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Russian Mail Order Bride

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Mail Order Bride Sex Story Submitted By Bob

Elena Balakova was born in Kiev in the country of Ukraine, once a member of the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and had grown up in the shadow of a great nuclear disaster that left large areas of the neighboring country devastated. The economy of the new nations had been ruined, and rival political groups had vied for power. The situation was not a new one for the people of Kiev.

Before the new government, there had been a time of rigid control and some stability under the Communists. Most of the people were poor. Then, before that, the Tsar controlled a government that had evolved from their old feudal, and the people were poor. Somewhere in the distant past, the Cossacks had ruled the land, and people had hope - It was from these that Elena s ancestors came.

It was to that heritage that she owed her blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, well-proportioned body, and physical prowess. It was probable that her superior intelligence also came from the same source.

Her parents were proud but poor, as were her grandparents. Her father, raised a farmer, had been moved by the Communist regime to that of a truck driver. Her mother was employed as a street sweeper; all he part of one of her 5-year plans to develop the country. Her family was a close one. Elena had received abundant love and guidance in her path to adulthood. Sundays were devoted to church, and the family was all participating members of the Orthodox Church. In addition, the family had practiced their religious rites at home as well.

When Elena was just thirteen, she was selected to attend the university where she would be groomed to be a doctor. Life at the special school had been cold and impersonal, and the studies were demanding as she became hardened to life. It was seven years later when she had started medical school, during which time she had visited her parents only six times, but she remembered them and their teachings fondly. As she continued to study at the medical school, she excelled - at the top of her class.

It had been on to her residency in neurosurgery where her deft fingers and brilliant mind put her at the top of the students' training in that field. It was at the age of 26 that she completed her training and waited to be posted to one of the big teaching hospitals or one of the several medical centers. The first to be posted was a rather inept little man who drank too much to the medical center in Kiev. She'd have loved to have that one close to her home.

One after another, the postings came, and she waited as she saw one after another of the men depart for a major teaching hospital. Finally, her posting came, and she opened the document eagerly. She was sent to the small town of Petrosk, in the most primitive area of the country, where she would be the only surgeon in a small hospital. It was a disappointment, and Elena held back tears as she thought of her options.

She could go to Petrosk and become an unknown in a primitive land; she could refuse to go and take a laboring job in Kiev close to her family; she could leave Ukraine and go somewhere else and practice medicine. The only option open to her was to accept the position offered; to do otherwise was unthinkable. Like her ancestors, before her, she was doomed to be born, live, marry, raise a family, and die. There'd be no more challenges; no more adventures; just live till she died.

So she went to her assignment in Petrosk. There, after reviewing her prospects for marriage and family, she quickly decided that she must be destined to remain a virgin forever. The work there was even drearier than she'd expected. She lived in quarters in the hospital where the hours were long and arduous. Mostly sewing up cuts and removing an appendix or removing tonsils, etc. She longed to see her family again.

A year passed, and Elena met Boris, a military officer who seemed as bored with his assignment as she was with hers. It was Boris who took her virginity after having known each other for only two weeks. Then, when the excitement began to fade, they'd married. It was a loveless marriage, two lonely people with no real feeling for each other, and when Boris had been reposted to a new army assignment, she'd opted to stay in Petrosk. She'd pursued a divorce as soon as possible.

Her life became one of tedium and monotony again. Then, quite by accident, she picked up a magazine and noticed an advertisement for women to marry American men. She read it and discovered that men in America were seeking suitable women for marriage. The men were reported to be men of quality who wanted women from the old world tradition. She tore the ad from the magazine and took it for later.

A week later, an appointment had been made with a photographer to come and take her pictures and get her resume. Elena began preparations, and for the next couple of weeks, she had her hair coiffed, her wardrobe renewed, and costume jewelry to show herself off in the pictures. Then, the cameraman came, and she was posed in various ways to best show herself as he snapped photos.

