent of his injuries.

After a cursory exam, she turned to me and said that we should call an ambulance, but good ole Craig insisted that he'd drive himself to the hospital - he didn't want any publicity! It suited me fine, but Millie was concerned for his safety and spoke up. "Well, why don't you drive ole lover boy to the hospital then," I said and was rewarded with a cold, hostile look from her.

Five minutes later, Millie and her lover were out the door, on their way to the hospital in ole Craig's car. Alone, I went to the bathroom to puke my guts out. As I retched and spit and reviled myself for some unknown misdeed that I must have committed. I couldn't think clearly. I could not develop a plan for facing Millie when she returned. I had loved her. She had been my whole reason for living. Then, after today, maybe I hated her too. On leaving the bathroom, I lay on the big bed that had so recently been the location for my cuckolding and tried to bring back my sense of reason unclouded by blind emotion.

It was after 5:00 p.m. when Millie returned and came directly upstairs to me. "They're going to keep Craig overnight. He's got some broken ribs and a broken nose", she said as their eyes met. I saw only fear in those big blue eyes of hers that I had so often adored. We faced each other in silence as we contemplated what we might say. She spoke first, "Bill, I'm so sorry. I was wrong. I didn't mean to sleep with Craig. It just sort of happened. You were never supposed to know." Then, she reiterated what she had said earlier, "I love you, Bill!"

"How many times have I been made a fool of? How many times have you fucked some guy since we've been married? "Why?!?", I blurted out angrily

I looked at her, and I wanted to take her in my arms and love her and pretend it never happened - but it did happen! I wanted to feel her close and adore her, but the thought of another man's cum probably still in her belly was there. Then, I heard myself saying, "You loved another man on this very bed today, and now you say you love me. What am I to believe?"

Millie began to cry as she said, "There was only Tuesday and today, although we'd been flirting for months. It wasn't love with Craig. It was just the excitement and the thrill. It's only you that I love." Then, on hearing this, I responded, "You mean I don't provide you with excitement and thrills like he did." Her only reply was, "You weren't here."

As I felt my anger and rage again surging out of control, I knew I must leave her or regret something. I said, "I'm sleeping in the guest room. We'll talk in the morning." As I left her crying in the master bedroom, I departed, first to local café for dinner and then for a long walk. It was nearly midnight when I went to sleep in the guest bed.

After passing a restless night, I arose at my usual 5:30 time and showered and shaved in the guest bathroom before going to the kitchen for breakfast. There, I found Millie putting the finishing touches on bacon and eggs with toast and orange juice, fully dressed and ready for work. We greeted but limited our talk to essentials as neither of us seemed sure of what we wanted to say.

That day at work was a total loss to the company as my mind dwelled on personal problems. I started to pick up the telephone a dozen times to call Millie at work, but then, I thought better of it each time.

I reprimanded myself over and over - if only I hadn't left work early and gone home, I'd never have known! I began to blame myself only to realize that my acts had changed nothing.

That night, on my return home, as usual, Millie met me at the door and attempted to embrace me. I pushed her away. Much as I wanted to hold her and adore her, I couldn't.

Millie had prepared an excellent dinner, one of my favorites. Then, as she served it, she tried to make conversation. After a bit, she spoke, "I was fired from work today. It seems Craig doesn't want any reminders of his indiscretion around when he gets back to work." I acknowledged what she had said and continued to eat in silence.

A week went by; then two, as Millie and I lived under one roof, separate and apart. She performed all the wifely duties in the household and slept in the master bed. I remained in the guest bed. Slowly, with each passing day, I learned to hate her more and more, even as I loved her every bit as much as before.

It was the first snowfall of the year, and I was driving my car to work on icy streets when it happened. It was only a flash in my memory as the big eighteen-wheeler commenced jackknifing into my lane. There was no place to swerve to avoid the collision.

The next thing I remember was looking at the ceiling in my hospital room. The warm sun was streaming in the window, and my mouth was dry. I tried to speak! Moments later, a nurse was bent over me and saying, "You're awake. Your wife just stepped out for breakfast."

As I slowly turned my eyes to the window, the storm had passed. Strangely, the trees were budding out, and spring was evident everywhere. As I lay confused, at the disturbing events, I tried to move. Only my eyes moved as no other part of my body seemed to respond. Then, I felt sleep approaching again, and all faded to black.

When I awoke a few minutes later, Millie was bent over me, kissing me on the lips and caressing my arm. "Welcome back," she said as I was further confused. I tried to speak, but my dry mouth made ineligible speech impossible. "Wa-wa," I called out, and a nurse came with a glass and a straw.

Finally, I could ask, "What happened? "It was the nurse who said, "You've been in an accident and received some traumatic head injuries. You've asleep for nearly seven months." Then, she stepped back to allow me time to digest the news. Now appraised of what had happened, I felt sleep approaching again and fought it to no avail!

When I awoke a few minutes later, the nurse was there with water and mouth wash and my medications. She spoke, "Your wife has been here night and day for the past six months. She held your hand, caressed your arms, and kissed you every time she came or left the room. You guys surely must have a strong marriage to have devotion like that."

Then, on hearing this, I recalled her indiscretion and how she had made me a cuckold. I felt the hatred again as though it were yesterday, and what I really wanted was to hold her and adore her and love her. Despite everything, I wanted her like it used to be!

