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Couple's Fantasy: Her Summer Dress

woman in field, long flowing dress, A Couple's Fantasy

Erotic Story Submitted By Anonymous Guest Author

It's early afternoon, and you are in town buying a new outfit for our night together. Something very soft and feminine and flowy, because you know how I love a woman; my woman, in summer, kind of short flowing type dress that is short enough to have my imagination at each breeze but just long enough to ensure modesty; something that accentuates your form to it's fullest.

I have arranged for us to spend the evening in this great little cottage on the beach. It's quiet and secluded, and the beach is private. The day is hot, and the weather clear. I have also made dinner reservations for us at this very quaint and VERY private restaurant up on the coast highway overlooking the ocean.

I am busy preparing your room for you, so when you come home and need to get ready for our evening, everything will be at your fingertips .even me. I can see you coming down the drive, and I meet you at your car door with a fresh cup of coffee I have just roasted the beans for and freshly ground, so the caffeine is non-existent.

The perfect relaxing cup of coffee. I open your door and offer you my hand and help you out straight into my waiting arms and present you with a kiss that melts you. A kiss so inviting you to know the rest of the day will be a dream unlike any you have ever imagined. Very very gently taking your top lip between mine and caressing it ever so gently with my tongue the full length of your lip. Then the same slow tantalizing attention is paid to your bottom lip before I slowly and sensually devour both of your lips with my wanting moist lips. I slide my lips up ever so slowly and gently across your right cheek and whisper in your ear. "Hi, gorgeous I missed you!" Then I place my hot wet lips on your neck just below your ear and kiss you three wet, slow, times before stepping back, grabbing your packages from the car, and taking your hand to walk into the house.

I can tell I stunned you just a tad as you notice the sliding glass doors are open, and the salt air and summer breeze fill the house welcoming you home for the day. As you enter, you see fresh flowers (red, yellow, and pink roses) in a vase on the table. You hear the hot tub running, and you see red rose petals in a path leading you to the bedroom where the bed and pillows are covered in large soft cotton towels. I can see the quizzical look on your face, and before you can ask, I answer. "For your massage, Hon." (I give great massages by the way.)

I take your packages from you, hand you a towel and say, "Change into this Love, I'll get you some wine, and when I get back we'll get started on your massage." I wink and walk away.

When I return, you still have panties on, so I say, "Nope Hon, I need you naked." With a mischievous smile. You look at me quizzically but comply and crawl onto the bed. "On your belly Hon" I say before you can ask me. I drape a towel over your beautiful buns, not before planting my hot red lips on them, and grab my essential oils and start at your shoulders. I use the oils liberally, so my hands will glide over you with just the right amount of friction to warm your muscles and skin.

I glide my hands over your shoulders and down your back. My maleness is at the top of your head, and you can tell the sight and feel of your naked body has made me hard already. I lean down, so my hands slide under the towel and run across your buns. My hard cock pokes you in the head through my shorts and makes you smile. My fingers move between your ass cheeks and slide back and forth several times. I can feel your muscles start to relax, and your hips become receptive as my fingers move closer and closer to your anus.

I slide my finger on top of your hole and gently slide the tip inside. At first, you clench your butt muscles tight before you realize how good it feels. I hear a small moan escape from your lips, and I can feel your breath hot and quick on my leg. I hear a small "No, don't" escape from your lips just before I sink my finger up to the knuckle in your beautiful ass. "OOhh, yes," you say as I slowly work my finger in and out of you with one hand and rub your cheeks with the other. Not very deep inside you just enough to stimulate you as the oils make entry very easy. I feel your hand reaching up my shorts legs to grab my rock hard cock. As you take me fully in your small hand, I pop my finger from your ass and back away very quickly. You moan and release your grip on my cock as I move to the bathroom to wash my hands.

"Are we done?" you ask most disappointedly. "Oh, no, Honey, we are just getting started. Rollover on your back." I say through the sounds of running water.

I just smile and don't say a word. When I come back to the bed, I cannot help but stop and gaze upon your beautiful nakedness—large full breasts with hard rock nipples. Long blonde hair splashed all over the towels; beautiful soft painted lips parted just a bit with your beautiful eyes closed. Yes, indeed, a beautiful specimen on womanhood before me.

I can't help myself from looking between your long thin legs. The patch of pussy hair nicely trimmed and shaved over the lips. I really liked this as we both know how sensitive this leaves your lips for my tongue and own lips exploring every inch of them. I can see a small drop of moisture straining to break free from between the very top of those luscious pussy lips, and I almost come right then and there just marveling in your beauty. The oil I use makes your skin shine like golden ivory. "What a lucky man I am," I say to myself, but I didn't realize you could hear me. A smile crosses your face as your eyes close and let me drink in every ounce of your beauty.

