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Public Sex Tips

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

Wooden Figures in outside, Public SexMaking Sex Adventurous

If getting naughty in public sounds like a sexy turn-on, you are not alone. Many people fantasize about some form of public sex; whether others see it or not, sometimes just being out in the open is enough.

Wanting to be seen as a sexual being as well as the allure of the forbidden can be quite appealing. While you should not break any laws, finding ways to put adventure into your sex life can be a great way to feel alive and embrace your sensuality.

If done right, you and your partner can have a tantalizing time without harming or offending anyone. Because what most people are looking for is fun, not embarrassment or humiliation. Make sure that you start slowly and cautiously. The last thing you want is to end up in the news, in jail, or as a registered sex offender, which has happened to consenting adult couples who get caught by police.

Reasons For Public Sex

Nowhere Else To Go

Often public sex becomes an option when there is simply nowhere else to go. For example, college students may search for private places on their college campuses because their dorms are so crowded that others can hear sexual activities.


Under the influence of intense sexual desire, some public or secluded places may become perfectly acceptable when the passion is flaming hot.

To Brag

Many people love the idea of looking at a famous landmark or being able to claim that they had sex in a particular place out of the norm. It's not uncommon for people to brag about being a member of the mile-high club after having had sex in an airplane bathroom.


People often enjoy doing something that breaks the monotony of daily living. Thus, doing something daring makes for a wild change in their routine.

Being Naughty

People can get aroused if they know there is a chance other people are listening or watching them have sex. This can also be a way to rebel and feel a sense of freedom.

Most Common Places For Public Sex

Who Has Public Sex?

According to a survey of 20 countries, Norwegians are more likely to have sex in public places than any other nationality. The survey was conducted by Cora publishing house (a publisher of romance novels) and questioned about 400 people in each country.

The data revealed that 66 percent of Norwegians claim to have had public sexual encounters in places such as offices, libraries, cars, beaches, and parks. Australians came in second with 64 percent claiming sex in public, Greeks were third at 60 percent, Sweden and Argentina were tied for fourth at 55 percent, and Germany was fifth with 47 percent. At the bottom of the list was France, since only 13 percent of the French surveyed said they had had sex in public. This percentage was even below 15 percent of Canadians and 21 percent of Americans who admitted to engaging in public sex.

Sex Games To Play

The Pick-Up Game

Many couples enjoy playing the role-playing game of picking up one another as they pretend to be strangers and approach one another with assertive sexual flirtation. Some couples go to bars, supermarkets; you name it. Witty, sexy banter, show and tell, and other seductive approaches are often thrilling for couples.


Some couples go so far as to change their appearance while wearing a wig, hat, or other disguises to make it feel even more new and daring. No one in public knows that you know one another, so how you act toward one another can seem even bolder.

Adult Scavenger Hunt

Another way of mixing things up is to play an adult scavenger hunt. In this scenario, you leave little notes and clues in various areas from a restaurant, restroom, store to an outdoor hunt on trees, bushes, and landmarks. Each clue can contain a riddle to the following location, which will lead your lover to the next clue. For each clue your lover finds, they get one public display of affection, depending on how difficult the clue was to find. For each clue that your lover gets, they get a physical act or show of skin, each even more daring than the last. The ultimate goal is to get your partner and you to the ideal place for a fun romp.

Discreetly Passing Under Garments

Other couples discreetly take off undergarments in a public place as a teasing gesture. This is common for women who, while wearing a skirt, can take off their panties and sneak them to their partner. Bras can also work as a teasing flirtation. It also allows for easy access to sexual acts.

Sexy Photos

Another way to heighten the excitement is to take sexy pictures in public places. There are, of course, many ways to tease and arouse your partner in public. Just remember to be careful and think through the consequences of your behavior.

New Ways to Have Sex in Public

Modern technology has also allowed couples to stimulate their lover sexually in public without anyone being the wiser. We carry body-safe sex toys that easily stimulate using remote control sex toys or app-controlled sex toys. App sex toys are controlled with your phone. These types of sex toys can stimulate the clitoris, G-spot, penis, and even anally.

In Closing

Having sexual adventures outside the bedroom can be a healthy and exciting way to connect with your lover. Just make sure that what you do is careful and considerate of others and keeps you out of trouble. 

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