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Girlfriend Experience: Losing Virginity

 Woman, on back with bra on, Girlfriend Experience: Losing His Virginity

Erotic Story Submitted By Bobjj123

Nineteen-year-old Josh Knowles was a virgin; a fact that he lamented on frequently and did his best to change, but while he was popular with the girls at his Junior College, they seemed to see him as a friend and not a lover. He was intelligent, good looking, fit, trim, athletic, and friendly and dressed well.

Since he had started college nearly two years ago, Josh had sought the right girl to take away his virginity without success. A year ago, he had dated only the most desirable girls, the ones he would bring home to his parents, without success; then, he had started to date those girls who were reputed to put out with minimal effort on the part of the guy. The one nightstands!

Josh had never been refused the favors of any of those girls that he had dated. It was just that he'd never seemed to be able to ask for what he wanted. He'd been into some heavy petting with a couple of those girls, and it had at first seemed like he was about to get laid. Then, something seemed to interfere, and he was frustrated.

Josh had been thwarting his frustration as best he could; manual stimulation had only offered temporary relief. After the relief, his hormones had brought more intense lust and even greater frustration. His greatest relief came with his immersion in his studies where he could concentrate on something other than his lust.

It had been several months since he had first developed his plan to resolve his problem and get the experience he craved. If he couldn't find a girl willing to help him with his problem, he would go to a professional and pay his money - quick and no questions asked. He'd get fucked properly, and his problem resolved.

Having resolved on a solution, he began to make plans and to develop them as carefully as if he were a general planning a military campaign. This would be done in the finest fashion.

First, he set about finding information on the professional services available. Several local bars offered a source of women who would perform the act for money but most required an evening of booze and drunkenness, and he rejected that. Then, the streetwalkers on "B" street offered a quick, cheap alternative, which he dismissed as being a bit too common for the first time. For quality, he soon learned that the escort services were his best alternative. Talk around the school led him to believe that was so.

Having determined his selection, he picked up the underground papers and began researching what was available in the way of escorts. He made telephone calls to the various local agencies and determined the prevailing rates and services provided. Then, he overheard a brothel discussion in a city some two hours away by train where for the same money, he would find a large selection of available women to choose from.

The next day, he had made a call to the establishment and determined that they indeed did provide a selection of beautiful women. If he wasn't satisfied with the selection, he was under no obligation to participate further.

Then, a week ago he had bought a train ticket to the city and called for an appointment at the 'Kit Kat Playpen.' On Monday, he took his suit to the cleaners and checked his clean white shirt. On Friday, he got a haircut and a new necktie. On Saturday morning, he arose early, showered, shaved, and made preparations before boarding the train for the city at noon.

Once on the train, he found it crowded and filled with college students headed for an adventure in the city or home from some adventure away. It was mass confusion, and Josh found a seat in a car a few cars forward from where he boarded. He sat.

Next to him, in the adjoining seat, a girl, about his own age, sat reading a college text. As he sat, he introduced himself to the girl who responded cooly with her own name, i.e., Tess. Then, softening her tone, she asked, "Where are you going?" Josh replied simply, "To the city," and the tone of his response brought further reflective and directive questions. Tess was good at her questioning, and it was soon apparent where Josh was heading and why. Then, it was Josh's turn to ask the questions, and he learned that she was a student at a small college in the city. She was a psychology major, living alone in a small studio apartment.

As they rode, Josh appraised the girl he was seated next to. She was no raving beauty with a model's figure but slightly more rounded and girl-next-door type. Her long, black hair framed a smooth alabaster complexion with clear, blue eyes giving her a very feminine look. Although not readily apparent at first glance, she was really quite pretty.

The thought crossed his mind, "If only I could get her for my first experience!" but was quickly dismissed as too unlikely.

As they talked, Tess asked Josh what the going rate was for what he was seeking, and after some denials and hedging, he reported, "Two hundred and fifty dollars." Then, they sat in silence as the train rolled towards the city.

A few minutes later, Tess spoke, "Suppose I were to offer you the same service for the same money. I know I'm not a professional, and the service would be a bit awkward due to my inexperience, but I could make it up to you with a home-cooked dinner with a girlfriend experience if you will."