As I oil my hands and gently start running my fingers over your forehead and cheeks I can see you relax under my movements; As I run my fingers over your chin and around your luscious lips, I can not help myself but to bed down and kiss then ever so gently with my own wanton lips. You taste of wine and oils. So sweet and so tender are your lips, I get lost in the feel of my tongue gently sliding between them as your own tongue gently dances with mine.

Reluctantly I take my lips from yours and move my fingers over your neck and throat. So gentle yet firmly that I can feel each breath you take, and I can see you smiling under your closed lips. I slide my hands down across your shoulders and the top of your chest. I notice a small skip in your breathing as I come closer and close to your breasts. I slide my left hand down between your beautiful breasts and notice that your nipples are so hard they are about to scream for attention. I cup your right breast in my big right hand and hold it up, so the nipple is the top of the mountain. And with my left hand, I take that luscious little nipple between my thumb and forefinger and squeeze hard at first. So hard your eyes snap open then just as quickly I release it and run the palm of my hand across the nipple, and your eyes close, and you moan softly.

I can't help myself and have to place that exquisite nipple between my lips and suck in tenderly into my appreciative mouth. The warmth of my mouth shocks you a little, and you moan another small moan. While I play with your nipple in my mouth, my oily hands move to your left breast and massage and admire it also, so it doesn't feel let out. I can smell your excitement, and I can hear you rub your legs together, trying to run the juices that have started flowing between them around and excite you more. It seems like a reaction rather than a conscious effort. I reluctantly let that nipple plop from my lips and move to your left nipple and take it into my hot wet lips and push your breasts together so I can taste both nipples at the same time. My cock is so hard I just have to move it around in my shorts before I shoot all over myself.

I take your titties from my mouth and hands and run my hands underneath them and run them down along your sides, then back across your stomach and your belly with my thumbs several times in a motion that made your belly start to quiver with anticipation. My hands moved down ever so slowly to the top of your pubic hairs, and those curly little suckers seem to collect all the oil I could place upon them. I place a puddle of oil in your navel and move down on the bed, so I am standing by your feet. I take your left foot into my hand and rub every toe individually and the bottom of your foot too.

You giggle a little but withstand the ticklishness it provides. I slide my way to your calf muscle and work it until it is loose and relaxed before moving to the back of your knee. I step between your legs and open them so I can put my body between them as I run my hands over the soft tender skin of your knee. I slowly work my way up your leg. The farther I go, the more your legs spread, and the more vulnerable you become to my passionate stares straight into your wet spread lipped pussy. GOD, I was in heaven.

I saw the wetness all over your lips and between the tender folds of skin. I could see the muscles there involuntarily clenching and releasing a drop of pussy juice each time. As my hands came to the top of your thigh, you opened your eyes and saw the lust in mine, staring hungrily at your exposed sex and flowing juices. I knew how bad you wanted me to touch you. To sink my slippery fingers so deep into you that you could find the release, your aching vaginal walls screamed for.

But I didn't! I ran my oily hands up along the outside of each of your pussy lips and back down again. As I near the top where the folds of skin come together and your clitoris stands proud begging also for my touch, I pull your lips apart and push them back together again so slow, and so softly your breath almost stops. But when you breathe again, you take huge gulps of air. Your eyes open and close as if you can't make up your mind, but I know it's because you don't know what to expect. I see your hands wrapping themselves up in the towels and the sheets on the bed as you grasp them squeezing and releasing your grip time after time with the rhythm of my manipulations.

I can't help myself and drop my head to take that little clit between my clenched teeth and suck it gently into my mouth, and very quickly and very sternly, I run my tongue all over it. You are groaning loudly now, and your legs are opening and closing around my ears, your hands are now on your breasts pinching and stretching your nipples. I can tell your orgasm is very close, so I, just as quickly, pull my mouth from you and take my hands away and move down to your right foot. I can tell how disappointed you are you REALLY wanted to come.

As I work each toe individually just as I did your left foot and then the calf, I could see you knew I was working my way back up to you again. You had just relaxed enough to breathe halfway normal when I reached your knee. I saw your hands reaching down between your legs and running your long slender fingers over the folds of your pussy and then back to your clit and rubbing firmly then gently. You stop for a second, look directly into my eyes, reach down and insert two fingers as deep as they will go into your sopping wet pussy, move them in and out a few times, never taking your eyes from mine. I can see your juices covering your fingers, and you have this mischievous grin on your lips as you take your fingers from out of yourself and place them in your mouth and lick them clean.

