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Kissing Techniques

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

Prairie Dogs Kissing, Kissing Techniques

Kissing triggers a release of pleasure chemicals in the body, such as oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. This cocktail of chemicals lowers cortisol levels (stress hormones) and can increase feelings of affection and euphoria. Thus, it is not just romantic, sexual, and pleasurable; it is a healthy way to relieve stress.

Kissing is one of the most intimate things we can do. Exploring one another's mouths with varied techniques can make things more passionate and provide renewed sensuality. Let us help you with kissing tips from the first kiss to keeping creativity alive in long-term relationships. So, let's get started with the big moment of the first kiss.

The First Kiss

The first kiss can be a significant moment to indicate what your sexual chemistry is made of, so here are some tips for making that first kiss count.

How To Know If They Want A Kiss

Body language is essential to understanding if the moment is right for a kiss. Here are some body language cues that someone may be into you:

  • They are leaning in toward you.

  • They make eye contact with you often.

  • They are playing with their clothing as they speak with you.

  • They are teasing you with humor and compliments.

  • They touch you while you talk with them.

  • They raise their eyebrows when they look at you.

  • They have open body language (facing you, arms open).

  • They move their body closer to you.

  • They mirror your body language.

When It Looks Right

If someone is giving you such physical feedback, then take a moment to read the moment, act respectfully but have confidence in your approach. If you are not certain, you can always go into their lips, linger just centimeters away for a second or two and see if they move toward or away from you.

A Clean Fresh Mouth

Kissing is always better when you have good oral hygiene so keep your teeth brushed and flossed and skip intense foods (onions, garlic) and avoid cigarettes, vaping, and other forms of tobacco. Use breath mints rather than gum so you can easily chew and swallow them rather than having to find a place to dispose of gum for your big moment. If you want your mouth to taste sweet before you kiss, suck on a piece of candy in a flavor they may enjoy.

Choose A Strategic Scene

Kissing often leads to intensified sexual behavior so while spontaneous kisses can be good, if you want to intensify the mood, choose low-lit, romantic places for your kissing spot. Exciting places to kiss are during fireworks, at an amusement park or carnival, on top of a tall building, or in an elevator. Romantic places to kiss are in parks, near a body of water, in the woods, walking down a street on a moonlit stroll, on a picnic, or a boat ride. There are also traditional places to kiss, such as at the movies, in the car, and of course, the fabulous and romantic New Year's Eve event.

Smell Good

Having a good, clean smell all over will make your lover want to linger. Remember that pheromones are a big part of sexual chemistry, and you do not want to overwhelm someone with perfume or cologne and cover them up. If you choose a fragrance, make sure it is put on lightly so that it does not overpower your own scent. Spray it in the air and walk into the mist rather than misting yourself directly. For more helpful tips on sensual scents, read more through our helpful Sex Pheromones & Sensual Scents Guide.

Use Your Hands

Before you move into a kiss, using your hands to touch them can elevate and excite them. You can put your hands on their shoulders or arm, and then as you move into kissing them, you can cup their face, graze their neck, or another part of their body to intensity the sensual sensations.

Don't Over Do The Tongue

Light and slow movements with your tongue are ideal when first starting to kiss. Avoid darting your tongue in and out and overwhelming someone with too much tongue movement or saliva. The mouth is a place for seduction, not an overbearing slobber fest.

Timing Your Kiss

The first kiss should be relatively short as you want to take it in and gauge how well it went. Pull back slightly and see what the reaction of your lover is after your initial kiss. If you feel them wanting more, you can always go in for a second kiss. Just keep in mind that taking breaks to play with their hair, gaze into their eyes and kiss their neck can be an excellent way to catch your breath, gauge the sexual excitement levels and break up the foreplay making it more exciting.

Keep Kissing

One of the first physical activities to go within a sexual relationship is kissing. Many couples will have sex but have not kissed one another passionately in years, which is quite common. Keeping passion in a relationship through kissing can be a wonderful way to inspire intimacy.

The key to good kissing is creativity and listening to your partner's cues. Creativity includes trying new ideas through various combinations of movements, locations, and moods. Listening refers to paying attention to your partner's verbal and nonverbal signals.

Routines sometimes can diminish the excitement because the other person already knows exactly what will come next. In that way, creativity can create a new experience that always keeps things exciting because your partner will have no idea what is coming. Therefore, to help people break old patterns, here are some suggestions for keeping things creative.

Kissing Techniques

Romantic Kiss

This type of kiss is slow, a light brushing against the lips, the tongue barely escaping the mouth with a hint of longing. It is perfect for a first date kiss or just testing the waters on how passionate things will get. Even in long-term relationships, remember that a sensual kiss can often be prolonged in its motion. The slowness can raise the sexual tension by pacing the sexual encounter.

Sucking Kiss

This type of kiss uses a light sucking motion to pull at your lover's lips and tongue. Keep it soft; you can use your tongue slightly while you graze them with your teeth.

Slippery Kiss

This is excellent for cunnilingus and fellatio and is done using a lot of saliva for lubrication. It can also be done during an intense French kiss; however, using less salvia on the mouth is typically preferred.

Lip Lick

Using your tongue, run it along the outer lips of your lover's lips.

Variation Kiss

Change up the kiss with a light flicking of the tongue to a deeper slow thrusting of their mouth going back and forth as things escalate, get close to climax, and then pull back to make it last.

Kissing Products

Honey Dust

Using a flavored powder around your neck, face, and chest area can make for a sweet treat for any lover. See our honey dust, which will not leave you sticky and make kissing you all over more fun as well as delicious.

Flavored Lubricants & Massage Oils

For body and genital kissing, having flavored lubricants and massage oils can make oral pleasure intensified. They can also be used when kissing one another. 

Warming & Cooling Lubricants & Massage Oils

Stimulating lubricants and massage oils that have warming and cooling properties make kissing one another on the body and the lips more exciting.

Oral Products

Using tongue vibrators and other oral sexual stimulators during kissing as well as all over the body and on the genitals can make oral pleasure even more creative and fun. 

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