Josh was amazed at her question. Surely there was some catch. He asked simply, "Why?" and Tess responded, "I'm broke, and I need the money. It's a shame for you to give all that money to a woman you don't know while I need it so bad, and I would enjoy being with you so much."

"But we hardly know each other," I said, and she responded, "You don't know that woman you're going to meet either. She may be carrying some disease, and I can guarantee you that I'm clean. I haven't been with a guy in nearly five years."

When they left the train at the downtown station, Josh carried Tess's bag as they walked to the bus station and boarded a #32 bus for her apartment. Once on the bus, Josh was suddenly filled with joy. He had never been happier. Tess's hands had caressed his arms, and the familiarity brought feeling he had only hoped for.

So engrossed in his exuberance, Josh failed to notice Tess's quiet concern. It wasn't until they left the bus and started the two-block walk to her apartment that he saw the look of in her eyes and noted the change in her manner. Suddenly, his high spirits evaporated. He realized the possibility that this whole arrangement might not be realized; yet, he now realized that he wanted Tess more than he'd ever wanted any of the other women.

Then, as they approached her apartment door, Tess spoke, "I'm sorry, I can't do this. I've never done anything like this before, and I must have been crazy. Look, you're a nice guy, and I'm sorry." It was then that Josh heard himself saying, "That's all right. How do I get back to town?"

It was then that Tess realized the situation. The next bus back to downtown was three hours away and that Josh would either have to take a cab or wait. She explained the situation to him as she apologized, and Josh was faced with a problem. He didn't have cab fare to spare. In addition, he had missed his appointment at the brothel. "Damn!" he said quietly under his breath.

Then, Tess correctly assessed the situation and said simply, "Come on in, and I'll fix you some dinner. You can take it from there.

Once inside her small apartment, Josh realized that Tess was indeed a poor college student. While neat and clean, her apartment was a hodge-podge of miscellaneous shabby furniture, and her mattress rested on the floor. He began to feel sympathy for her. She had tried to pick up a few bucks and found that she couldn't go through with it. Then, he went to the kitchen to help her with dinner.

Once in the kitchen, he quickly noted that her cupboards were bare. She was assessing what she had that she might offer for dinner. Then, in a move he had not anticipated, he heard himself saying, "Is there a restaurant nearby?" With his appointment with the escort failed, he had money to buy dinner, and he found Tess's company quite pleasant. She responded that there was.

A few minutes later, Josh and Tess were seated in the small Italian restaurant where they pondered the menu. Then, as they ordered, he noted Tess choosing the least expensive thing on the menu. He did likewise; then, as an afterthought, he said, "and bring us a bottle of Chianti."

Suddenly, the couple were in high spirits. There was a bond forming quickly between them, building faster than either realized! They ate their pasta, drank their wine, and Josh ordered a dessert with two spoons. Their hands began to move, touching arms and fingers, and they sparred with their spoons as they ate their dessert. As they were preparing to leave, Josh saw something in Tess's eyes, something he'd never seen before!

Tess was equally attracted to Josh. She had been celibate since her one-time experience in high school, and although the experience was less than satisfactory, it had awakened passions in her. Passions that, once unleashed, could not be denied.

She had been having those strong, lusty feelings for some time, and Josh had affected her from the moment she saw him even before he spoke.

Her offer to sell herself to him had been partly predicated on a need to satisfy her lusty feelings, and he had continued to inspire then as they ate dinner. Perhaps, she thought, "If given a little more time, something might develop between them."

As they walked back to the apartment, slightly tipsy, they laughed and played like they had known each other for years. The bond between them was growing stronger!

Then, suddenly Tess was aware of her growing attraction, and her reaction was to squelch it! "After all," she reasoned, "she had rejected any sort of affair earlier." She grew sober and withdrawn. Her mind was host to a mountain of indecision as she tried to develop some sort of plan.

Back in the apartment, they talked more intimately than before. Tess began to try to explain her feelings and found that she didn't understand them herself. Josh, interested now, tried to draw her out with careful questioning, and soon they were as intimate as Josh had ever been with a girl. They were completely open as they became totally engrossed in each other. Josh's feelings were so exciting that he mistook them as resulting from the wine.

