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Old High School Crush Story

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Old High School Crush Sex Story Submitted By Bob

Don Windsom stood quietly in the shade of the big Catalpa tree that offered both shade from the sun and cooling from the transpiration of the big leaves that hung overhead. It was an unusually hot summer day even for July as the sky was filling with big cumulus clouds and thunderheads. Most of the people of the town had sought the comfort of air conditioning, and the streets were nearly deserted as Don stood thinking.

As he stood there, Don's eyes slowly surveyed the town; he remembered what it had been four years ago when he'd left. As he surveyed the familiar, yet different town, he wondered if any of the people his age were still around and what had happened in their lives. Jenny Kiddet came to his mind.

Jenny Kiddet had held such a prominent spot in his mind back then. Of course, Jenny also stood out in the minds of most young men in those days, and he simply wasn't in her league. He thought of her long, well-shaped legs and perfectly proportioned torso and her long, black hair and felt a surge of lust. Funny, after all the years, his vision of her still aroused a passion.

Of course, back in high school, that lust has been his constant companion, and he'd spent untold hours in a state of arousal just thinking of her. Late at night, he had lurid dreams of her. At times, he had ached for her. It was even as he pined for her that he had recognized the hopelessness of his situation as Jenny had been Hank Brady's girlfriend, and he was considered by most to be the prize catch of the men at that time.

As he stood, contemplating, Don noticed a heavyset man get out of his car and enter the ice cream shop. There were people moving about even in the extreme heat of summer. A large hawk circled about cutting lazy circles in the darkening sky. Then, a slight breeze brought cooling as Don continued his reverie.

He stood, thinking. Perhaps he should go to his old home where his drunken mother might heap her hate and discontent with the world on him as she had to his father. It was a dismal thought, and he quickly considered alternatives. Most of his former friends were too busy with their own lives to entertain him. Perhaps he should return to his ship and forego his leave. The ship and the Navy were his new life, and it was a good one. He had friends there, and there were comfort and security there. Still, he hesitated. He'd come to a great distance to revisit the place of his youth, and it seemed like a shame to just walk away. Perhaps something might turn up yet, something that would arouse his interest.

It was then that he saw a man and a woman walk into the saloon across the street. As they hurried into beat the heat through the air-conditioned tavern, he thought to himself that they would soon be having a nice cold beer, and it appealed to him as well. It was as he felt the cool zephyr and the first drop of summer rain that he realized that he was about to get wet and quickly sought shelter in the saloon where he entered, his body soaking wet from the short exposure to the summer deluge. There at the bar, the evaporating water drawing heat from his body, he called out simply, "A glass of tap beer, please." Then, he sat on the old bar stool and rested his elbows on the bar. His mood was indifferent, and he thought that perhaps he should just go back to the ship.

He fondly recalled his stateroom where he lived quite comfortably and the wardroom where he found camaraderie and even an occasional friendship. It hadn't been easy, but he'd attained a measure of success in the Navy. Four years at the Naval Academy and three more at sea, where he'd learned his profession well, eventually guaranteed that he'd rise to the top of the ranks.

As the bartender brought his beer, Don thanked him, and he drank the first few sips. "Ain't you, Don Windsom?" the bartender asked, and Don sought to remember the man who had addressed him.

As he quickly recalled names from the past, it came to him, and he responded, "It sure is Hank," and reached out his hand to shake that clammy hand of the bartender. They greeted and exchanged pleasantries, but Don had never felt close to Hank, even in high school, and felt the urge to end the conversation. Hank, however, sought to extend it, and he talked.

As Hank talked, he told of having moved in with Jenny Kiddet right out of high school. They both had fucked like rabbits for a while then, it'd kinda worn off, and she'd moved out. "The bitch runs the restaurant next door now - hates my guts." As he talked, Don observed Hank's pompous nature that had always irritated him in the past and perhaps more so now. Hank continued, "Bitch took me for all I was worth when she left me. She took the car and left me with the fuckin' house. Well, there's lots of hot cunt around, and I'm getting my share. She's going broke trying to make that cafe work; serves her right too, she can just kiss my ass."

"Hank, you're still a tool," Don said as he moved off the barstool and strode to the door. He'd never cared much for Hank, and now he rather disliked him. As he approached the door, he noted that the rain still fell in torrents and made a quick decision to brave the rain rather than be around Hank any longer.

