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New Condoms: Latest Developments

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

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Ever wonder what advancements are being made in condoms? There are a few that are pretty groundbreaking. We have put together information on them below so that you can learn how they work, why they are so innovative, and if and when this birth control and STD protection will be available for consumers to purchase them.

The Hex Condom from LELO

The Hex Condom from LELO features a strong, graphene-inspired Hex structure for thinness and strength combined. Its raised inner structure is designed to minimize slippage and maximize sensitivity while its ultra-thin panels flex and mold to the uniqueness of the wearer. Latex condom that is .045mm thin and is lightly lubricated.

This is available for purchase now on our website. See LELO sexual products for more information.

Galactic Cap Condoms

A new condom that covers only the tip of the penis for increased sensation is looking to change the condom industry. It is called the Galactic Cap . Made from two pieces using a U-shaped polyurethane adhesive film and a flexible cap that sticks to the film to cover the tip of the penis.

Galactic Cap Condoms is currently looking for investors for the Galactic Cap so that they can get the necessary clinical trials needed for production to get FDA approval, which is an expensive and lengthy process.

Galactic Cap Condoms

Release Date: When Can You Buy Galactic Cap Condoms

The Galactic Cap condoms are set to revolutionize the condom industry. With such an excellent new concept, many want to know where to buy Galactic Cap condoms and when the Galactic Cap Condoms will be available for sale. As mentioned, they are not yet available except as a prototype, so we would not advise using them for safety reasons, but we will be sure to let you know when if you sign up for our sexual health newsletter.

Where to Buy Galactic Cap Condoms

You may buy them here when available if you wish to be alerted on when they are available. To purchase Galactic Cap Condoms, you can either contact us to be put on a waiting list for them, or you can sign up for our free email updates on the latest sexual health news and when they will be available.

Origami Condoms

Origami Condoms (OMC) will come in three different styles. There is a male origami condom, female origami condom, and anal origami condom.

The female condom will come with an optional insertion tool and is easily removed by twisting to pull out. The flared base of the condoms means less skin to skin contact and less likelihood of STDs such as Herpes.

Origami Condoms

Release Date: When Can You Buy Origami Condoms

Origami condoms have had some issues in getting released despite so much interest from consumers. They were supposed to be released at the end of 2015 once the manufacturer had received regulatory approvals, and they finished with their clinical trials to determine its performance safety. We have since learned from reporters with Free Beacon that there was massive embezzlement of more than $2.4 million in funds. It seems that the inventor Daniel Resnic allocated funds that were intended for Origami condoms on other ventures such as island vacations in Costa Rica, lavish parties at the Playboy mansion, full-body plastic surgery, and a condo in Provincetown, MA, in addition to buying patents for other non-related inventions.

Resnic blamed a former employee, but the case was thrown out of court, so he is still on the hook for the missing government funds. He was also dropped by two lawyers who were representing him. In addition, it has also been reported that Resnic's plan for repayment of the missing government funds is to be once-weekly payments made out to the NIH for one dollar; so it is hard to know if these will be released anytime in the near future or at all which is a shame since these could have been an excellent product.

Resnic was also accused of sexual harassment and had the condoms tested on rabbits, which were "sacrificed by lethal injection" after having pieces of condoms vaginally inserted for five days. We are very disappointed in having to report such news and find this information quite disturbing. We have posted it here for consumer awareness to be up to date on the latest updates of condom design.

About Origami Condoms

Daniel Resnic is the inventor of ORIGAMI Condoms™ and lives in the Marina del Rey, CA area. These three patented silicone condoms known as Origami condoms had their first US clinical trials begin in the fall of 2011. Organizations that have been working with Resnic to provide these revolutionary condoms are the National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Disease, NIH (National Institutes of Health), the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the Women's Global Health Imperative at RTI, and The Fenway Institute and others.

The Origami Condoms are currently being researched to protect against HIV/AIDS, STD/STI, and it will also be tested as an effective contraception strategy before being released for sale.

Types Of ORIGAMI Condoms

  • The Origami condom for men goes on faster than a regular condom in 2.8 seconds and provides a more natural sensation to both partners because of the Origami design.

  • The Origami condom for women is easy to insert and comes with an optional insertion probe. The telescopic folding and expansion of the Origami condom creates a very natural sensation for both partners.

  • The Origami condom for anal sex provides an easy insertion method that anchors the condom internally to prevent it from coming off during anal sex. The tubular structure provides increased pleasure for both partners. They are 100% biocompatible and 100% viral-impermeable.

What's Next?

Make sure to follow us through our newsletter to get updated on the latest groundbreaking condoms, sex toys, and more, and while you are visiting our site, make sure to explore some of the newest sex toys as well.

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