It was nearly eight o'clock when Tess spoke with alarm, "You've missed the bus!" and they realized it was a fifty dollar cab fare back to town, and the last rain for home would leave before he could possibly get to the station.

Suddenly, the answer was clear to Tess. "You can spend the night here," she said, "That's a big bed over there, and there's room for both of us, that is, if you're not afraid of me." Tess had made the decision, they would sleep in the same bed, and she would seduce him.

Having determined her course of action, she smiled. He was going to get what he was willing to pay two hundred and fifty dollars for free. Somehow she knew that it'd be better this way.

Having little choice, Josh decided to remain at the apartment. The idea of sleeping in the same bed as Tess appealed to him even if he was pretty sure it'd be sleeping and no more.

Then, about ten-thirty, Tess suggested it was about bedtime and went off to the bathroom to prepare herself for bed. Seeing her depart for the bathroom, Josh went to bed and pulled off his shoes and trousers before crawling under the covers. He was unsure what was expected, so he kept most of his clothing on.

A few minutes later, Tess appeared from the bathroom, a vision of loveliness dressed in a long tee-shirt and panties. She, too, had wondered what the proper attire should be and decided that tee-shirt and panties were appropriate. For Josh, it was the most enticing thing he'd ever witnessed, and he felt his arousal growing.

What earlier had seemed pretty, now seemed beautiful as Josh stared at the approaching Tess. What moments before had seemed calm and comfortable now seemed wild and exciting. The tee-shirt did little to hide the curves of Tess's body as she moved towards him and into the bed.

Her influence on Josh as he lay in bed did not go unnoticed by Tess. She felt a sense of rising satisfaction with the power she was exercising over him. She moved closer so that their bodies were touching and reveled in the sensual feeling that the touches brought.

Josh remained in a state of uncertainty. He was into this relationship farther than he had ever been before, and he was uncertain of the signals he was receiving from Tess. He hoped beyond all reason that the body language, cover caresses, and similar matters spoke of a seduction. On the other hand, if he assessed the situation wrong. What then? All he really knew was that he had a knot of fear in the pit of his stomach, and his mouth was dry as he lay anticipating what might come next.

Continuing her seduction, Tess moved closer and allowed her hot breath to warm his neck and ear as she caressed his arm and shoulder. Finally, Josh was sure. The revelation that he was being seduced came to him suddenly and with the impact of a sledgehammer.

For Josh, the revelation was sudden and unexpected. He had always assumed that it was the man's job to convince the girl, and it simply hadn't occurred to him that it was a mutual thing with each partner contributing. He reviled himself, "How could I have been so stupid?" as he realized his past failures might well have been of his own making.

Josh quickly moved to return the erotic sensations the Tess's efforts were having on him. He moved slowly, tentatively, exploring as he went. With each new attempt, he carefully sought out her response and acted accordingly. Suddenly, he was excited, more excited than he had ever been, and his passions had exceeded all due bounds.

Of course, Tess noted the intensity of his behavior - his sudden, highly excited state, and responded accordingly. Tess's only previous experience had been sudden and without preparation, and she was now as inexperienced as Josh. Slowly she released her restrained passions as she felt her trust in Josh's sensitive nature.

Clothes soon lay in heaps on the floor, and they caressed every bit of bared flesh on each other's bodies. As Josh felt her breast for the first time, he touched it tentatively and massaged the nipple only to find Tess extremely receptive to his fingers. She seemed even more responsive to his lips, suckling the nipples and laving the soft flesh around them.

As his hand moved to her inner thighs and began tentatively seeking her labia, he was more confident. Even with no experience, it seemed like everything he did served to excite his lover more. Then, his fingers moved between the folds of her labia and into her warm, soft, lubricated vagina. Again, Tess responded with a cry that could only be interpreted as encouragement.