I couldn't help it, but I came right then and there standing between your legs rubbing your thigh with oil. You knew it too; you could see my face flush and feel my hips jerk on their own. You were so proud of yourself. It was kind of like you were saying to me mentally, "I'll get you for teasing me so bad!!!"

But I wasn't deterred. As a matter of fact, NOW I was hell-bent on teasing you half to death. You were sitting with your elbows holding you off the bed from the waist up bent over, looking at me. You spread your legs as wide as they would go as if to offer yourself to me completely as if to say. "Here it is I can take whatever you can give."

For a moment, I just stared. God, how beautiful you were lying there like a woman in heat. You were perspiring, and it was running down your face and between your breasts. Your legs were spread so far apart; I was sure it had to hurt. Your pussy was open and gaping, and your juices were literally running from you onto the bed. As my hand slid up to the top of your thigh, you laid back and closed your eyes as though surrendering yourself to me.

I very gently took my finger, ran it between your outer lip and inner lip several times gathering the juices there and then took that finger and ran it across your mouth lips before you took it into your mouth and sucked my fingers like they were my cock. My other hand was rubbing my thumb at your open pussy sliding in and out along the bottom wall, putting lots of downward pressure there. I took my hand from your mouth and placed that thumb beside the other and worked both of them in and out of your gaping love hole. You were moaning and breathing really quickly. Your hips were moving against my hands with a mind all their own. I took one thumb out and placed two fingers of my right hand as deeply inside you as they would go. I moved them in and out very slowly at first your eyes clenched shut as I picked up speed.

What you couldn't see was with my other hand I reached underneath the towel to something I placed there before you got home. As my fingers worked in and out of you, I brought this object up and placed it against my moving fingers. As I turned it on, you could hear the soft buzzing, but you were too enthused at what you were doing to take notice.

I very quickly removed my fingers from you and inserted the long vibrating object into your unsuspecting pussy in one quick move. Your eyes shot open and then got really big as you realized I just inserted into you a vibrator. And it was vibrating at full tilt. You clenched the sheets between your fingers and pushed yourself down so hard against the vibrator it was buried deep, deep within you in a breath. I worked the vibrator in and out of you very slowly, and very deeply I started to quicken my pace a bit as I placed my free hand against your ass cheeks, I ran my finger all around in the juices you were expelling on the bed, and as I saw your orgasm building, I slid my middle finger all the way to the hilt in your beautiful receptive ass.

At first, I don't think you knew what to think. When I looked up, I saw your fingers flying over the top of your pussy, rubbing your clit like a madwoman. Your head was moving from side to side; you were moaning and groaning as the most intense orgasm of your life started washing over you. Juices gushed from your pussy, and a scream started deep within you somewhere, and you covered your mouth with a towel so as not to embarrass yourself. Your fingers were flying on your clit, and my hands were moving in and out of you in a fury.

The orgasm took hold of you in a way you weren't expecting. Instead of the usual rhythmic contractions of your vaginal muscles, this came from much deeper within you, and you pushed it out of you, almost like you were trying to push it out and away from you. Juices went everywhere, and you collapsed and relaxed all in the same motion.

I wasn't sure, but I thought you might have passed out. I took my finger from you, and I turned the vibrator off, and it just slid out of you with almost no resistance. You were breathing rapidly, and your legs just sagged open, and you lay there silent.

I took the towels and cleaned up all your juices and all our mess. I laid a couple of towels over you so you would get cold in the cool afternoon breeze. I couldn't help but lower my lips to your sweet, sweet pussy and kiss it deeply and fully, I then kissed your mouth, and you didn't respond so I thought maybe you had fallen asleep.

I let you rest for an hour or so before I came and carried you to the bathtub I have made ready in between segments of your massage. There are more rose petals all over the water and just a few soft bubbles on top (I figured you could make as many or as few bubbles in your bath as you desire. There is a strawberry incense burning in a corner somewhere that mixes with the smell of the rose petals just ever so gently not to overpower but to stimulate. I refresh your coffee and bring a small glass of wine (just in case you desire it) and then leave you alone to your bath.

This is your time. The time just for you to use as you wish and desire. You know I am busy doing one thing or another or nothing at all, but thinking of you and loving you with my most precious desire by giving you what you admire most. Time and trust! Time for you and you alone and trust that no matter how long you take or whatever you need or desire, this day is yours, and I will love you with perfection.

