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Swingers Club Story

Two women, BDSM, Bondage, Swingers Club Story

Bondage Swingers Club Story Submitted By Anonymous Guest Author

You missed quite an evening. It started out almost being a bust because I got off to a late start. I missed the workshop, and the social but got there right as 'playtime' started in earnest.

All of my kinky friends were at another event this weekend called Winter Fire. Basically, I was coming in like a complete unknown off the street. Though the kink and swinger community are nonjudgmental and welcoming, individuals want what they want... and what they want is not usually a chubby, 40-something single guy. At first, I thought that showing up stag would make the whole evening a complete waste.

I talked to a couple of people, and after carrying the conversation for a couple of minutes, it was clear that I was not what they were looking for. In the community, etiquette is that it's okay to ask, but to take no (explicit or implicit) for an answer quickly, gracefully, and without complaint. So, disappointed, I wandered around watching a few people get wrapped up in rope from tip to stern and hoisted in the air, beat with floggers, whips, paddles, etc. Fun to watch, but it would be more fun to participate. The amount of BDSM and bondage sex toys and gear being used was impressive. I so wanted to participate. 

Then by surprise, a cute, curly-haired woman in a black-and-white patterned corset stepped up; surprisingly close; it turns out that she was very nearsighted. I introduced myself, and we started chatting. As we got to the subject of kink, naturally, given where we were, she said she liked to give & get back-scratches, get spanked and well, many things. So I said, gamely, "Shall we?"

She started giving me a nice back-scratch through my clothes. I was most pleased and wanted more! We moved to a bench where she worked my back for a while, putting me in a lovely dizzy headed space. I switched places with her, and after some massage, scratching and tickling to get her body sensitized as she suggested, I started spanking her, bare-assed, open-palmed and hard so that it rang throughout the room and her body shook with each blow.

Both her ass cheeks blossomed red in what seemed like a matter of seconds. She asked permission and reached for my pants to get at my cock. I undid my belt while continuing to work on her ass and let her start stroking me. We were both enjoying this, and I was finding it was starting to blow my mind; in a good way. I was vaguely aware that a fair number of the folks in the room were now watching us.

Curious as to just how aroused she was, I slipped my fingers down past her ass, between her thighs, up and in. She was dripping wet and writhed against my probing fingers. I knew in that instant that this was going to be more than a spanking.

Pulling her up from the bench, I grabbed her breasts. Twisting one nipple, then the other, slapping her breasts, and then biting, nibbling each in turn. She moaned and gasped delightfully. She asked if I liked my cock played with, and I answered, "Of course... I love to be sucked. Would you?" We grabbed our belongings and hustled back to the room in the corner with mattresses at the ready. Only there was a hitch; another couple was just finishing up.

Eager but waiting patiently, we kept touching each other, teasing until they were ready. Before I knew it after a swift but good negotiation of safe sex protocols, I was down on the bed, and she was jerking me off, sucking my balls and then, amazingly, going down the full length of my cock.

I was experiencing endless waves of pleasure, my moans, and gasps amusing the four-or-five person naked 'puppy-pile' over on the next mattress. Holding back from climax, I went down on her, fingers deep, finding her G-spot and working her clit, harder and faster as she asked me, finally telling me, "Yes. Keep doing that. I'm going to come."

Teasing her a bit more after she came, I was too frustrated and near tortured gasps; I then grabbed a condom and slipped it on, pounding her hard, fast, as she smiled and gasped beneath me. It didn't take long before we were both spent, brains spinning, barely able to wash our hands, and make the bed with fresh sheets for whoever was next.

Coming down a bit, I proposed that now we had fucked we should buy each other a drink; just soft drinks, as a DC liquor license, is not easy for a private club to obtain. That got a laugh and her to agree.

We chatted for a bit and decided to meet some new people together. After minimal false starts, we happened across a shy young lady sitting at a table reading a Dan Brown book. Drawing her out a bit, we learned that she had come out of a bad situation and was now on her own and doing all the things that she couldn't do when in a controlling and abusive relationship. After some reassurance from my new friend that my backrubs were fantastic, our new acquaintance suggested that a backrub sounded heavenly and maybe some spanking, too? I don't know if she'd seen the two of us earlier, perhaps she had and liked what she saw?

It came out that our new young friend was very young; literally half my age. I knew at once that she needed a much more nurturing experience than the wild ride I had just finished. I took her back to a table in the back, which turned out to be in the blood-sports area (which I didn't realize). This caused one of her friends to rush over and make sure she was safe and in good hands. Apparently, she had a fainting-level fear of needles, and her friend was worried that I would surprise her with some skin-puncturing fun. Not my kink, and also not the scene we'd negotiated.

I just had found a flat table good for a massage and hadn't realized there was another purpose. I worked on her through her clothes, firmly massaging her but not taking it further, until I felt her body relax fully under my hands. I asked her gently if she was ready to be spanked. She answered, "I'm okay with this." This caused a momentary confusion as I thought she meant that she was okay with the massage, and not more, which would have been fine. She made it clear, though, that she meant she was ready for her spanking. So I began, almost teasingly at first, through her pants, just feeling the slightest shock and wriggle at each impact, but no screams or moans.

After a short while, I peeled down her tights, revealing adorable rounded ass-cheeks, already blushed red with bruising and some broken capillaries. I started wailing into her, pinching her ass with one hand while I spanked her open-palmed with the other, forcing her already red bottom hard into my onrushing palm. She squirmed, but never screamed in earnest or called out her safe words (just the traditional: green, yellow, and red).

Realizing that she was so deep in subspace that she would probably let me flog her beyond an uncomfortable tingle when she sat down tomorrow, I slowly brought down the intensity, finishing with another backrub and then, though I know nothing of Reiki beyond the name and a loose idea of the concept, I tried to just finish with some improvised energy work, discharging the session out her arms through her scalp. There were a lot of sexual roleplay sexual toys as options, but she preferred my hand.

I finished by draping her jacket over her back, kissing her on the forehead, and complimenting her on her beautiful eyes. Unlike the first lady with whom I felt an incredible, frankly carnal and exciting energy and connection; with this young woman, I felt nearly fatherly and protective (except for just having tanned her hide within a hairs-width of damage, definitely not a part of my parenting style).

So, yeah. Wow. Come out with me next time?

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