Outside, he hugged the wall of the building where the rain could not reach and moved sideways. When he felt the handle, he opened the door to the cafe restaurant and entered to find the place vacant except for the woman reading the newspaper at the counter. He recognized her instantly, though she'd changed.

As he observed her, he saw the same beautiful figure and long black hair, the body that had always incited so much lust, but her eyes were different. Her face carried a look of sadness. Strange, he thought, he felt no rush of excitement. "Jenny Kidder, how are you?" he said.

As she looked up from her paper, the woman seemed only slightly interested as she surveyed the arriving patron. Suddenly, Jenny dropped her paper and stood as a smile crossed her face. "Is that you, Don Windsom?" she said as she moved towards him and embraced him in a friendly manner. For the first time since his return, Don felt the warmth of friendship, and for the first time, he felt Jenny Kiddet's arms around him.

Don decided it felt good, and strangely, he felt no surge of arousal. Why, he wondered, was there no sexual drive that had driven him to distraction on so many occasions in the past? Perhaps it was her new look, not at all like he remembered in her past. Perhaps he was just older and wiser and had outgrown his childhood infatuation. Don was sure he saw the tension and fear in Jenny. She was not happy, and it showed. The small facial wrinkles at her eyes betrayed her lack of serenity. Still, Don felt something warm and comfortable as they greeted and began to talk.

The talk seemed to come easily as the two reminisced about old times. Never close friends before, they spoke openly as people in small towns often do. Don asked questions about old classmates and sought general information about the town as Jenny answered those questions and sought information about Don's life in the Navy.

Gradually, as familiarity and trust developed between them, their discussion became more intimate as Jenny told of her living with Hank. She'd grown up with Hank, and it'd seemed only natural that they be together, so when they'd graduated from high school, she passed up her chance for college and went to live with him. She'd known it was a bad arrangement from the start and had tried to make it work.

As she talked, she poured coffee for them, and they seated themselves at the counter, facing each other. Suddenly, Don felt close to her, closer than he could ever remember being to anyone. This feeling was strange; yet, comfortable. His mind seemed filled with good feelings, and he only wanted them to continue. As he sat, talking, and analyzing his feelings, Don felt like he wanted to be with this woman forever. Strangely, he felt no surge of sexual demanding urges. On the contrary, he felt a slow building of something he couldn't remember ever feeling before. He wanted to touch and caress her.

Strange, he thought, why did he simply seek a simple touch? Always before he had envisioned wild sexual abandon in his dreams, but this wasn't a dream, and she was there in person. She seemed open to his advances, or maybe she was just being friendly. Somehow, she had changed. It was as he was deeply in thought, considering his situation that he felt it; Jenny had placed her hand on his bare arm, and it felt good. He wondered if she was coming on to him, or was it just a gesture of friendly warmth? Regardless, it felt good.

As Don sought to comprehend the situation, his eyes met Jenny's as if they were trying to communicate something, but what. Was it simply friendly camaraderie between old schoolmates or was it something more personal. Don felt his old lack of ability in social situations as never before. Still, he tried, it was only with his maximum effort that he was able to keep a steady flow of conversation while Jenny seemed so at ease with him, while he thought that she must consider him a real loser and unable to meet her at her social skill level. He wondered why he'd always been able to meet socially with the best in the Navy and in the Navy circles; yet, he was unable to match this country woman in a single, lone conversation. He continued to try.

As the hours passed, Jenny closed and locked the doors and turned off the grills as something held them in conversation. As he watched her go about her work, he saw something that seemed to have changed in her demeanor. When they'd first met, he'd detected tension and sadness, but it seemed to have abated as she smiled occasionally and seemed more alert and alive. He silently appraised her and found himself adoring her with his eyes; she had a quiet type of beauty that he'd never seen before. For the first time that evening, he felt his body quicken as a slight surge of passion passed over it, and then, it was gone from his mind as Jenny returned with more coffee and sat beside him. Their eyes met, and Don thought he saw something in Jenny, something he didn't understand again.

The two became closer and seemed to be trying to communicate only to be frustrated by their lack of ability to communicate. They began to talk more intimately as Jenny talked of her immediate problems. Jenny explained that her life was tied up in the cafe, and it was not making a profit. She'd had to discharge the cook and assume both cook and waitress duties, and now it was still a loser. There were simply no alternatives left except to declare bankruptcy. This time, as Don looked into her eyes, he saw tears. She spoke of being a loser in life and of her lack of a future; she looked alone and vulnerable.

