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How To Use Kegel Weights

Dr. Lisa Lawless

Dr. Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom
Clinical Psychotherapist: Relationship & Sexual Health Expert

Kegel Sex Toys

As reviewed in our How To Do Kegel Exercises Guide, doing Kegel exercises are important not just for your health but can also improve your sex life. The issue is that to make significant improvements; one may have to do 5-100 Kegels a day, which can mean a serious commitment.

However, if you add in resistance training with Kegel weights, you can dramatically reduce the time and effort into doing Kegel exercises as well as see more significant gains in strength.

Why Most Women Use Kegel Weights

Women use Kegel weights to achieve a tighter vaginal and improve their sex lives. However, the most common reason is that many women struggle with urinary incontinence, causing embarrassing leaks, especially when laughing, sneezing, coughing. This can be exacerbated by childbirth recovery, weak pelvic floor muscles, and pelvic organ prolapse. Thus tightening the vaginal muscles using Kegel weights for just 10-15 minutes a day can make a big difference. Below you can see how strengthening your Kegels can prevent three types of prolapses.

Types of Prolapses: Uterine Prolapse, Rectal Prolapse, Bladder Prolapse Diagram

In addition to strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, the Health benefits of stimulating Kegel exercisers are that they increase blood circulation, which blood flow temporarily increases the clitoris's size and makes it more sensitive. This, in turn, increases vaginal lubrication and sends back hormonal signals back and forth from the brain to the genitals. This can reduce stress, improve mood, and better balance hormones in the body.

How Do Kegel Weights Work?

Kegel exercises are easily done without weights by merely contracting and squeezing your pelvic floor muscles, much like you would if you clenched down to stop the stream of urination.

Kegel Exercisers Weight & Size

When using Kegel weights, it is essential to note that it is more difficult to hold in something smaller, so sometimes, more advanced insertable types of weights are smaller in size.

Kegel weights can be used in a variety of ways depending on their design, so let's review the different types of Kegel weight types:

Kegel Balls (Duo Balls, Duotone Balls)

These vary in size and shape and can come in combinations of one or two balls strung together with weights inside them.

Kegel Dildos

These are either weighted dildos or estim dildos, which provide electrostimulation.

Kegel Weights Diagram

Kegel Trainer Toys

These are advanced Kegel Exercisers that provide biofeedback to let you know how well you are progressing in strength. Think of them as a Fitbit for your vagina.

Ben Wa Balls

Primarily used for sexual satisfaction but can strengthen pelvic floor muscles. They are a ball within a ball. The small ball inside rolls around inside the big ball and makes a natural vibration for sexual stimulation.

Kegel Bells

This type features silicone eggs with a silicone cord attached to them, allowing you to change various sized weights to increase Kegel's strength.

Kegel Weights Diagram

Kegel Eggs

These are egg-shaped Kegel weights, often made out of stone, metal, or other weighted material. They can come in a plastic or a silicone-coated version with weights inside them.

Vaginal Cones

Vaginal cones are very similar to Kegel weights and are typically used in medical settings. They are usually made from nonporous ABS plastic and are in a cone shape. They can be opened to insert metal weights that vary in weight and are designed to be held in place by the pelvic floor muscles.

Both Kegel weights and vaginal cones can be inserted into the vagina and held in place by contracting the pelvic floor muscles. Kegel weights usually have a string or loop to help with easy removal and can be used to pull on to create even more resistance.

Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs are vaginal weights that are in the shape of an egg and made out of stone. See our Crystal Dildos & Yoni Eggs Guide for more information about them.

Kegel Weight Systems

These are Kegel training systems with multiple progressive sized weights and sizes of Kegel exercisers in them, allowing you to work up to heavier and smaller options as you progress in Kegel strength. They can come in various shapes such as the cherry shaped Kegel weights shown below.

Kegel Weights Ben Wa Balls

How Do Kegel Weights Work?

Kegel weights and Kegel trainers give a more effective workout where results are achieved faster. They are especially helpful in getting a stronger, tighter vagina while overcoming incontinence and prolapse issues.

Kegel weights provide added resistance training much the same way using weights in a gym to strengthen other muscles work. Kegel trainers can use both eight as well as biofeedback to provide results for your Kegel exercise progress.

Do Kegel Weights Make You Tighter?

Yes, because the vaginal walls are supported by the Kegel muscles, strengthening them provides a tighter closure around the urethra, vagina, and rectum.

Health Concerns About Using Kegel Weights

There can be some medical reasons why one should not use Kegel weights, so if you have any concerns, check with your physician before using them if:

  • You are pregnant or just delivered a baby.
  • You have pelvic pain or infection.
  • You are recovering from gynecological surgery.
  • You have an intrauterine device (IUD).
  • You have a menstrual cup already in place.

How To Use Kegel Weights

  • One of the best times to use Kegel weights is when you are getting ready in the morning. You can put them in while you are taking a shower, or before getting dressed, walk around with them in, and by the time you are dressed, you are done with your workout. You can also do this at various times of the day. Feel free to get creative and plan to use them for a minimum of 10-15 minutes.

  • Before inserting your Kegel weights, make sure they are clean, and you wash your hands thoroughly for at least 30 seconds (ensuring you also get under your nails).

  • Massage in a generous amount of water-based lube on the Kegel weights or Kegel trainer to make sure it is easy to insert.

