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Sharing His Wife

man's arms rubbing woman's breasts, true erotic story, Sharing His Wife

Erotic Story Submitted By M.W.

After My wife Joanna and I had our first threesome with Larry (a guy that lived in our apartment complex), I was increasingly interested in her true feelings and fantasies about what had happened. Larry had become a close friend in a short amount of time, and we both enjoyed his company. I had always fantasized about Joanna with another man, and when I asked Joanna if she wanted to have a threesome with Larry, she said it would be fun!

The first threesome with Larry, she hadn't gone all the way with him because I think she was worried about what I might think about it. Even though I had assured her and reassured her that I wanted to watch her make love to another guy. (When we first got married I had been such a jealous jerk, I'm lucky she ever agreed to a threesome in the first place). I will write about the first threesome at another time, but the story I'm about to tell was an extreme turn-on to me.

One day while Joanna was working and Larry and I were sitting out at the apartment complex swimming pool. We were talking about the threesome we had and how much fun it was and talking about the next time. I told Larry I would really love to watch him make love to her without her knowing that I was watching. He said that sounded fun to him because he wanted to screw he in the worst way but, how could we arrange it.

I was a local truck driver here in Southern California at the time. On many occasions, I would take a load up to Utah as a favor to my dispatcher, so I thought that could be my story to Joanna. If she thought I was out of town, would she play? After all, now she had the green light.

Larry's apartment had the exact floor plan as ours, with a big walk-in closet about 5 feet from the bed. I told Larry he could invite her over, and I could hide in the closet and watch them from there. We were both turned on by plotting this evil deed, and we worked it out to the last detail.

When Joanna got home from work that night, I told her that my dispatcher had asked me to take a load up to Utah on the weekend, and I had agreed. She always seemed disappointed that I would be gone for the weekend. She said, "I thought we had plans with Larry this weekend." I told her that I had called Larry and told him I was going to be gone, and he had suggested that they get together for dinner on Saturday night. I reassured her that I thought she should go because I didn't like her spending the whole weekend alone.

She thought about it for a moment and said, "Ok, that sounds good." I said, "If you want to fool around with him after dinner, I won't mind." She stood looking at me for a minute then said, "The only reason I had our first threesome with him was that you wanted me to. I just did it because you wanted to watch." "You seemed pretty excited about it while we were doing it," I said, smiling at her. "I was but, that is because I know you were enjoying it." "Ok, I just wanted you to know I don't mind." She gave me a real sexy kiss and said, "You're a pervert."

Saturday morning came, and I went to the yard where my work was and parked my car. Larry picked me up and brought me back to his apartment. It was a beautiful southern California day, and we were inside of all places. We drank a few beers and went over some details about what he was going to do to Joanna should she let him. The phone rang at about 1 PM, and it was Joanna. Larry tilted the phone so that I could listen to the conversation.

"I was thinking of going out and sitting by the pool and wondered if you wanted to," she said, in her innocent voice. Larry looked at me, and I nodded my head. "Sure, that sounds good. I will be out in about 10 minutes," he said, hanging up the phone.

We walked into his bedroom, and he got on his trunks and told me he was going to see if he could cook her dinner here. He left to go to the pool to meet Joanna, and I sat on the end of his bed and watched him walk to the pool. I had a great view of the pool area and Joanna and Larry. I got so horny just watching them sitting and talking and wondering what they were talking about. I wondered if Joanna was thinking about what I said. I wanted to relieve myself, but I didn't, wanting to wait for later.

The early evening finally got there, and Larry returned to his apartment. I wanted every detail of what they had talked about. He said she wants to come over and have dinner and watch a movie. I called Joanna on the phone and let her know I was in Utah and going to get some sleep. I asked her what she was going to do for the evening and she said she hadn't decided yet. I smiled and told her she should go to visit Larry. She said she would think about it. I told Larry what she had said on the phone and all we could come up with was she didn't want me to get jealous.

About an hour later, after it was dark outside, Joanna knocked on Larry's door, and he let her in. I was peeking through a small crack in the bedroom door. She looked absolutely stunning with her long blond hair puffed up and her little pink mini skirt on with a short sleeve pink blouse with no bra. Her erect nipples were pushing against the material, begging to be sucked. I could feel my cock getting hard against my short pants.