Don, seeing her in that condition, thought briefly of making his move and taking advantage of her vulnerability. Most of his life, he had dreamt of jumping Jenny's bones, and he saw the possibility in front of him. Then, as he felt their closeness and the pleasure it provided, he realized that he could never do it, he cursed himself for his feelings as he realized he could never take advantage of Jenny. Somehow, he thought, it just wouldn't be fair.

Instead, they talked on, intimately, and it felt good. Soon, Don felt good about his leave from the Navy for the first time. So it was that he parted from his friend near midnight and returned to his hotel room. During the short walk to the hotel, the tropical night seemed to offer pleasant feelings as his thoughts often returned to the woman he'd just left.

In his room, he moved quickly to bed and to sleep. He slept soundly as usual. It was a deep, dreamless sleep that provided rest ad when he arose at 0630; he felt fit and ready for the day. After showering and shaving and dressing, he left the hotel and returned to the small cafe. It had been largely an unplanned visit and one that he seemed drawn to make. There, he found Jenny busy serving several customers. They greeted, and somehow Don felt slighted by the coolness of the whole thing. He sat at the counter and picked up the newspaper, which he read as he waited for Jenny to take his order. It was nearly an hour when the last of the customers left, and Jenny came to sit next to Don.

After pouring him coffee and making a large plate of biscuits and gravy, she placed the feast in front of him. For herself, she chose a small bowl of cottage cheese and fruit and sat facing Don. Their eyes met and, for the first time, clearly communicated their former intimacy. As the realization came to them, Jenny reached to touch his forearm. "I've got to paint the front of the cafe today, and there's very little time between customers for me to work, so if we're to continue this talk, it'll have to be while you watch me work, she said.

As Don considered what she'd said, he realized just how desperate her situation was, he thought about how he might help. There were nearly two weeks of his leave left, and there was little else to occupy his time. Perhaps he might enjoy painting with her. Perhaps they could find some quality time to enjoy each other. Besides, he needed to do some physical labor as his Navy duties simply didn't afford him much opportunity.

The work went well, and by nightfall, the cafe had never looked better from the front. Don felt a special sense of pride as he'd done most of the painting and had a big part of the improvement of the cafe. It was when he asked, "What's next," she had replied, "For me, it's washing the walls and kitchen to remove the grease." Then, she quickly added, "You can watch if you want."

That night, at precisely 2100 hours, Don appeared on the site with a large pressure washer. With the combinations of water and steam, the kitchen was soon sparkling clean with crumbling plaster and cracks in the walls evident. Nearly fifty gallons of greasy slime had been removed, and soon it was time for patching the walls and sanding in preparation for painting. As he worked, Don took satisfaction in the results of his labor. Only Jenny seemed perturbed by the happenings. Her nervous tension had returned, and she kept saying words about never being able to repay him. Her eyes seemed to resist what he was doing. But if Jenny was displeased, Don felt only pleasure in the work he was doing. It was worth every penny he was spending for equipment and supplies.

With the dawn came to a newly cleaned and decorated kitchen, and there was none finer or better around. It was as Jenny prepared to open the doors to the cafe to the morning diners that Don realized that she'd had no sleep in 24 hours and was still functioning. She must be dead on her feet, he thought. They agreed to take turns napping, and at 1130, Jenny came down to serve the lunch crows while Don slept; only Don didn't sleep.

As he lay on her bed and rested, his eyes observed his surroundings. Jenny was certainly neat. She apparently read a lot, and such authors as Mitchner books adorned her bookshelves. She apparently had an interest in travel as he observed various travel books and brochures. Several physics and chemistry textbooks lay on her desk, where they appeared to have been used recently. Then, it was 1400 hours, and Don found himself in charge of the cafe while Jenny slept.

By Saturday night, Pappy's Diner sparkled as never before, clean, with new paint and wall decorations. A new sign was advertised in neon. Newspaper ads had appeared that very last day to show off Pappy's new look. At exactly 2100 hours, Jenny closed the door to the cafe and went upstairs to seek sleep.

There, on the bed, Don slept soundly, and she considered. Should she wake him? It seemed such a shame to wake the tired man after such a hard week. On the other hand, the floor was hard, and she felt no great desire to sleep on the floor. A few minutes later, she slept beside Don on the bed.