  • You can insert them standing up or lying down. If standing up, put one leg up on a chair and bend over to open the vagina and insert it. You may also lie down in a comfortable position spreading your legs. Some women pull their knees to their chest to fully open the vagina. Think about when you get a pap smear at the OBGYN and how your legs are up and open, allowing for better entry. The same applies here.

  • Insert at an angle not straight in. By inserting at an angle and moving the Kegel exerciser back and forth, you will allow a less resistant entry.

  • If you have a double balled Kegel ball set, slowly insert the first ball and then the other. If it is one piece, then slide that in gently.

  • You do not need to push the Kegel weights in far for them to work. The rule of thumb is to insert them as you would a tampon allowing for any pull string or outer weight to hang to make retrieval easier.

  • Make sure to skip a day here or there to give your muscles a break and recover from exercise, much like you would if you were training in the gym. The research varies as to the most commonly prescribed Kegel exercise routines; however, as a general rule, holding Kegel weights in the vagina for 10-15 minutes per day is ideal. You can also break Kegel exercises into short sets if they are particularly heavy, where you hold them in for 5 seconds at a time for ten repetitions three times a day.

When To Move On To Heavier Kegel Weights

Kegel weights should feel secure inside your vaginal canal. If they feel like they are about to come out or come out, push them deeper inside you and use them until you can hold them inside without them coming out.

If you are using a Kegel weight system with progressive weights, let yourself get comfortable with the lowest weight for a few days before moving to the next heaviest weight. This will ensure that your Kegel muscles are ready for the challenge.

What Do Kegel Weights Feel Like?

This completely depends on the type of the Kegel exerciser and is a subjective experience. Generally, it is a subtle, sometimes tingly sensation. Feeling them inside, you typically intensifies with movement, like when you walk, bend over or reach upward.

Using Kegel Balls For Sexual Stimulation

The type of Kegel exercisers used for sexual play typically provide vibration, have an estim component, or are Ben Wa Balls have little balls inside them that role around. They can be worn throughout the day, increasing your sexual arousal and may even bring you to orgasm.

Kegel balls may be left in during vaginal penetration. Your partner's penis or a dildo will move the Kegel balls around, which can create intense vaginal stimulation.

Kegel balls may also be left in the vagina during anal sex (penetration) to simultaneously provide vaginal stimulation. Please note that Kegel weights, balls, trainers, etc. should never be inserted anally as they are not designed for anal penetration and may easily become irretrievable, causing you to have to go to the hospital to have them removed. Learn more about anal toys through our How To Use Anal Toys Guide.

How To Remove Kegel Balls & Weights

Typically Kegel balls will have a pull cord or flared base to pull them out easily. If they are balls and they become detached from the cord, or you inserted loose Ben Wa balls, then you can try squatting down and push down like you have a bowel movement to get them to come out.

What If Kegel Balls Get Stuck In My Vagina?

If Kegel balls get stuck in your vagina, add more lubricant around the entrance to your vagina as they may be getting slowed down upon exiting due to surface drag. You can try coughing, jumping up and down with your legs open. The most important thing is not to panic as tensing will keep them from coming out. The more relaxed you are, the more easily able you will be able to get them out.

How Long Should I Keep Kegel Balls Inside?

It is not recommended to have Kegel balls inside for more than 4-6 hours. Beyond that, you may be inadvertently overexerting your pelvic floor muscles, causing them muscle fatigue.

How To Clean Kegel Weights

Kegel weights are best cleaned after every use to avoid infection from bacteria growing on them. How to clean your Kegel balls depends on what material they are made of and whether they are waterproof. Please see our How To Clean Sex Toys Guide for helpful tips on how to clean them properly.

If you have not cleaned them properly, you may be at risk for a vaginal infection. Make sure to stop using Kegel weights and see your doctor if you have the following symptoms: pain, unusual discharge, or odor.

What Are The Best Kegel Weights To Buy?

This will depend on whether you are buying Kegel weights for beginners or looking for a more advanced set. Kegel weights are often larger for beginners and smaller for more advanced users, as holding something smaller inside takes more muscle control. The heavier a Kegel weight is, the more challenging it is to hold it inside, so more advanced weights will be much heavier.

All of the Kegel weights that we carry are body safe and designed for Kegel exercise, so it comes down to finding the right one for you based on what you desire. Feel free to contact us if you wish to choose the best Kegel weights for you.

Avoid Common Mistakes When Doing Kegel Exercises

  • Don't confuse your pelvic floor muscles with your abdominal muscles. The pelvic floor muscles control the flow of urine, so practice by flexing as if you are were trying to stop yourself midstream during urination.

  • Make sure to use a paraben-free water-based lubricant to insert your Kegel toy as many are made out of silicone, which can drag against the skin, causing friction that may become irritated without proper lubrication.

  • Please don't overdo it. Remember that just like you can overdo it at the gym with body weights, you can also cause strain on your pelvic floor muscles. Listen to your body, take baby steps, and avoid using the heaviest weights until you are ready.

  • Do not use silicone lubricants on silicone sex toys as they can cause damage to the material. See our Lubricant Guide for more information on the best lubricant to use.

How Long Before Kegel Exercises Work?

With consistent working out of the Kegel muscle, results will typically be noticed in one month. Results will depend on the pelvic floor muscles' initial strength and any health issues or injuries to the pelvic floor, such as surgery, childbirth, chronic coughing, or constipation.

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