A month passed as she continued to exist in her colorless world. Elena had just about given up hope. Then, two things happened. First, she had received word that she was to be reposted. There was an opening in the big teaching hospital in Kiev, and she was to be sent there to work under the same inept resident she'd known earlier in her training. So, it was an insult. She could live with it to be near her family. Then, word came that her divorce was final.

It was nearly two months later that she was settled into her new post in Kiev. She'd soon renewed her family relationships and commenced work with vigor but discovered that it wasn't t what she'd expected. During her many years away from her family, they'd grown apart and had little in common. Although she was greeted warmly by her family, she was no longer accepted in the family circle. Her position at the hospital was one of assisting the same incompetent who she had known before. She would open and close the operation and assist the pompous ass who had hired her.

More months had passed now, and Elena had given up on ever meeting the American who might bring some color into her life. She slowly resigned herself to living until she died. Then, out of the blue, the call came from the agency. There was a man, Hank Slaven, an American, who had expressed a desire to meet her. They were sending her his resume. Then, on receiving the resume, she found it almost too good to be true.

Divorced, University professor, Christian, didn't smoke or drink, enjoyed the same hobbies and pastimes she did. She responded that she was interested. It was several weeks in arranging, but at 1900 hours on the seventh of July, Hank would meet her, in company with an agency interpreter at a downtown hotel for tea.

She began preparations; first, new clothing; then, her hair done at the salon and some new makeup. Suddenly, she saw color where there was none before. Her excitement grew. For the first time in years, she felt her lusty nature. So it was, Elena, dressed to the nines in her conservative professional woman s garb, entered the hotel and went to the restaurant to seek the prearranged signal that would bring her to the meeting with Hank Slaven.

On entering the tea room, she saw it, the signal, and walked towards the woman who would introduce her to the man she was to meet. Elena Balakova, I'd like to present Dr. Hank Slaven, from the United States. It was done. As they met, Hank addressed her in perfect Russian language. "I've so looked forward to meeting you, Doctor Balakova," he said.

Elena responded in perfect English, "And I to you, Dr. Slave."

"Please, my friends call me Hank. Hank responded in English, May I call you Elena?"

"Please do, Hank. How do you like our fair city?" she responded as she began checking him out. Tall, something over 180 cm over, she'd guess, slim, Nordic looks with blue eyes and brown hair, and physically fit, he was a good looking man. He seemed to carry a ready smile and a pleasing personality. It was as she was intent on her inspection that.

Hank, noting her ogling, asked in a friendly manner. "You like what you see?"

"Oh yes," she replied, "very much. Of course, looks aren't t everything."

"You're right there, but you really are quite beautiful, you know?"

"Well, thank you," Elena replied, and the conversation moved on to the city and the sights and his visit. As they talked, Elena was thinking, wondering, really, what if Hank was to press her for sex? How would she respond? Try as she might, she couldn't t decide whether she would give herself to him.

After a time, Hank suggested that they go to dinner and that the food in the hotel was known to be bad. When she had suggested an alternative, the interpreter left them, and Hank directed her to his rental car for the trip. Elena was soon excited as she rode in a private car. It didn't often happen to ordinary people in Ukraine.

Hank was a gentleman with impeccable manners and a natural charm, and as the evening progressed, she decided that if he pressed her, she would give herself to him. After all, she may never get another chance. Still, as they enjoyed each other's company, she had this nagging feeling towards restraint. Hank might be interested in a lifelong relationship with family and kids, and she didn't want to miss that.

It was shortly after midnight when Hank escorted her to the door of her apartment, kissed her lightly on the cheek, bade her Goodnight, and watched as she entered her apartment. She felt her heart sink as she watched him depart. Then, as she was about to close the door, Hank spoke, "I almost forgot. Have dinner with me tomorrow night, and we'll go to the ballet after."

"Be here at five-thirty. I'll fix you a good Ukrainian dinner." She'd replied as she entered her apartment in an exuberant mood. He was interested.