The next morning, at 0530, as Jenny showered and dressed, she mused that she'd slept with Don, and he'd never been aware of her presence. What a shame she thought as she went to open the cafe for Sunday breakfast. However, Don had been aware of her presence on the bed with him. It had been a pleasant time as he spooned with her and lay against her warm body.

Though fully clothed, it had been a sensational experience for him. There, cuddled together in the dark, he lay half-awake and felt the sensations of his youth as his desire rose to new heights. Of course, older and wiser now, he controlled those wild thoughts and enjoyed the sensations of this woman with whom he had spooned.

Sometime, during the night, Don had slept and moved apart from Jenny in such a way that all that remained were the pleasant memories. It was after six when he awoke, showered, and went down to the cafe where he found Jenny hard at work. They greeted as their eyes met and exchanged new intimacies that made them closer than ever before. As he sat at the counter, Don ate his breakfast in silence as Jenny worked; then, he returned to his hotel room to pack for his return to his ship.

As he packed, Don worked silently, deep in thought. He thought of his leave and of his work at the cafe. Somehow, the newly remodeled cafe brought satisfaction to him. He'd made it happen. Then, there was Jenny - once a sex object, and now she was a friend, and he was pretty sure he'd never had a real friend before. Jenny was a friend; there was no doubt in his mind as he mulled over the idea of her being more, perhaps a potential lover.

Of course, he was returning to his ship, and whatever might have was only conjecture as he'd most likely never see her again. Still, conjecture is a funny thing, I might bring great pleasure, and as he considered the sex that might have been, he felt pleasure - Jenny brought pleasure in so many ways. He thought about what might have been if he'd just aroused her as they were spooned together and smiled.

It was late afternoon when he returned to the cafe for his dinner. His mood was rather maudlin as he sat at the counter, talking to Jenny as she worked and knowing it'd be their last time together. In two hours, he would board a night sleeper train and be gone. The time had come to part, and Don felt a strange sadness that was new to his repertoire of feelings. He didn't want to leave; yet, duty called. He didn't want this little time of fun to end. It was when Jenny saw him preparing to go, she left her duties and went directly to him where their eyes met, and Don saw something he'd never seen before… love. He was sure of it.

As she approached, Jenny embraced him and kissed him squarely on the lips. It was a very expressive kiss and promised him so much more than he'd ever imagined. Don's mind became chaotic as he realized what was developing between them. As he left the cafe, he thought about Jenny and what might have been, but it was too late now. They'd said their good-byes, and he was boarding the train to his old life on the ship.

For the next few days, Jenny was frequently on his mind and late at night, in his bunk, he remembered her as she had been in the cafe, friendly and open. He'd screwed up again, and it was too late. Only the press of his duties and the call of his present-day activities replaced her in his thoughts until, more and more, each day, she was relegated to the back of his mind next to total oblivion. There were more urgent matters to occupy his thoughts.

Eventually, it was winter, and Don was checking his email messages when he saw a reference to Jenny Kiddet on Facebook, and his interest was piqued. He went to her page and was granted admission to her page, where he saw her face looking youthful and showing no signs of tension or discomfort. This view seemed to bring pleasure to Don as he thought of her.

As he reviewed the messages on her Facebook page, it soon became apparent that she and her cafe were doing well. She was now a full-time manager with three cooks and nine full-time wait staff. She'd taken over the old bar and remodeled it into a picturesque old-time saloon where she had family entertainment and only soft drinks. The thought that she was doing well seemed to bring pleasure as he recalled his part in getting it all started. As he read of her success, Don's thoughts were scattered and gradually settled into sound reasoning. Jenny had been his friend, and they had enjoyed each other's company, then, he'd felt more. It was a new feeling to him, but he knew that he'd loved her. Of course, he'd played the dammed fool and let her get away, but in his mind, it was too late now.

That night, after a hectic evening watch, Don slept only occasionally as his thought returned to Jenny. He tried various means to bring on sleep, but each time his mind returned to the woman he loved and lost. He sat at breakfast, lost in thought, as he ate slowly, without any knowledge of what he was eating as his thoughts were only of Jenny. It was as he perused his own Facebook page later that he saw it; a message from Jenny. It had been written in such a manner that there was privacy, and only he could read it.

Don - since you left. I've come to realize that I've lost something very valuable, and I let it go; I want to be with you, to get as close as a man and a woman can be. You're the only man that I've ever met that inspired that in me. Since you've never made any advances toward me, I guess it's up to me to make this proposition. Are you interested? - Jenny.