So, I was awake. My physical healing was completed, and physical therapy was needed to restore me to my old self—six weeks of intense therapy, after which I should be back to normal.

As I started my therapy regimen, Millie was always there as I dealt with my love/hate problems. She never pressured me or demanded affection in return for that which she bestowed several times each day. I grew stronger. At four weeks, I was allowed to go home and return to the hospital only for out-patient care.

When we returned to the house, Millie directed me to the master bedroom with the admonition that she'd be in the guest room to be more convenient to the bath facilities. It felt good in the big old bed, and I quickly stopped using the walker in favor of a cane after my first night.

Millie was constantly there, tending to my needs. She drove me to therapy in the morning and home in the afternoon. Soon, I watched her as she went about her chores, and it was apparent to me that she was surely more beautiful than I ever remembered her. Her body was even sexier.

I wanted her. I wanted to touch her and to feel her close to me and adore me; yet, I often wondered who she was shagging when I was not around. After a while, each glance at her beautiful and sexy body was enough to get me aroused.

"Why did I still hate her so?" I kept asking myself. There was no answer. Why did I wonder about other men when she was always by my side?

It was Independence Day when my life changed again. There were no fireworks or parades, not for me, at least. It was early, around five-thirty, which was my usual hour for awakening and a habit I had not been able to break. As I luxuriated under the warm covers, I sought only to go back to sleep and enjoy my favorite pastime toying with my aroused cock and enjoying the erotic sensations. As usual, my hand felt so good there. It was then that Millie came into the room.

As she did, I peered up from the bed to find her looking sexier than usual in her sheer nylon chiffon negligee with matching bra and panties. She had obviously arisen early to prepare for this moment, and I wondered.

Then, she spoke, "Look, it's becoming pretty apparent that you'll always hate me. I guess I deserve that! But, I'm still your wife, and I can still perform my wifely duties, and I can deal with that thing in your hand far more effectively than your fingers can." Then, as she moved to drop her negligee and slide under the covers, she smiled as she said, "I might even enjoy it."

My first instinct was to push her away, but that was quickly over-ruled by stronger instincts. I soon relegated my hatred to the back recesses of my mind as I reminded myself that she was indeed my wife, and she had a duty. I need only fuck her and take my rightful pleasure - I didn't have to like her!

My second instinct was to move close to Millie, to feel her soft, smooth flesh and caress her and as I moved closer. Sensing my move, she offered a welcome embrace and drew her body close to mine. I felt our old intimacy as years of experience together in a loving relationship had developed, and I was lost. Suddenly, I wanted to caress every inch of her flesh, softly and carefully, as my hands moved over her with a featherlike touch. She felt good; it'd been so long!

Then, as we kissed, her tongue slipped between my lips and insinuated itself in my mouth to engage my tongue in a familiar dance of love. After this familiarization, we lingered, enjoying the intimacy we had so long been missing.

There was no sense of urgency as we lay enticing each other, and I felt a curious and unfamiliar calm descend over me. The intense feelings that I had developed of late seemed to have diminished, and that the hatred that had been with me since my wife's infidelity had abated.

Invigorated by the loss of my mental baggage, I began to feel a sense of urgency. My lust began to build, and I felt old familiar needs that could not be long denied. It was like old times. When I moved to kiss and suckle her breasts, I felt her ready and waiting. Then, as my lips began to lightly suckle her taut nipples, she offered little words of encouragement.

Gradually my laving and suckling increased in intensity as she grasped my cock and began to gently massage it. My passions soared. I could wait no longer.

Millie, sensing my overpowering needs, suddenly moved and drew me over her into the classic missionary position and brought her lips to mine in a powerful kiss. "Do me now," she said in an excited tone.

It might have been perfect, but I felt the need to adore my woman some more. I continued to caress and fondle and kiss her only to be chastised for my delay; "I want it now!" she said in an agitated tone.

With that, I grasped my cock and directed it towards her waiting cavern. It went into her well prepared and lubricated pussy with ease. Then, as I felt the soft, damp, velvety smooth friction between us, I was momentarily overcome with pleasure. This was the wife I knew and loved. This is the only woman who could provide such pleasure.

As I became completely embedded with my cock against her cervix, I hesitated and remembered that such deep penetration often caused her pain; I withdrew slightly and looked into her eyes. It had been a long time since I'd seen lust and passion in those eyes - too long!

Then, as our eyes met, I saw them moisten and tears form and was about to ask when she smiled and said, "Welcome back."

As we lay completely joined, it was Millie who was the first to move. The muscles in her pussy seemed to be milking my cock and drawing my essence into her. Then, it was my turn to move, and I began the age-old rhythm of coitus.

As we moved together, the sense of urgency returned, and we increased the tempo of our lovemaking. Soon we were driven by a compulsion that drove us beyond reason, and we sought only the satisfaction that our mutual orgasm could provide.

It was an old, familiar situation as we allowed ourselves to surrender to our feelings fully. When I felt the old familiar sensation in my groin, I said simply, "I'm going to' cum," and Millie replied, "Do it!"

Then, the culmination came in an overpowering mixed bag of erotic sensations, feelings, passion, and love as we made our peak together. As we lay together in the afterglow of our sensational lovemaking, I felt peace and serenity descend over us as it had so many times before. We were a happily married couple again.

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