I hear you call to me from the bathroom, and I rush to you your large cotton hooded robe fresh from the dryer all warm and cozy wrapped in the smallest amount of your personal perfume. Wrap you up tenderly, refill your wine glass, and leave you to ready yourself for our evening dinner.

While you prepare, I also do. I take my shower and dress in a comfortable but taste filled outfit and dinner jacket with no tie and no socks and meet you at the bedroom door to see you just finishing up putting your last ear-ring on and heading for the door. A quick hug, a tender kiss or two, my acknowledgment as to how ravishing you look, and you can see that twinkle of desire in my eye that I have been trying to keep under control all afternoon Not easy to do for me because every time I kiss you or touch you, it excites me. Always has always will.

The ride up the coast to the restaurant is quiet between us. My hand on your thigh, the wind is blowing your hair across your smile that you can't seem to control. The wind is blowing the hem of your skirt up across your beautiful legs filling me with the thrill of thoughts of our late evening together. I can't help but admire your beauty and your elegance. I can smell your freshness across the seat and see the excitement as your body betrays you with the erectness of your nipples through the sheer fabric of your dress. We both blush as we realize we are both thinking the same thing at the same time.

The restaurant is dimly lit as we wheel into the parking lot and see the sun just beginning to set over our shoulders. I walk around the car and open your door (something you have FINALLY gotten accustomed to after all this time.) and offer my hand. My gaze as always goes from your beautiful full lips across your exquisite form to your ebony legs all in one fluid gaze, then quickly back to your eyes just so you know I appreciate you so much. A quick gentle hug, and a small, tasteful kiss (just to let everyone who sees this ravishing and provocative woman know that she is well-loved and well taken care of) and we head into the restaurant. Public displays of affection hhhmmm I love them.

Our dinner, as usual, is merely an excuse for us to be together in a quiet romantic setting. You see, it's not the food we seek here but the atmosphere. A quiet table near the back where we still can see the sunset but are afforded our own privacy for love. They know us here; after all, this is a weekly gesture for us.

Great wine, good food, a conversation between lovers that are and will always remain best friends. My hand is running up and down your thighs hidden there in the dark, where we are the only ones that know what is going on under our table. I feel your hand brush my excitement, and I feel the very soft wisps of curl under your skirt as I realize there are no obstacles there for me to mull through this time! It seems heaven has come to visit us again here alone in our love.

As we leave the restaurant and I open your door, I take you into my arms and kiss you long and deep and completely. I take your hand and lower you into your seat, and before you can react, I am standing between your thighs looking down at you as the sea breeze blows your skirt up just enough for me to see your lips wet and glistening in the moonlight. You look down at yourself then up at me as the color of red blushes your face.

You quickly look around to see if anyone can see what we do, and when you feel comfortable that it is just the two of us sharing this freeing experience, your embarrassment turns to courage. You look down at your exposed legs, and wetness then look straight into my eyes, spread your legs just a little more, run your hand up your thigh and your fingers between your lips and offer me your wetness. I bend down so you may run your beautiful fingers across my lips and then into my mouth as I suck your love juices from your fingers one at a time.

I was surprised by your boldness, and we both noticed the bulge in my pants, and just as you reach for it, I step back, take your hand so as to help you slide your legs around and into the car shutting your door when you are safely inside.

All the way around to my side of the car, my face is blushing, and my mind is running itself up and down those beautiful legs of yours fantasizing how badly I wanted to drop to my knees right then and there and love your womanhood with my mouth so desperately. I can still taste you in my mustache and smell your heady personal fragrance, and my mind reels at the thought of you and how blessed I am to be in the company and to be loved by such an exquisite woman. There really is a God!!

As I sit down in the driver's seat, I can sense there has been a change in the mojo here. You now seem more in control of this situation, and every time this happens, I find myself wondering just how this works. Not that I mind. I am not a control freak; I even enjoy a woman. (MY woman) to be in control (or out of control for that fact) every now and then. But when my hands are busy and my attention needed for something as important as driving, I feel a little underwhelmed. But there is nothing I can do. I started this I have to live with it.

As I pull onto the old coast highway and head away from the house instead of towards it, I see this smile come across your face, and your hand reaches over and twirls my hair just above my neck. You know this drives me crazy and just ensures your control and upper hand (so to speak) in this most curious situation.