The message was dated a few hours earlier and obviously in response to his message earlier, and he immediately began to compose a response. It was then that the collision alarm sounded, and Don felt himself violently thrust onto the deck by the sudden impact. He raced to the companionway and ladder to the bridge but found it gone and a wall of seawater rapidly filling, the forward fireroom where machinery sputtered and stopped as steam arose.

A few minutes later, Don sat in a life raft and contemplated what had happened. A knot of fear began to develop in his belly. As he contemplated, he felt a slight pain in his head and was compelled to brush it from his eyes. He was excited, pumped with adrenaline; yet, unable to act reasonably. He wondered where his friends were, friends who had lived and worked the ship just like himself. Were they alive?

It was much later when Don awoke in a bunk on a dry, comfortable ship. As he felt the gentle roll of the ship and the bandages that seemed to surround his aches and pain, he realized that he'd been rescued and was safe. Then, gradually, over the next couple of days, he learned that only about a third of the crew from his old ship had survived. Only three of the fifteen officers had made it.

With this news, Don's thoughts seemed to ask why me? Why did all the others have to die? And he grew deeply morose. Somehow, he simply lost his will to live. He lost all interest in life. The psychiatrists began to annoy him as they sought to restore his powers of reason. Then, he was transferred to the Naval hospital, and their efforts at healing continued. Gradually, the cuts and abrasions to the body healed as his thoughts remained dour and life held no interest for him. Even his promotion in rank and qualification for command seemed to offer no interest for him.

It was the day in the hospital when Jenny appeared and went directly to his bed, where she kissed him on the lips. As she kissed him, her lips parted, and her tongue sought entrance to his mouth. It was sexy, and it was hot, Jenny left no doubt about what she was seeking. Don lay quietly at first; then, as he felt the surge of desire, and he moved to respond to her very forward activities. For the first time since his accident, he showed interest in something, and the psychiatrist who had been observing quickly left the room and shut the door. The doctor had recognized that Jenny had accomplished what the doctors could not.

Alone, Jenny and Don simply enjoyed each other. Jenny explained that she'd read about the collision at sea in the newspaper and had learned that Don was in the hospital. She smiled as she said, "I'm gonna make love to you… you're probably the only man I'll ever meet that I want to be with and have had to work so hard to get. Since you seem to ignore me, I'm going to take advantage of you right here." Don, fully alert now and interested in his professed lover, responded, "I never was much around women, but It'll be hard for you to take advantage of such a willing participant." Their eyes met, and love flowed between them.

Meanwhile, the knowing doctor began making arrangements. A married officer's room was quickly readied and prepared for Don's occupancy. Two hours later, visitors were again allowed into his room as Don slowly grasped what was happening. There in his new room, he was guaranteed privacy for what Jenny had come to do. His interest remained titillated. The very thought of her brought passion surging through him.

Jenny arrived in the new room, and they had dinner brought in on trays so that they could dine together. Don's mind grew sharp as he stood and walked alone for the first time. He sat in a chair and ate a full dinner for the first time. Then, as the Corpsman came for the dinner trays and cleaned and tidied the room before leaving, Don's hand moved to grasp Jenny's in a gesture of intimacy.

Don's lust had grown to amazing heights, and he wanted the woman who sat across from him like never before. Their eyes met, and as of one accord, they stood and moved to embrace each other. They kissed, and Jenny slipped out of her shoes to signal her start of the seduction. Then, as Don assisted Jenny, her panties dropped, and her bra soon fell away to expose her small but beautiful breasts. He drew her to him with his hands tugging at the cheeks of her derriere, trapping his erect cock between their bellies. They kissed and feelings stronger than the lightning and thunder that roared outside raced through them. Those sexual urges that had so long been denied could no longer be contained.

Only Don's weakened condition forced them to go to the bed where he could relieve the muscle strain. There, he silently cursed his condition and lay helplessly as Jenny moved to kiss him. It was a wild, sensual kiss filled with reckless abandon that drove Don's arousal to new heights. As his mind sought to come to grips with this new situation, he saw Jenny with her shoes and jacket off and unbuttoning her blouse. It was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen as he lay watching.

As her blouse and bra fell away to expose her small but perfectly formed breasts, he felt his cock; already erect, it was surging with energy. Suddenly, he felt like that high school kid again seeking sexual favors from her. He mused, this time it wasn't just her body that he wanted, he wanted to possess her completely, to possess her heart and mind and very soul as his own as well as her magnificent body. As his eyes feasted on her physical attributes, it was their connection that seemed to matter most, but he still cursed himself for being so weak and unable to move around much, and then he began to worry; what if he couldn't perform?

