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Emotionally Unavailable Man

man laying on bed shirtless, sex story, emotionally unavailable man

Sex Story Submitted By Bobjj123

Jack Tiedam had been married young once a long time ago. When he first met Kim, they were both hellraisers, neither of them well suited for married life. The chemistry between the two of them was a different story as the sex was always hot.

Jack would often remember the long, zesty sessions of fucking well into the morning hours, imagining himself back in the days of his youth. He could see himself now, a young man who had been quite handsome. When he saw himself lying there, he could see her beautiful body pressing against him and always wearing a gold locket that he had given her when they first began seeing one another. Eventually, she had put a tiny snapshot of him in it, smiling at her as she captured the picture from their marital road trip to Vegas.

Kim had the most lovely breasts, full and round with soft pink nipples. Her curvaceous hips made her a spitting image of a classic pinup girl. When they would show even the slightest affection toward one another, a sexual intensity would surge through Jack's body, and he would become instantly hard. His cock always ready to fuck her, whether it be in her sweet pussy, mouth, ass or breasts.

Kim was exceptionally sexually adventurous, and the two of them enjoyed everything from vanilla sex to public sex and even BDSM. Kim was very adept at making herself squirt, and Jack loved lapping up her sexual juices any chance he could. One of her favorite things to do was to give Jack a squirting show as she used her favorite sex toy, the Hitachi Magic Wand. With it and the gspot attachment, she would fuck herself until she had built up an enormous amount of hot fluid and spray him as he jerked himself off watching the sexual spectacle.

However, the marriage had been doomed from the start as Jack had found his wife to be unfaithful almost from the time after they'd returned from their honeymoon. Of course, Jack had also been unfaithful from about the same time himself, so he couldn't complain. There was no one reason or maybe too many reasons for the marriage to fail as it had a few months later.

Some men simply grow taller; yet, they never seem to grow up. They avoid commitment and responsibility and live for the moment. Jack was one of those.

Jack was also very intelligent and well-rounded scholar who had advanced degrees from two different colleges. In good times, he had no trouble finding a job and stayed with that job only until he had an itch to try something else. He had been a school teacher, a car salesman, an insurance adjuster, an army officer, and lasted only a short while at any of those jobs.

When the war in Iraq started, he joined the Army and was immediately a success. Then after two tours in Iraq, his interest waned, and he'd gone off to a small mid-eastern country where he was employed as a soldier of fortune. When the civil war started, he'd switched sides and fought on the side of the rebels. After that, there'd been a time when he served the rebels in an African nation until he was arrested and held prisoner for nearly two years.

After his marriage, Jack had taken care to date women only casually and fled at the first sign of commitment. He preferred dating whores, professionals who were often reasonably good company, and offered the sex he needed.

Of course, he had been available for married women as well and had infringed on the marital vows of at least a dozen marriages. Married women offered several advantages - they were clean and, of course, unable to commit to anything.

Now, as he approached fifty years of age, he was alone, without friends or intimacy, which he seemed to crave as much as sex itself. The cost of good quality prostitutes forbade his using them anymore, and married women on the stray seemed to prefer younger men.

His lifestyle had not been conducive to lasting friendships. So, nearly broke financially, and with his earning capacity reduced by age and the economy, he sat in the Raging Bull pub in the city sipping a beer. As he sat, he waited for a person, a man or a woman, to come into the bar and engage him in conversation, anything to relieve the loneliness his life had dealt him.

By 8:30, it was apparent that none would be coming, and he was considering going to his little apartment next door and retiring for the night. It would be a cold, restless night like all the others lately. Then, she walked in, unkempt, dirty, and old, but there could be no doubt it was her. There was no mistaking the once beautiful but now bronzed and wrinkled with age face and the still trim figure.

Jack rose from his barstool and walked over to where she had seated herself at a table.

As he approached, he said simply, "Hi Kim. It's been a long time."

The woman known as Kim looked up and brightened as she saw him approach, "Well, Jack. How goes it with you?"

"I'm getting old Kim, and I'm feeling it. Jack replied to his ex-wife.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. It's not getting any easier. Remember the old days when we used to party all night and work the next day and still have a good old tussle in the hay. We had some fun those days when we were getting married."

With that, Kim looked at Jack, and their eyes met. "I'm old Jack, there was a time I could make five hundred dollars on a weekend and fucking was fun. I can't even make room and board anymore."

"Damn shame Kim. You were the best in bed," said Jack.

"I'm still pretty good. For fifty bucks, I'll let you check me out. I can still make it very good for you and supposing I don't; then, I'll drink this gin and go sleep in my car as usual."

Jack suddenly said, "I've got an apartment next door. It's warm and the bed s comfortable. Bacon and eggs in the morning. It's not much, but It's the best I can offer."

The whole thing had been spontaneous and with no forethought, and even as he spoke, he regretted his words. Getting involved was the last thing he wanted to do, but he didn't have fifty dollars to buy her services. No, he didn't want that either, he thought So, what the hell did he want? He thought silently to himself. Why had he made the offer?

Then, he spoke, "It's getting late, and I'm headed home. Goodnight". He arose from his place at the bar and proceeded to leave. As he moved, Kim joined him.

"Put me up for the night. I'm a little short on money right now, and I need a place. We could, you know, have a party if you like," she said.

He said nothing as they walked together to Jack's apartment, and on entering, he said simply, "Take a bath and get clean all over. You smell bad. Toss your clothes out to me, and I'll wash them."

She said nothing as she went to the bathroom and closed the door. It was over an hour later when Kim walked out of the bathroom, totally naked, and asked, "Ya gotta shot of bourbon I need it bad?"