"Feeling brave tonight are we Hon?" you ask, looking across at me with this mischievous grin on your face. I just smile and lay my hand on your thigh very high up where you hadn't bothered to pull your skirt down to cover your beauty yet. Or maybe you had, and just raised it again when I wasn't aware. Just to ensure that you would continue with the upper hand in this situation. I just adored looking at you clothed or naked or anywhere in between. I considered you a blessing the day I met you and have every day of my life since.

To my surprise, I felt your legs spread open and watched as you lifted your right leg up and put your foot on the dash. Then you swung your left leg over towards me as if to open your gates of heaven ( my heaven anyway) to my wanton gaze and daring fingers. I blushed, smiled, look straight into your smiling eyes, and touched your moist wet lips—my god, what a feeling that is.

A woman could never know the excitement and privilege a real man feels when he runs his fingers through her most private spot and feels her moistness and receptive movements. The intimacy and trust that is exchanged surely would ruin a man's mind for a week. Every sexual dream, every intimate want, every unfulfilled desire was at my fingertips at this moment. And the most wonderful thing was I knew you felt it too. Just as strong and just as intimately.

I run my finger ever so slowly and gently down over your left pussy lip and oh so tenderly up along your right one till I feel the little nub standing so proudly from the top of your lips as if calling for my touch. I saw your head lean back against the seat as you surrendered yourself to my exploration.

Touching you, as has become such an appreciated blessing for me, not ever wanting to take one touch or one second for granted, my heart swelled almost as much as my cock, straining at my trousers for air and attention he so unashamedly yearned for. I could see your nipples straining at the fabric of your sheer dress, and I could see the dryness on your lips as you sucked for air ever so diligently as your need for it increased with each drag of my finger across your clitoris.

Little sounds of excitement would escape your lips, and I could feel your hips reaching out for my fingers in their own rhythm. As I ran my finger down and between your lips then deep inside you, I heard you gasp, and your legs slammed together them open again just as quickly. Your hand came down and covered mine, and I felt your finger join mine inside of you. God, I was so turned on!!! You looked over at me and shot me such a glance of wantonness I almost came right then and there without even being touched. That look went straight through my eyes to my erectness and touched me in a way most men could never dream about.

As I couldn't contain my excited ness and drive at the same time, I pulled into this little turn around spot and stopped the car. A smile crossed your lips, but we were much too intense by now to stop or worry about who or what was around. In a convertible, we were so exposed to the gazes of others that we could fulfill our wanton desires in a complete fashion, and that wasn't my intention anyway. My intent was your satisfaction because I would be just as satisfied.

I leaned over towards you in a way that I could caress you more completely. We were quite a sight you and I. Tucked behind the hillside in our little red convertible, you with one foot on the dash and me leaned halfway over toward your shoulder. Your head back against the seat and your eyes slamming open and then shut and then open again, but I knew you saw nothing.

I'm not sure what excited you so quickly tonight. Whether it was the caressing at dinner under the table or the massage that had left you relaxed and fulfilled, or perhaps it was the thoughts you had been harboring all day with only you know what and what kind of desire. All I knew was that the woman I loved was responding to my every touch and wished as though she had read my mind and heart and was blessing my every fantasy I had ever dreamed of to come true at one moment.

I brought my finger to your little stiff guard at the top of your lips and felt the wetness and matting of your fine hairs against my fingertips. I rubbed back and forth, and as I did, I felt your hand take mine show me to use two fingers and dive them deep inside you as far as I could reach. You showed me just how to touch you and just what rhythm you needed before you said (I'll do that") and started rubbing your clit yourself. It was so sensual to me that we could share love in this way: no shame, no restriction, just total love, trust, and devotion.

It started somewhere in the pit of your stomach. I sensed it as you started feeling the orgasm building with-in you. I very quickly took my fingers out of you and replaced them with my other hand so that I would be able to kiss your searching lips with mine. Your eyes flew open as though you felt betrayed then as my other hand came back to you there and you realized what I was doing, the last wall of surrender came crashing down as did the most intense orgasm of your life. Not just one but two then three, then I felt both your hands on my hands and heard your whisper "{Please stop I can't stand it! If you don't stop, now I may never stop!} As much as I liked that thought, I quickly and immediately stopped, withdrew my hand, and started kissing you on the neck and the cheeks as you slowly regain your composure.

Your summer dress was now wet from your juices, and as you tried to lower it on your legs you looked at me, and we both started laughing. ("What for?") we said at the same time. I started up the car and turned us around, and all the way to the house, you hung onto my arm and kissed it and me tenderly as if offering me contentment of understanding. I know I was grateful! Awestruck was more like it!

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