Jenny, as she disrobed and seemed to perform for him, showing off her sexy attributes. She was hot and more beautiful than he'd ever remembered her, and then their eyes met. His fear seemed to cause a knot in the pit of his stomach. His mouth was dry and had an acid taste in it. His only thought was, could he please her?

With renewed strength, he sat up in his bed only to be pressed back down gently by Jenny's hand. As she restrained him, she moved on to the bed and lay beside him. There, she moved partially over him to hiss Don's lips with a tender kiss that seemed to inspire him and give him the confidence he needed. Again, Don moved, this time partially over Jenny, where he returned the kiss.

Suddenly, he felt renewed strength and moved to kiss her neck and ears as his hands found her breasts. He moved by instinct alone as he slowly caressed her breasts and nipples. His mind reveled in the many pleasures he was feeling. Gradually they made out and familiarized themselves with each other. Gradually, their intimacy grew. Gradually, they learned to make love together.

As their play continued and they grew more familiar, Don moved his hands to her groin and his mouth to her breasts. As he carried himself on his hands and arms so that he might suckle and lave her breasts, he felt himself weaken and lay on her with his face on her breast. His worst fear had come to be; he had failed. Again, he silently cursed himself for having lain abed for so long when he could have been regaining his strength. Then, he felt it, Jenny's hand on his cock. "Let me fuck you. Please?" she said.

Without waiting for a reply, she moved over his so that a knee rested on the bed beside his ribs. "I want you now." Jenny cried out as their eyes met, and her intent became obvious. Quickly she positioned herself over Don's erect cock and, with her hand grasped the erect tool and rubbed it slowly over the entrance to her vagina where it became well lubricated and smooth.

Slowly, she positioned his big, throbbing cock so that the crown slid slowly into her. As they each felt the friction of their first entry together, they reveled in the sheer joy and took pleasure in each other. It was an intimacy reserved for special lovers, those who, by cooperation and perseverance, had earned it together. It was as Don felt himself fully impale her pussy that he felt Jenny lean forward and come to rest on his chest as their lips met in a succulent kiss.

Their bodies were moving more and more quickly as she slid up and down his manhood. Whimpering, she tried to keep her moans silent, worried that those in the hall might hear them. She could not help herself as she felt the waves of ecstasy overwhelm her, and she came and came hard. Her pussy contracting tightly around his cock sent Don into an amazing orgasm. His seaman exploded out of his cock and deeply inside her.

They lay quietly, fully joined by Don's cock in her wet pussy as Jenny whispered, "I knew it'd be good. You're the greatest." Her eyes danced with a sparkle he'd never seen before. Funny, he thought, after all these years, he'd seen that sparkle for the first time. They played and giggled and laughed, and it was good. As she lay on his belly, Jenny felt light as a feather and the sensations where they came together, flesh to flesh, belly to belly, it felt good. They reveled together in the erotic sensations. Time seemed to stand still, and it might have gone on forever.

It was a week later as Don was about to be discharged from the hospital; that word came of his assignment to his first command. He would command the fast frigate, Gillette, as she came off the builder's ways. Then came the 45 days survivors leave and the chance to be with Jenny. When Don asked Jenny to be his wife, she readily accepted.

Many years passed, and in 2012 Jenny sat proudly next to VADM Donald Windsom, elegant in his dress white uniform, there on the reviewing stand. It was to be his last day in the Navy. In the crowd of sailors, two young men, David and Robert, sat quietly watching their father retired from the Navy. Both in college now, they had taken a day away from classes to witness this big event in their parent's lives.

As Jenny sat, she felt a familiar tingling in her groin area, one she'd learned to recognize, and she thought, that'll be over soon, and we can go home where she could pacify that urgent need. She was a happy woman free of care since she'd sold the cafe years ago and had gotten an excellent price for the business too.

As Don arose to go to the podium to speak, he had mixed emotions. This would be his last official act as a Naval officer, and soon he'd just be another person. The men standing at attention in front of him might soon forget him, but he'd never forget them. Behind him now, his wife waited patiently - just as she had for the previous twenty-five years. He spoke from the heart as he addressed the men, and then it was over, and his love was there to guide him through the next stage of his life.

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