Later that night in bed, Elena felt her lust building. At first, she fought it; then, finding herself out of control began to stimulate her own clit and vestibule and suddenly climaxed in a manner she hadn't known in years. Hank had brought her the pleasure even as he wasn't even close.

For a week, Hank and Elena were together every moment that they weren't sleeping. They grew increasingly more intimate and closer, even as Hank seemed to drawback. He never mentioned a future together or a closer relationship as it became increasingly obvious that he had no intention of a continuing relationship. With this painful recognition, She began to change her expectations. It'd just have to be fun while it lasted, and then it'd be over. She'd decided that on his last night in Kiev, she'd just seduce him and enjoy the sex with his gentleman, something she may never get another chance at again.

As the sixth and last day of his stay approached, and she prepared to carry out her plan, he proposed to extend his stay for a week to be with her longer. Her plans were delayed. Later, as the end of the extended-stay came to a close, Hank left her with a gift, pleasantly gift wrapped with strict orders not to open it until three days after he was gone. Seeing the end in sight, Elena put her plan into place.

At dinner in her apartment, she had begun her quest with a series of touches and light caresses. Then, as he was seated for dinner, she had placed her hand gently on his shoulder in a bold move. Through dinner, their eyes met frequently, and Elena allowed hers to burn with passion. Strangely, she sensed that Hank was feeling it too. As they enjoyed the wine, a pleasant glow made their time more intimate.

Dinner over, as they cleared the dishes, Hank suddenly drew her to him and said, I want to make love to you tonight. Elena felt a little surge of excitement as she realized the success of her efforts. With that, she turned, and their eyes met in common agreement. When Hank bent to kiss her gently on the lips, she was ready. Strangely, Elena felt no surge of passion or drive towards coitus; rather, it was a more intimate feeling a feeling that brought her closer to Hank than any other human she could remember. They kissed again. Seeking to familiarize themselves with each other.

This time there was a sensation of rising passion, and their lips stayed together longer. Elena suddenly felt more aroused than she could ever remember. Nothing in her marriage had ever inflamed her passions like Hank was doing. Having broken that kiss, they moved to her sofa and sat side by side with their bodies touching. Then, having sat in silence, Hank's gentle hands moved to unbutton her dress and fondle her bra covered breasts as Elena whimpered out her approval.

Elena, sensing that she was not cooperating fully, unbuttoned Hanks shirt and loosened his trouser belt before standing and letting her dress fall to the floor. When Hank stood and removed his shirt and undershirt, she reached behind her and unclasped her bra to allow her small but well-formed breasts for his view. They kissed, and Elena felt his hairy chest against her breasts as they embraced and kissed. This time the kiss was long and developed from a kiss on the lips to a deep soul kiss where their tongues met to duel together.

She was now more aroused than she'd ever been, more than she'd thought possible. A minute later, she felt Hank's hands inside the waistband of her panties as he pushed her panties and half-slip to the floor. Hank stepped back to admire her body. "You're very beautiful. I want you so badly, please don't deny me."

Elena stood proudly and turned to pose for him as she felt his eyes adoring her. Then, after a time, she moved back to Hank and removed his trousers and undershorts in a single move to unleash his fully aroused cock. "My, what do we have here?" she mused.

With that, Hank spoke, "I want to make love to you. Please." It was not Elena's intent to deny him even for a moment. She took him by the hand and led him to her small bedroom. There, she drew him down beside her on the bed and turned to embrace him again. Suddenly his fingers were on her vulva. Unexpectedly, she reacted swiftly and cried out, "Yeeesssss!"

Still reacting to his fingers, she felt his lips on her breasts. She'd had her breasts and pussy attended many times during her marriage, but this was different. His fingers were gentle, almost feather-light touches at times; then, powerful at others as he aroused a host of sensations. It was her breasts that seemed to be most affected as he suckled and laved and kissed and played with them. Hank seemed to know exactly what moves to make to get the desired effect.