She gave Larry a hug and said, "Thanks for inviting me over." He stood there looking at her and said, "You look so sexy. Are you sure I can't take you out on the town and show you off?" She blushed and said, "I think we can have a lot more fun here." My heart started pounding in my chest and ears. I felt so many emotions running through my body at one time. I felt jealous and anxious and somewhat betrayed. I was cold and shaking and even dizzy. I realized it was all these emotions that gave me one of the hardest erections I had ever had in my life.

They finished a light dinner and moved to the sofa in the living room. They were facing the TV, and his bedroom was behind it. The light from the TV lit them up, and I knew they couldn't see me because it was dark. "What movie do you want to see," I heard him ask her. "It doesn't matter to me. Whatever you want," she said, settling back on the sofa. "I have a sexy one in my room I can go get?" he said in more of a question than a statement. "If that's what you want to watch."

Larry came to the room and grabbed an X-rated video from his dresser. He winked at me, and I gave him the thumbs up. He put the video in the DVD player, and it started to play. They were making little comments about the acting and laughing at some parts. Then they both got silent, and I could feel the tension between them. Finally, Larry asked her if she wanted to go to the bedroom, and she agreed.

I moved to the closet and left the door cracked. Larry turned on the stereo in his bedroom to a light volume. I was glad he did because I felt like the whole room could hear my heart pounding. Joanna laid on her stomach on his bed. Larry sat down next to her and started rubbing her back and shoulders. She moaned and said, "That feels so good." "How would you like a whole-body massage," he asked her. "How much do you charge?" she asked playfully. "I will have to tell you when I'm done." "That sounds fair to me," she said, rolling on her back.

Larry started slowly unbuttoning her blouse. Joanna just laid there looking into his eyes, smiling at him. Larry opened the blouse and exposed Joanna's cream puff tits. Her nipples were hard and standing straight up. Larry slowly started massaging her tits. He leaned over and took her left nipple in his mouth and began sucking on it. Joanna moaned and raised her head off the bed so she could watch him. He moved to the other side and gave it equal attention. He ran his tongue from her nipple up to her neck and into her waiting mouth.

Joanna started sucking on his tongue and running her hands through his hair. Larry rolled her onto her side and unbuttoned and unzipped her mini skirt. She rolled onto her back and raised her hips off the bed to allow him to remove her skirt. Larry stood next to the bed and slowly slid her skirt off. I don't know who he was teasing the worst Joanna or me. Joanna sat up and took her blouse off and threw it on the floor. Larry had her roll over on her stomach, with her feet toward the closet I was in. I thought I could see a wet spot in the crotch of her panties, but I couldn't tell if it was just a shadow.

He reached on the nightstand and grabbed some lotion he had there. He filled his had and let it warm before he put it on her back. He started massaging the lotion into her back, and she moaned and told him how good it felt. Before he got more lotion, he took hold of her panties by the waistband. She raised up so he could remove them easily. He slid them off and turned around and tossed them right in front of the closet door where I was looking out. I opened the door a little more and retrieved the panties. They were a pair of pink satin bikini panties. They were soaked clear through with Joanna's pussy cum. I raised them to my lips and tasted the creamy treat.

I looked back out at Larry and Joanna, and he was massaging her legs with lotion. He had her legs spread, and I could see her pussy clearly. She seemed to be more swollen and wet than she was the night of our threesome. Joanna rolled onto her back and took hold of Larry's shorts and pulled them down. Larry was standing up and took them the rest of the way off. Joanna sat up and took Larry's cock into her mouth and started sliding it in and out of her mouth. Larry pushed his hips out to give her full access. She slid her tongue down his shaft toward his balls.

She took one of his balls into her mouth and was sucking gently on it while jacking him off. I could see Larry's pre-cum dripping on her shoulder. After she finished licking his balls, she ran her tongue back up his shaft and slid his stiff cock in her mouth. Larry moaned loud when she did that. She pulled him on the bed onto his back. She sucked his cock like an expert. I couldn't remember a time when she had sucked me like she was sucking Larry. Larry said, "I'm going to cum if you keep that up." Joanna made a mmmmm sound from around Larry's cock.

Larry started tensing up as his orgasm built. Joanna cupped his balls in her hand and squeezed them softly as he started cumming in her mouth. He was moaning loudly as he released his first load of the night into her mouth. He came so much Joanna couldn't swallow it all and some was running down her chin. I was jacking off like a mad man and shot my load all over Joanna's already soaked panties. My cock didn't soften one bit, even after that powerful orgasm. It took me a minute to get my composer so I could look back out at what they were going to do next.