When Jack replied that he didn't, he found himself impressed by Kim's body. For a woman nearing fifty, she was surprisingly fit and trim. Other than that, the sight didn't affect him. "There's a bathrobe behind the door. Put it on," he said.

She moved to oblige him. Then on her return, her body language spoke clearly; she was his, and he had but to take her. Jack chose, on noting this, to ignore the invitation as he consciously sought to avoid any sort of relationship with her. Jack noted, with some relief, that Kim no longer smelled bad, and her hair had a sheen from a recent washing and combing. He noted the odor of shampoo and body lotion also and realized that she'd used his personal items - at least she'd be clean and sanitary, he thought.

A few minutes later, her clothes were out of the dryer, and Kim proceeded to dress in front of him in the small apartment. Again, he'd sensed that she'd be glad to remove them if Jack had wanted to play. A few minutes later, it was after midnight, Jack said, "Time for bed. I sleep on the left side, so you get the other side."

She asked again if Jack had any alcohol that she could have. He didn't, so it was then that they undressed to their underwear and crawled under the covers where Kim was almost immediately asleep.

Jack lay, half-awake, thinking. The once magnificent specimen of a woman beside him, wild and daring, living life to the limits, that he'd married and made love to was now an old woman, her confidence shattered, her morals and ethics long since reduced to a matter of simple survival. He felt nothing for her, or did he?

Then, with morning came another problem. Kim had awakened around ten and tried to stand; then, she fell and couldn't get up. There was blood coming from her groin area. On realizing the situation was more than he could handle, Jack made the 911 call, and Kim was hauled to the county hospital where Jack went to assist her. The day was busy as he followed her through the tests and appointments, and it was nearly nine o clock at night when he realized that he'd eaten nothing all day.

As they'd moved about the hospital, it soon became apparent that Kim's body was the result of neglect and mistreatment. The blood from her groin was the result of an STD. The blood in her mouth was the result of gum disease. She was malnourished and had several small boils on her buttocks. The list went on, and she would remain in the hospital for a week while they treated all her various problems.

It was as he was leaving her in the evening that she'd asked Jack a favor, and he'd responded that she could. She asked if he'd drop by her old apartment and pick up her things there. They'd be all packed and waiting.

Early the next morning, he went to the shabby slum area where she'd directed and went to the apartment manager, where he expected to receive the goods and depart. Instead, the manager demanded, I need two months' rent. You've gotta pay me two months' rent before I give them to you. Jack turned to go as he silently cursed himself for having gotten involved. As he turned, the manager said, Hey. I'll never get that money anyway, and those things are in my way. Take them with you. So, Kim was now moved into his apartment.

Perhaps living with Kim might not be so bad after all, he thought as he spent hours each day in conversation and getting more intimate with her. On the following Thursday, Jack picked up Kim from the hospital. She had been extremely weak and feeble as they wheeled her to Jack's car, but she managed a faint smile, and there were traces of her former beauty evident in her manner.

It was on their trip home from the hospital that Kim said something so out of character for her that it immediately caught Jack's attention. She'd said, "Thank you, Jack."

The words had bonded them. Jack's worst fears had just materialized. They were in a relationship. Still, it had a nice, cozy feeling; this unfamiliar intimacy had brought. Having returned to the apartment that Jack and Kim now shared, Jack assisted Kim to the bed, where he had installed clean bedding in anticipation and proceeded to make her comfortable. There, in the apartment, Jack saw to all Kim s needs and kept her eating a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly.

At first, it had been a responsibility, but in a few days, he found that he enjoyed serving her. In a week, she was strong enough to walk on the sidewalks, unassisted, and Jack insisted she walk a little further each day until she was walking miles. When she suggested going into the bar where he had met her, Jack had carefully steered her away.

After nearly a month, Kim was pretty much restored to health, still some issues but much restored. During that month, Jack had been developing other issues. He began to feel those old biological urges. He needed sex, and sleeping next to a beautiful woman who was still not strong enough to satisfy those needs was becoming difficult. Yet, Jack was finding the love he once felt for Kim bloom, and he did everything he could in his mind to suppress these feelings.

Slowly, one by one, her problems were resolved, and the time came when she could finally look forward to a complete release from the doctor's care. Jack had waited patiently for the day when he might enjoy sex with her again, and she began to reciprocate in little ways. Kim told Jack that she wanted him to know how much his kindness had meant to her one evening, but Jack dismissed her comments in his mind thinking that she had never really loved him, and it was best that he keep that clear.

There were adoring looks and covert caresses and fondling as they went about the business of living. Soon it was mid-February when the final appointment was scheduled, and Jack took her to the clinic eagerly anticipating her release. He found himself happy and realized that deep down, perhaps he really did love her and want a relationship. Perhaps the two of them finally had a chance together.

After dropping her off, he returned home and cleaned the apartment, changed the bedding, and made preparations for a nice dinner. When he returned to the clinic to pick her up at three o clock, she was not waiting for him as usual. Worried, he went into the clinic and searched. A nurse told him that her tests were done two hours early, and she said she was taking off.

Jack immediately knew in his mind that she was healthy again and no longer needed him. She had used him, and now she was gone. It donned on him... she wouldn't be coming back. He searched the bars and checked the street corners, but she was gone. Jack silently cursed himself for being so gullible as he proceeded to return to his apartment, where he made himself dinner and went down to the bar for a beer.

It was several nights later after Jack had resumed his nightly trips to the bar that he overheard two patrons discussing how an older prostitute had been murdered just a block away from Jack's apartment. Jack immediately pressed them for information only to learn that his suspicions had been all wrong. Kim had been in the game too long and had made too many unsavory connections. It was only upon going to the police that he learned she had been killed by an old pimp that she owed money to and had died carrying a gold locket clenched in her hand.

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