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Ski Lodge Vacation

man and woman kissing in snow, erotic story, ski lodge vacation

Erotic Story Submitted By Anonymous Guest Author

For several years, my lover and I have been trying to find a way to see each other for longer than a few moments of stolen ecstasy. We both had to be extremely careful since we both had so much to lose. We love each other and are so sexually attracted to each other, but we have also invested in other lives that we have always agreed never to force the issue.

The moment we had been waiting for just presented itself to us as we knew it would if we waited. She had an opportunity to attend a show that I would be at, and we both were going alone. At this point, I must tell you the particular city, and other landmarks names and descriptions have been changed to protect our true identity. Everything in between is as close to actual as it can get.

My flight into Las Vegas Airport arrives about an hour before your flight does. I have just enough time to collect my luggage from the baggage claim and get the rental car set up. I meet you as you come down the concourse. What a feast you are for my eyes. Not having seen you for almost a year and knowing what lusciousness lies beneath your parka and tight-fitting jeans, my cock is the first to acknowledge you.

We collect your baggage and head out to pick up the rental car. You know we are going skiing, but that is about all I have told you. We get on I-70 and head west towards the mountains. We approach the Ski and Snowboard Resort and exit the freeway. At this point, you perk up, knowing where we are heading to. I have made reservations for the slopes, and when you realize this, you can hardly stand it.

We hurriedly get checked in and head up to the slopes and have a wonderful time slicing up the snow. After a few hours, we are frigid, and our legs are about to give out. We head back to the hotel. While we were skiing, I kept having erotic thoughts of getting you back to the hotel. Now that we are there, I peel you out of your ski gear and expose your young, round, and firm breasts. Before the rest of the clothing comes off, I am teasing your nipples with my tongue. They become hard little nubs between my lips. I can hear you making little moans of pleasure. I sit you down on the bed and remove your cute sexy panties and the remainder of your clothes.

As I feast at what is lying before me, I quickly get out of my ski gear. My hard cock is standing out like a flag pole, and you reach out ever so lightly and caress it with your fingernails, and you smile that devilish smile as you watch it twitch with each tender touch. I lay down next to you on the bed, and you raise over me and slowly take hold of it and guide it into your waiting mouth.

You cannot imagine the feel my cock was going through. I mean, going from the frigid ski slopes to your hot wet mouth is almost too much. I feel myself getting ready to cum, and I grab you by your hair and start to fuck myself in and out of your mouth. I can feel my balls tightening, and they are ready to let loose. I have such a powerful orgasm that I have lifted up almost off the bed and feel the pulsating down to the bottom of my balls.

As you are finished swallowing my load, I collapse next to you on the bed. After a few minutes to get myself collected. I go and begin running the Hot tub that is outside on the privacy fenced patio. You are in complete awe that I had reserved a room with an outside hot tub. As it is bubbling, we can watch the steam rising out of the tub and into the sub-zero air. I walk back into the room and scoop you up in my strong arms and carry your hot petite body to the hot tub. I set you into the hot water and climb in—what a wonderful sight.

Your blond hair and pale skin with a background of snow. A picture of what dreams are made of. I slip in next to you and reach over and pull you closer until our lips meet. A long and lasting kiss is enough to make my cock begin to stiffen again for another round.

As if we were reading each other's minds. You take hold of my cock, and at the same time, I reach and begin feeling your beautifully shaved pussy under the water. As you are stroking my hard cock I slip a finger into your very wet and slick wanting and waiting for cunt. As my finger enters, I can feel the difference between the water and your slippery juices.

You begin undulating your hips fucking yourself on my hand. Your moans of delight increase as your orgasm builds. By now, I am sliding my fingers in and out of your pussy as fast as possible. Your orgasm hits, and you let out a deep-throated scream and clamp down on my fingers with your thighs and hand. You stay that way, shuddering in the aftermath of your orgasm. You lean over and whisper in my ear. "Fuck me now, I want your cock inside me" I grab you by the waist and lift your tiny body up above my now throbbing cock.

Now facing me, you lower yourself onto my cock. You let out a gasp as the big mushroom head just pops into your tight pussy, and then I enter you fully and completely. My hands now on your hips, I pull you down until your pussy totally engulfs my cock.

I hold you there for a moment savoring your tight warmness surrounding me, and I can feel the head of my cock bumping against the back of your warm womb. With the aid of the buoyancy of the water, I begin lifting and bringing you back down on my cock. The feeling is incredible. I can feel every inch of my erect, hard cock as each time it enters you until your beautiful ass cheeks are resting against my nuts.

Our mouths find each other, and as I am pumping my rock hard cock in and out of you, your moans are being stifled into my mouth. Now I can feel my own orgasm building. I begin pumping in and out faster and harder. This brings more moans and an increase in pitch. Just as I am releasing my load of cum into you, your orgasm hits. We both are now just quivering in each other's arms. We stay in the hot tub in a lovers' embrace. My now soft cock still in your pussy. Neither one of us wanting to back away and free our bodies from the other.

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