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Office Romance

woman taking of man pants, erotic story, office romance

Erotic Story Submitted By Anonymous Guest Author

He was waiting for her after work; he had been anticipating this moment for some time. Throughout the last year that he has worked at the office, she had caught his eye with her long brown hair, blue eyes, and ruby red lips that made him wonder what it would be like to kiss her as he would walk by her cubical.

He looked forward to seeing her at the end of each day; she was a young intern just out of college and gorgeous. The problem was that he was being transferred to another branch across town, and he was taking his last opportunity to finally ask her out. He waited nervously as work ended, and the other employees poured out of the building to head home for the day. He had met her in passing on a couple of occasions but until this moment had never felt ready to ask her out. Realizing this was his last shot at seeing her again he knew he had to take the risk.

As she walked out, standing there with his chiseled body he looked like a muscular giant as he towered over most of the men around him. She could not help but notice he was looking straight at her with his piercing blue eyes and she felt herself become flushed with a surge of excitement realizing he was there for her. He smiled at her and with his warm, approachable charm and asked her if she might like to get dinner.

While she may have responded casually, her heart began to pound. She found herself overwhelmed that this amazing guy was expressing interest in her as he looked like a rugged man and not the typical office geek that attempted to woo her.

It was not that she was not used to male attention as she received quite a lot of it. Men were always falling over themselves to ask her out or to get an opportunity to speak with her, but he seemed different, and he had her full attention. Perhaps it was how he carried himself or the way he spoke, but something made her feel submissive to him and a willingness to follow his offer of a meal.

An easy flow of conversation followed to the restaurant and throughout their meal. The kind of chemistry that young lovers feed on came easily between them. They shared a similar sense of humor and found themselves laughing and exchanging stories establishing a quick intimacy and a sexual curiosity that brought with it an overwhelming desire.

Shortly after their meal together, they agreed to meet at her house, where she shared it with roommates. She quietly let him in, and they snuck into her bedroom, where they exchanged a nervous, sexually charged dialog until his muscular hands moved toward her curved waist, and he drew her into him.

She could feel her reserve let go; she could feel her skin flush with heat and a desire for him to keep moving his hands on her body. She moved in-between his strong legs as he pulled her firmly into him and put his warm lips against hers as he sat on the bed, pulling her into him harder. As his hot tongue moved with ease into her mouth, she felt her panties become hot with contractions by her already wet pussy while her nipples hardened with his touch. She loved him exploring her body; she wanted more, but kissing and fondling one another was all they shared that evening as she was new to her budding sexuality and needed to move slowly.

Time went on, and the two of them spent many dates watching movies, going out to dinner, taking walks in parks, talking, and laughing. They were falling in love, and they were enjoying intense and passionate sessions of making out. She was inexperienced and a virgin, and while he too only had a bit of sexual experience, he became her sexual guide. He took care of her taking his time, showing her respect and gentleness as she tried new things with him.

Soon after they were dating, she wanted to taste him, to feel him come in her mouth and take him inside her. She was nervous but decided that it was something she felt compelled to do. As she moved her hands down to his zipper, she wondered if she would be able to please him the way she wanted to in her mind. She felt nervous but aroused, and she could feel her panties getting wet with her desire. Her small, hands highlighted with red nails glided into his jeans, and her fingers felt a pleasurable sensation as she found his cock already hard in anticipation of her touch. He helped her move his jeans down as well as his underwear to expose his throbbing member now fully engorged.

She stroked the smooth skin of his cock with veins that pumped blood through bulging on his shaft's sides. The feel of his arousal made her release a slight moan, and her breath began to quicken as did his. She loved the scent of his body, and the intensification of it as she moved to his awaiting cock with her ruby red lips pleased her even more. She ran her small, soft, pink tongue over the head of his shaft and could feel it flex and pulse as she moved her hand around the base of his cock to hold him firmly as she licked him slowly.

This was so enjoyable to her, and she found herself moving her lips over her teeth to ready herself to take him inside her hot, longing mouth. As she moved over his head, she could feel his pelvis thrust and heard him moan as she took him inside her. She slid down his cock to her hand, which still grasped the base of his cock and slid his head to the back of the softest, deepest part of her throat.

The feel of his cock fully inside her mouth made her nipples harden, and her longing pussy was now dripping with cum. She wanted him to fuck her mouth; she wanted him to cum deep into the back of her throat and taste his salty load as he released inside her. The power she held in the pleasure she was giving him made her feel lightheaded and high, and she found herself moving up and down fucking him with her mouth with more vigor and lust.

He filled her mouth, and while she found it challenging to take him in due to his girth and length, she found her excitement enough to fuck him with fervor. She felt his hands run through her flowing, brown hair, and with each thrust, he could not help but pull a bit as she moved up and down his shaft with a primal desire to make him cum for her.

She moved her other hand to his balls, which were tight and warm against his body, and she pulled them gently stroking them. He gasped with pleasure, and she took great pleasure in the sounds he was making and returned them with her own soft moans of desire. Her fingers moved behind his balls as she continued to massage them with the palm of her hand, and

/blogs/sex-tips/prostate-massage, which made him flex and buck his hips. She wanted to please every part of him, and his breath quickened as pre-cum seeped from his cock, which made her have even more desire for him to fuck her.

He was now thrusting more firmly with her movements fucking her mouth as she moved up and down him with her hot, wet tongue and pushing him to the back of her wet, warm throat where the head of his cock hit and made him begin to well with an intense need to release his load deep inside her.

Her saliva encompassed his throbbing, aching cock and dripped down his shaft over her hand and into his pubic hair. "Fuck," he moaned, "you're gonna make me cum so hard."

She reveled in his excitement; she wanted him to cum; she wanted him to release everything he had inside her. She could feel the contraction of his balls pull tighter into him and the building and tensing of his impending release. As he exploded, he clenched his teeth and made an animalistic sound. The hot cum hit the back of her throat with force, and made her pussy quiver in delight and fill releasing wet, hot cum into her already drenched panties.

Her first blowjob was everything she hoped and more. She wanted to give him her virginity; she wanted to feel his thick cock inside her longing, tight, pink pussy. She wanted so much more, and more was coming.

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