Larry had Joanna pull her knees back to her chest; I think more for my view than anything else. She had so much pussy cum running out of her; there was a wet spot on his bed. Larry ran his tongue up from her ass to her clit and started sucking on it. Joanna started moaning loud as he worked on her clit with his lips and tongue. He would slide his tongue from her clit to her pussy opening and ram it in as far as it would go. Then using his thumb and forefinger, he pulled the skin back from her clit. He sucked on her clit directly, and she came undone when he did that. I saw and heard her explode in an orgasm like never before. Her pussy was convulsing, and she spread her legs even wider and let her knees fall to the bed. Joanna let out a scream of ecstasy, which startled me. I couldn't believe it; she had never screamed like that with orgasm before. Larry put his mouth over her entire pussy and sucked as she finished cumming.

Larry moved up and held his mouth about two inches above Joanna's. He opened his mouth, and the pussy cum he had sucked out of her started dripping on her lips. Joanna stuck her tongue out and licked it off her lips, then raised to his and started sucking and licking his lips and chin. She has always loved the taste of her own pussy cum. They both settled for a moment, and I thought it might be over until I saw Joanna take hold of Larry's cock and massage it until it was hard again. She pushed him onto his back and straddled him. She rubbed the tip of his cock around in circles on her swollen wet pussy lips. I can still hear the awesome sound of her stirring her juices with his cock. I felt my heart pounding as I watched my wife slid down the entire length of Larry's long cock.

She moaned loudly when she hit bottom, and his balls were against her ass. I couldn't believe she was able to get him all the way in being as long as he is. She started rocking back and forth on his cock in a slow seductive movement. In all our years of marriage, I hadn't ever seen her move like she was now. Larry reached up and started massaging her tits while she rode his cock. When she would rise up, her ass would flex, making her pussy squeeze his cock. She was actually milking his cock with her pussy! By the look on Larry's face, he was really enjoying this.

She picked up her rhythm and started moaning louder and louder. Larry was bucking her like a wild horse. I was jacking off and taking it all in making vivid mental images that I cherish to this day. Larry and Joanna came at about the same time. I saw his balls tighten up and he let out a loud grunt as he released his load deep inside my wife's willing pussy. I watched as her pussy contracted around his cock, and she let out her own little grunt. She collapsed onto his chest, totally out of breath.

I watched as both of their climaxes simmered down. Her pussy would contract, then his cock would do the same. A huge amount of their juices mixed was running out of her pussy, down his shaft to his balls. I had a hard time not making noise as I shot my second load all over her panties. I leaned against the wall to catch my breath. I thought I was going to wake up at any time and be disappointed that I was only dreaming.

I might have dozed off for a second or two and was startled by the sound of Joanna's voice just outside the closet door. I didn't dare move for fear of being discovered. She said, "Did you throw them over here?" I looked down at the cum soaked panties that were still around my cock and realized that was what she was looking for. "NO,' I heard Larry say, almost sounding alarmed. "I tossed them over on the other side of the room, I think." She walked away from the closet to the other side of the room. Larry came over by the door, and I slid the panties through the crack.

He picked them up and pulled the funniest face when he felt how wet they were with my cum. I had to stifle a laugh because of that look. I hadn't really thought about that when I was blowing my wad into them. He said, "here they are," holding them up. She walked toward him to retrieve them. When she got to him, he held them behind his back and kissed her on the lips. "Can I keep these for a souvenir?" he said, kissing her again. "What are you going to do with a pair of my panties?" Joanna asked, smiling at him. "I'm just sentimental, I guess," he explained. "Ok, if it means that much to you," she said, laughing.

Joanna finished getting dressed, and Larry walked her to our apartment. After taking a desperately needed piss, I sat on Larry's bed with my thoughts of what I had witnessed. There were spots of cum all over his bed and a few of her long blond hairs I saw. I laid back and fell asleep until Larry woke me up. He had been gone two hours when he woke me up. He told me when they got to my apartment; she wanted to make love one more time on her bed. I didn't ask Larry to go into too much detail because she had worn him out so bad.

She never did tell me about her adventure with Larry that weekend, even though I had quizzed her. All she would say about it is, "I'll never tell." The following weekend Larry came over, and we had our second threesome with him. But that's another true erotic story about our open relationship.

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