The play continued as the lovers grew more accustomed to each other, and her passions continued to escalate. A few minutes later, in accordance with some program in their subliminal minds, they knew that the time had come to do the deed. Elena moved to the bedside table and recovered a condom that she handed to Hank, and which he immediately proceeded to put on his cock.

"Quick, Hank, I want you in me now," she spoke from her passion. In seconds, Elena was on her back, and Hank was over her as their eyes met in mutual consent. "It's been a long time," Hank said, "I may be a little out of practice," as he positioned himself with his cock in her pussy, "I'll try to make it good for you."

Elena moved herself to position him exactly as she felt his crown against her vulva, seeking lubrication for its entry. As their eyes met again, she felt the crown of Hank's thick shaft move into her love channel, and she had never been more ready as she felt it continue to glide easily and smoothly into her. It was when she felt his crown strike home against her cervix and the hair on his testicles on her bottom that she cried out. "Oh my, Ohhh, my, Ohhhhhh.

Hank had filled her completely and rested as they lay locked together in a lover's embrace. It was as they moved together, fully joined in their lover's embrace, that Hank said it something strange about never expecting to feel this way again. Or maybe it wasn't quite that way. Elena, in the throes of passion, wasn't t listening or thinking too clearly.

Quickly, the lovers were impelled to further action and the familiarization as they began their coitus, they gained experience, their rhythm became more intense, and they worked harder to attain their mutual goal. Faster. Harder. Deeper. The lust and passion were out of control. In a minute, maybe more, they were consumed with a need for release, and all their efforts went towards their sought after orgasms.

As the intensity of their lovemaking increased, and they steadily ascended the steep climb towards their inevitable peak, Hank again spoke strangely. It sounded like; I want you forever, or maybe not as she wasn't t sure she'd heard correctly. Elena peaked first, and in a final burst of enthusiasm, she felt her body release its tension, and her fluids flow abundantly. Hank, who was on the edge of his own release, on feeling her orgasm had his own triggered and fired his load of sperm into the condom.

They lay together, coming off the high of their orgasms they lay together, still joined by Hank's still slightly inflated cock, and enjoyed the soft, gentle sensation that comes with the intimacy of the afterglow. They talked about their just-completed act as they adored each other.

Much as Elena wanted to hear talk of their future, Hank never brought up the subject. She had hoped that the words she'd hear during sex might have been an indication, but Hank seemed to even avoid the subject. With that, she simply dismissed any thoughts of the future and gave thanks for the greatest experience of her life. Soon, they slept together.

At 0500 hours, they arose, showered, dressed, and Hank drove her directly to the hospital in time for her morning rounds. There, they kissed a friendly, gentle kiss that seemed to signal their final good-bye. Their eyes met, and there was sadness in both of theirs. Then, they parted. Hank would be gone when she got off work.

A couple of hours later, Elena was engrossed in her work, and the terrible loneliness had returned - just one more disappointment in her life. She prepared to live alone until she died.

It was nearly a week later that Elena was cleaning her apartment when she came across the small, gift-wrapped package that Hank had left her. After he was gone, she'd forgotten to open the package on the second day after his departure as he'd requested but decided to do it then. Inside she found a letter written in both Russian and English.

It Read:

Elena, I love you. I didn't t think such a thing was possible when my wife died, but I want to be with you forever. I want to marry you and father your children. I know, of course, that you may not feel the same way, especially after you've had a few days to think about us. There'd be many hardships for you if you came to me, but I'd be there for you. In the box is a telephone programmed to my cellular telephone, which I carry with me at all times. Please call me, and we can talk about this.

As she read the letter, she felt her excitement grow and immediately picked up the telephone from the box and pushed the redial button. Excited now, she waited impatiently for his answer on the telephone. On the third ring, she heard Hank's elated voice.

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