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Erotic Evening At The Laundromat

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Erotic Story Submitted By Anonymous Guest Author

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had just gotten in from undercover work in Morocco. The agency sent me there to uncover the truth behind the ambassador's kidnapping. I would tell you more about my investigative work, but the more interesting story unfolded back home at a local laundromat.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had just gotten in from Morocco; I couldn't sleep that night. My battle with insomnia was winning. My clock is just ticking ever so slowly, creeping upon midnight. So what else is there for a single agent in the city to do but laundry?

There I am in the 24hr Wash-N-Go when I saw him. He was tall with a beautiful physique and a shaved head that flattered him in a Bruce Willis sort of way. His body gave me this instant urge to just reach out right there and touch him. I caught myself staring, and then suddenly, I realized he had noticed. He began to laugh.

WHY WAS HE LAUGHING? I looked down and noticed I was holding granny panties up in the air with polka dots. GREAT. So now there's no way I was going to say hello. I smirked, turned red, and just looked away, continuing to shove my clothes hastily in the washing machine.

Twenty-minute wash, set. Time to dry, this was going to be a drawn-out embarrassment. My eyes kept drifting in his direction. Should I say something? No. There was no time in my life to start anything. I was only back for a week before going to Nepal in search of some missing gold coins. I felt extremely drawn to him; it was like nothing I have ever felt before. I put him out of my mind and put my clothes in the dryer and set the timer for 1 hour, and started for the exit. Next thing I know, I was on the floor staring up at the ceiling with this man, this beautiful man staring down at me asking me if I was OK.

What just happened? He held out his hand and said, "That was one nasty slip," "looks like you slipped on some spilled fabric softener that was left on the floor." I grabbed his hand, and I felt my heart start to pound with just the touch of his fingers. He had this smirk on his face as we both looked down, and I realized my granny panties had flung out and were clinging to me. SHIT!

"My name is North," he said. I just had this blank stare on my face. "Miss?" he said again. "Oh, yeah... I'm Agen... I'm Angie," I stuttered back. I could feel the heat on my back, traveling up my neck. He's just a guy, why am I acting like this? We started to make small talk when we overhead on the TV in the corner, and the Law and Order intro came on. In unison, we chimed "BUM BUM." (the sound from the law order show.) We started to laugh and just talk about the show and wound up talking about everything else. I couldn't take the hum of the dryers any longer. "Hey, I live right upstairs, wanna come up for a cup of coffee?" What did I just ask? I don't know this man from a hole in the wall, yet without hesitation, he said "sure."

We went up to my apartment. He noticed all the artifacts on my walls and began to ask about my profession. Out of habit, I blurt out that I'm a museum curator. "Coffee's done," I said, placing the cups on the counter. He sat down next to me; we reached for the sugar at the same time. It was as if he was a magnet pulling me towards him. "I'll be right back; I'm going to the bathroom." In my bathroom, I'm pacing, and my heart is palpitating. I'm thinking to myself, "You'll be OK, just go back out there and act as calm and natural as possible".

I don't know what came over me; it was like an out of body experience. I'm watching myself jump and straddle him kissing his lips...oh god, his lips! I started to rip his clothes off. The urge to touch his skin was overwhelming. I didn't know what I was doing and didn't care for that matter; I just knew that I had to have this man inside of me. I pushed him down on my bed. He lay there, gazing at me as I slowly take off my clothes—so many thoughts racing through my head. I had to taste him. I straddled him, started to kiss his lips, his chest. My tongue lingered down his abs. I made my way down and slipped him into my mouth. It was like nothing I have ever tasted before. It felt hard and strong; I had to have more.

I started to lick and suck feverishly as if it were oxygen, and I was losing my breath. I could feel it tightening in my mouth and knew it was time to get down to business. I caught his eye when I glanced up; it was then I felt his powerful grip on my waist hoisting me up on the bed. He was over me now. I needed this man; I had to have this man. I felt his lips on my neck on my shoulders. I was getting goosebumps. I closed my eyes, just letting the sensations of his tongue explore my body. I could feel him ever so lightly kissing my inner thighs.

Something was building inside of me, just waiting to burst. He started to lick my spot. I started to get really hot. I could my lower abs start to twitch in anticipation. I knew he felt it too, he started to lick and suck at such a pace that my nerves didn't know what was happening it was like a tidal wave of ecstasy washing over my body. I couldn't take it anymore. He had to be inside of me.

I grabbed his face and kissed him long and hard. Everything about him tasted so good. I rolled him over, and I was on top. I leaned over and grabbed my spare cuffs from the night table. Before he knew it he was cuffed to my bed and blindfolded. He started to say something. "Sssh, I just want you to feel," I said.

I straddled him, so my back was facing him. I slowly guided him into me and began to ride him slowly at first, building up to such intensity that I could hear him moaning and feel him getting harder. No, I needed more. I slowed it down a bit. I uncuffed him and said, "I need it from behind now." Without hesitation there, I was on all fours gripping the metal of my bed for dear life as he thrust ferociously into me. I started to cum, and I felt this numbness just take over my body, the sweat just dripping off of me. Just as I was about to collapse, I felt him explode inside of me, and another wave of numbness took hold of me. We dropped to the bed, both panting, not saying a word.

There we were in a fog. It was about 30 minutes before I remembered the laundry. We got dressed and made our way back downstairs to the laundromat. As we begin to take our clothes out and pack it away, he glances over, and all I could say was, "I'll be back to do another load in 2 weeks". I walked out the door, not knowing how much truth there was in what I had just said, but I had a feeling we would be crossing paths again.

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