Empowered by his success, Josh began to consider using his mouth. It was commonly discussed in the locker rooms at school, and even with no experience, he moved to please Tess. First, tentatively with warm breath into her soft inner folds, followed by wet kisses and finally his tongue working around her sheath and on to her clit. The reaction when his tongue touched her clit for the first time told him all he needed to know, He applied himself with renewed vigor and felt no urgency to continue.

Meanwhile, Tess was enjoying the sensations he was exciting in her pussy. She was soon totally engrossed in the feelings emanating from her groin that she had lost all power of reason; nothing was more important that the sensations she was feeling.

Still, if Josh was content to continue servicing her pussy, Tess felt a sense of urgency. She wanted him in her and could wait no longer. Her previous experience had left her with little interest in coitus, and now her interest could no longer be restrained. She grasped Josh's head and pulled him up over her.

As Josh slid into the missionary position, he felt Tess's lips pressing against hers, mouth open, and her tongue challenging his own to a fiery duel. It was a kiss like none other either had ever experienced.

It was sheer luck something even experienced couples were unable to do, and suddenly Josh found his erect cock sliding into the wet, warm, velvety smooth vagina for the first time. It slowly entered her, lubricating and adjusting as it moved towards full penetration. Josh remained alert for any signs from Tess as he enjoyed his first fuck. There was nothing, no sign, no indication.

Meanwhile, Tess had steeled herself for the expected pain from his entry and waited as the pleasant sensations she was receiving were overwhelmed by her expected hurt. Then, she felt it, the base of his cock against her clitoris, and she knew that he was fully in. She felt a sense of great joy at having no pain even as the sensations she had been receiving descended on her with full force and effect. She cried out.

Freed of her expectation of pain, Tess was able to enjoy the sensations that were enveloping her. She began to participate fully in the act, tentatively at first; then, responding to Josh's moves for maximum effect.

Meanwhile, Josh was totally engrossed in their coitus, acting on instinct alone and always sensitive to the girl he was balling. He was learning that his pleasure came from the sensations he brought out in Tess. He was learning that it was only Tess that could feel his power and respond. He was learning.

It was his first time, but he knew it surely wouldn't be his last.

Now, it was instinct alone that inspired them and drove them to new heights of passion. Each move brought new power and new sensations to the lovers. Sometimes the position of power rested in Josh, and sometimes it shifted to Tess as they approached the limits of physical endurance.

The sex was no longer soft velvety caresses and mild sensations but had become violent as their bodies slammed together as nature intended to drive the seed into its maximum penetration. The cries were no longer soft mewling but loud animal cries that spoke only in some secret code to the lovers.

When Josh felt the semen rising in his balls, he knew the culmination was near, and he cried out and slammed himself into Tess's waiting pussy, which had risen to meet his thrust. On feeling the surge of jizm into her belly, she too cried out. They kissed and held each other close as they savored the moment.

As they came off their passionate high still joined by Josh's nearly flaccid cock , Tess thought about her past experience and how different it had been. She thought about the difference between her two lovers. Her first had been experienced and knowledgeable, yet he performed so poorly. On the other hand, Josh was obviously inexperienced and had stirred her in a way that she hadn't imagined possible.

Much as he enjoyed their situation, Josh, with his full weight resting on Tess, sensed that she might be uncomfortable with his weight and prepared to move. As he began his move, Tess grabbed him and embraced his and said, "Don't go... Please!"

Josh spoke, "Am I too heavy?" And Tess replied simply, "No!" Then, they began to talk about their experience. Each extolled the other for their skill as a lover, and the talk started to shift.

"What about us?" Josh asked, and there was a long silence. "Well, we were good together; that's for sure!" she replied, and Josh sensed a pensive attitude in her remark. They talked well into the morning, and as much as they wanted otherwise, it was evident that any long-term relationship was simply not feasible.

They agreed that it would have to be a one-night stand with no regrets and no further attachments. It was early morning when they slept.

At five-thirty, Josh arose and showered, dressed, and prepared to leave. The last thing, before going out the door, he awoke Tess, kissed her lightly on the lips, and departed.

As he walked swiftly towards the bus stop, he smiled as he remembered the two one-hundred-dollar bills that he had left in the silverware drawer at Tess's apartment. It had seemed like the least he could do to thank her.

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